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Tampere Pirkkala by J Fiser

18 March 2010   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

The airport is extremely small, smaller than most bus stations. Services are extremely basic. On the landside there are only a small waiting room (maybe 20 chairs) and one info desk. Nothing more. Not a single ATM! (make sure you do have some cash when arriving here). On the airside, there is a small cafe upstairs and a bit larger waiting room (maybe 30 or 40 chairs, but still small). And only one gate. Out of the gate, you walk straight to the airplane - no apron transport, cause it is so small. However, I can say that my experience with it is almost only good. Everything worked efficiently, security is quite thorough (on the arrival there was even a police dog) but it was correct and did not make unnecessary complications. Security queue was well organized and it waiting was not too long. A bit of a hassle in the boarding queue where the staff opened an additional check and some people from the back of the queue managed to get in front. But all in all no big problems, efficient procedures on arrival and departure, baggage claim was also prompt. I can imagine that it might be a bit different in the high season when there are more people.

Tampere Pirkkala by C Fenton

11 December 2008   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

Is this an airport? Very crowded, regional airport for cheaper airlines but not really worth the savings. No seating, no signs, under staffed, queues for everything, noisy and not very air conditioned, the queue for our flight ended up in the gift shop and with little staff on hand, arguments broke out. After paying extra to get to Tampere from the Helsinki airport we would recommend paying extra money to use Helsinki Vantaa.

Tampere Pirkkala by Victoria Burmester

20 December 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

Flying cheap is always a compromise, and the departures' facilities at Tampere are no exception. On my journey the overcrowding and under-staffing resulted in long, long queues for everything (check- in, security, loos, etc) Babies cried and cried, angry voices cursed Ryanair, scrums formed - all rather stressful and unpleasant. Very few seats around, most had to use the floor. p.s. be aware that in Finland the expensive taxis are more expensive on Sundays and in the evenings.

Tampere Pirkkala by Igor Kissin

15 January 2005

Clean and efficient, nice ground staff, home-made pies in the cafe upstairs. You feel you are welcome. Then 1 sq foot or less per person when Ryanair process their passengers from 3 flights at the same time through the only gate. Just don't get into that huge black hole after the check-in - - that's not the entrance but the place to drop your luggage in. A bit confusing. But the good thing is that upon arrival you walk no more than 100 yards from the plane through the custom and luggage reclaim to the coach/taxi. Beware, there is no ATM around. Nice service but very basic facilities.




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