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TORP AIRPORT review : 13 October 2008 : by Oscar Hillgaar

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

The little airport is getting a lot more traffic and starting to burst at the seams. Even though the rail connection is a good piece of news, the amount of people in the transit area isn`t. But still, it beats Stansted queuing and even Ryanair check-in is fairly straight forward.

TORP AIRPORT review : 3 August 2008 : by K Allerton

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Nice design, but that's it. Long lines for security, poor shopping, poor eating and a smell of sausage from every hotdog stand, cafe and 7-eleven. Distance to city is a problem, and there is nowhere to get to downtown Oslo fast and cheap. I paid more for the train than for my flight.

TORP AIRPORT review : 1 August 2008 : by K Wulff

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

A small but efficient airport with a good tax free selection. As mentioned before, the transfer time to Oslo is long - about 1 hours more to downtown Oslo compared to Oslo's main airport, Gardermoen - as this is not really an airport meant to serve Oslo. However, it costs about the same to get to Torp as it does to get to Gardermoen, due to the outrageously expensive (but very efficient) Airport Express Train going to the latter airport. When choosing between coach and train to Torp, note that the train takes slightly longer and is about 60 NOK more expensive - but more comfy and a beautiful journey at times.

Torp Airport review by Oscar Hillgaar

19 March 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

TRF is now accessible by rail with a new station in operation (Sandefjord airport - Torp). THe shuttlebus ticket is included in your railfare. Train times (abt. hourly) inbound Oslo/Lillehammer 4 min. after departure Sandefjord station. Westbound to Skien leaves the station abt. 4 min before timetable arr. Sandefjord.

Torp Airport review by Paul Harvey

21 August 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Arrival was very easy other than Norwegian Immigration officials who seemed to think that one could understand Norwegian if they shouted very loudly. Bags arrived very quickly, cash machines are hidden away (there is one near the duty free which your can visit when arriving before baggage and one behind screens in the middle of the arrivals area). Departure was a surprise in that they have fast check-in for Ryan Air even if you have not paid for it - you go to the usual type of check-in machine, do the business and then drop your bag off at a fast baggage drop. From then on it went smoothly other than five different queues to actually get on the plane. On the downside, water is very expensive 22NKr for a small bottle and we could not find any drinking fountains, on the upside, there are a number of free internet terminals landside and airside.

Torp Airport review by Brendan Allen

6 July 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Before flying in or out of this airport, make sure you do your research online and get the current Torpexpress bus timetable; the service is not frequent, though is generally designed to suit landing and arriving planes. The Torpexpress bus costs NOK140 per person. There is an hourly train service from Lillehammer via Gardemoen and Oslo Central to Skien which serves the station at Sandefjord. A taxi from Sandefjord station to Torp recently brought up NOK160 on the metre. So if you're going to be in the Lillehammer or Hamar area, and there's a group of you going to Torp Airport, this might be a worthwhile option. The airport itself is small and quite compact; there is a restaurant past the security gates, though the selection isn't huge. But the duty-free shop I felt is poor; plenty of alcohol and tobacco; but very little else. I was looking for souvenirs and gifts from Norway, but this shop has little or nothing from Norway. Plenty of Belgian and Swiss chocolate, but how can you go home to family and workmates and say: "I've been on holidays to Norway. I brought you all back a box of Swiss chocolate." Doesn't work. I managed to get a small box of orange-flavoured chocolates actually produced locally at Sandefjord and they are very nice. But no souvenirs, gifts, items of clothing, jumpers, hats, etc. In other words, apart from those chocolates, nothing Norwegian. If you want real Norwegian souvenirs to bring home, buy them before you get to Torp Airport.

Torp Airport review by Ray Frost

30 March 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Agree with Paul Groves, fine little airport. A word of warning, if you're trying to tie in returning to the airport for a Ryanair flight give yourself plenty of time. We had a number of passengers on our bus who had left it rather late to get back to the airport having had their flights rearranged and had opted for a few more hours in Oslo rather than being stuck at the airport. - big mistake!

Torp Airport review by Paul Groves

25 March 2006

I used this airport 2 weeks ago for the first time and would have no problem in using it again. There`s a few shops, places to get food and drink and your checked in and out with no fuss. You also dont get the masses of larger airports. If outside you can see 6 feet of snow the roads in and out of the airport will be totally clear. The drive to Oslo takes about 1hr 40min. The coaches wait right outside the exit of the terminal and cost 250 NOK (about 20 GBP/29 EURO) for a return to the bus terminal in Oslo City Centre. On your return to the bus terminal there are plenty of screens to guide you to the correct platform. No problems at all.

Torp Airport review by Mark Stoneham

9 February 2006

Agree with Matt Allen. I have just returned from Oslo, via Oslo Torp - a great little airport, clean, good choice of Duty Free shops and snack bars (if you can afford the Norwegian prices!) I was there during a blizzard - seriously began to wonder if our flight would get away, but the snow ploughs worked well and managed to clear the runway.

Torp Airport review by Matt Allen

1 January 2005

I use Oslo Torp regularly and have always been impressed. The security is excellent and the whole airport is always very clean. Despite still being relatively small, the recent changes have meant that there is now a larger choice of duty free and refreshments. Although the journey into Oslo is nearly 2 hours the coaches are always on time, and the drivers are polite and friendly.

Torp Airport review by Manfred Reffel

20 December 2004

Everything was fine. I was flying from Frankfurt Hahn to Torp. Torp Airport are one of the nicest small airports where Ryanair operates to. The coach to Oslo take EUR 20,- without any information, the coach back told me that if I pay in EURO its a bad deal for me and ask me if I got a credit card. So he charge me on my Credit card and the price was EUR 11,80 (just 1/2 price).

Torp Airport review by Jan Haluska

28 June 2003

O'Brian is exactly right in every statement, based on my experience in June 2002. Nice little airport.

Torp Airport review by James O'Brien

20 May 2003

I flew out of Torp with Ryanair last year. I found Torp to be a nice small airport. The check in staff were friendly. Security was very strict. The airport is one of the best small airports I have flown into. The only problem is it take 1hour and 40mins by coach to get to it from Oslo. But apart from that its a good airport.




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