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Szczecin Airport
5.3 out of 10  5.3 out of 10
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Szczecin Airport customer review :  4 August 2014 by Harald Faaberg    (Norway)

Rating : 6/10





I flew in from TRF, 4th July and returned 7th. Inbound went well (no passport control between Norway and Poland), luggage came fast and no delays getting out of the airport. On departure, things were not that smooth, baggage system failed but much worse was the queue through security. Our departure was at the same time as a Ryanair flight to Dublin and it took the best part of 1.5 hours to pass. Staff was not rude but in dire need of learning how to smile and treat people nicely. Pity since the facilities are quite nice once you get through security. When boarding the plane there was no one leading the way from the terminal, so we had to find the plane more or less on our own. Hardly satisfactory from a security point of view. All in all, it wasn't that bad. Szczecin Solidarity is one of the smaller regional airports and as such rather new to international traffic. I think they have come a good way and knowing the Poles, I suspect they soon will do the required adjustments.

Szczecin Airport customer review : 22 September 2010 by I Arnold

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Flew from here to STN and the service to get through passport control and security check is abysmal. Only 1 gate for each open and with 2 full Ryanair flights (STN & DUB) boarding at the same time I queued for 78 minutes to get through. Security staff who look like armed forces personnel are extremely surly and work to a go slow. If flying from here check in well early and go through passport check and security as soon as possible.

Szczecin Airport customer review : 5 July 2008 : by Paul Smith

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

I have been using this airport for about 3 years now and found it to be a right pain sometimes. First the good points: not far from Szczecin town centre (30 mins by bus or car), it has a good bar (sells nice beers!). Now the bad points: very slow moving queues when arriving here. They dont make much of an effort to get you through passport control quickly. Bags sometimes take a long time to arrive (even though only 1 flight arrives!). When leaving SZZ, the army personnel that check you are quite surly and unhelpful. You have to remove your shoes and belts!. There is no organised queue system for Ryanair flights, just a free for all. Waiting lounge is very small. Can get very overcrowded when a flight is late. Overall, needs improvement and the staff need to be more cheerful. 2 stars max for now.

Szczecin Airport customer review : 3 July 2008 : by Janne Petersson

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Szczecin's Solidarity Airport is one of the smaller regional airports in Poland. The car/taxi ride from Szczecin takes a bit longer than expected, but once there you will find a pleasant airport, located in a wood away from the city. It has only a small terminal, but it is very modern, fresh and complete with all facilities (bookstalls, shops, cafés etc that open also for early morning departures - I'm told there is a small hotel nearby. The staff is helpful. Only a handful of flights depart each day, so the terminal does not get crowded and the atmosphere is casual and relaxed. And the security check was very thorough, which I appreciated.




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