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Shannon Airport
5.8 out of 10  5.8 out of 10
19 reviews




SHANNON AIRPORT customer review :  14 October 2014 by H Outback    (Ireland)

Rating : 9/10





I have travelled through Shannon Airport on many occasions and find it to be really compact. Check in is quick, I've never seen a large queue there. The security is also exceptionally quick and friendly. Once airside there isn't a huge amount to do. The bar staff are pleasant and friendly, the duty free is large and well stocked. Overall passage through the airport is extremely quick and easy, especially compared to the stress of travelling through Dublin.

SHANNON AIRPORT customer review :  6 September 2014 by Ben Malone    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





I flew from Manchester to JFK via Shannon airport. Our flight left Manchester on time and arrived 10 minutes early. We were informed upon arrival that our departure would be 2 hours late, which we accepted. We went had a few drinks at the bar and then proceeded through US Pre-clearance. Very few facilities after pre-clearance. Eventually at 2.50 we boarded the lovely green Aer Lingus 757 and took off. This airport is a nice airport for transfers as there is few queues and nice staff.

SHANNON AIRPORT customer review :  28 May 2013 by J Knack    (USA)

Rating : 10/10





We flew out of Shannon mid-day on a Wednesday on Aer Lingus to Boston. We arrived at the airport very early (the check in desk was not even open), so we were the first on our flight to check in. It was very quick and smooth, but I can't say what it was like an hour later. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The US customs went very quickly, and they were even training some new personnel. The airport doesn't have the amenities of large airports, but it is so much easier to navigate. I will probably lean toward Shannon on my next trip to Ireland.

SHANNON AIRPORT customer review :  17 December 2012 by K Shanahan    (UK)

Rating : 3/10





Nice and quiet in winter anyway. Security appear totally bored and are the most abrasive, unhelpful and rude I have ever come across. Searched through my bag and just scattered all of the contents every where leaving me to clear it all up. Bar staff and others back to normal Irish pleasantness. The building is undergoing improvements and should get better.

SHANNON AIRPORT customer review :  11 June 2012 by Martin Doyle    (Canada)

Rating : 7/10





Recently departed Shannon after a holiday in Ireland. A pleasant enough airport that is easy to use and to get around. Check-in was quick and painless. Security was equally so. Maybe it was the time of day, or perhaps it was not busy, but the security process was the quickest we have ever encountered. There was an hour delay in departure (no fault of the airline or the airport) and my only complaint centres on staff's inability to control the passengers before boarding. This starts with a lounge area that is too small, and staff not prepared to tell passengers to move back away from the desk and allow others access to boarding. The airport is not particularly busy so there is no excuse to have used such a small lounge. Apart from that all was fine.

Shannon Airport customer review :  20 March 2011 by Alan Moroney   (UK)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






Excellent little airport. I fly in from Uk, and tend to use it for flights to USA (it is so convenient from Gatwick). It has a friendly, but very thorough, US Immigration and Customs, check in 2.5 hours before take-off including full-preclearance. Very nice Irish immigration control officers. Bags arrive quickly. It has a smoking area airside! Security is very fast. Facilities - it's a not a busy airport, so you never wait long, but facilities are still good - Duty Free Shop is huge.

SHANNON AIRPORT review : 15 June 2009 : by Luke Addis

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Had a very tight connection in Shannon, from LGW and out to EDI. Very smooth and rapid arrival, small walk from aircraft. The airport does look a bit miserable on arrival, the American glory days are over. However immigration are quick and smiling. There is a good Observational Deck for enthusiasts, though little to watch. Departures is modern and clean. Security was my fastest in any airport I have visited. Stay in the main area as long as you can before going of to Ryanair gates as they make you queue in a horrible dingy oblong waiting room with few seats. Overall, really impressed with this airport for this visit.

SHANNON AIRPORT review : 3 August 2008 : by John Walsh

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

SNN-CDG with Cityjet recently. There is a huge improvement in security check and new airside catering facilities. Also, the bar is now open before proceeding through security check. This airport is a delight to travel through compared to Dublin.

SHANNON AIRPORT review : 22 July 2008 : by Gary Farrelly

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Landside is bright and breezy - airside a delightfully nostalgic wood paneling, carpeted feel. Catering is ample as is parking, shopping and the linear configuration of the terminal building makes it a delight to watch planes come and go while waiting. In fact the only thing problematic about Shannon is the lask of decent full service airlines on Western European routes - these days its all Ryanair and Easyjet - Wizz and fizz. It has the oldest dutyfree area in the world - What innovation.

Shannon Airport review by Rob Payne

19 November 2007  Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Drab looking especially airside. Seating dirty & worn. Very little to occupy you once airside. The whole place needs redecoration. Could do with more competition for refreshments. Shannon score with free WFI internet access and an inside viewing area, albeit not much to look at outside (not a busy place for aircraft movements) plus this is a roomy airport.

Shannon Airport review by Michael Haugh

27 September 2007  Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

It is very easy to get in and out of Shannon airport especially when compared to Dublin. The staff and security staff are helpful and friendly. On the downside is that the departure lounge has very poor catering facilities and an air of dreariness. The signage is terrible and the departure gates for Ryanair passengers is confusing and at times chaotic.

Shannon Airport review by Ben Saijo

23 November 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Shannon Airport has no hot food served after 3pm every day, due to a dispute between the airport authority and Aer Rianta. Nothing for the last 3 months has been done about this. The land side bar has now closed it's doors completely. The bar airside is not much better, apart from a few incredibly expensive sandwiches and coffee there is not much there. The vending machines landside or airside 99% of the time are out of order.

Shannon Airport review by Richard Walsh

2 November 2006

I travel through Shannon frequently to various airports in the USA. It is always a breeze going through Shannon. Everything goes relatively quickly and without problem. It is very relaxed. The Irish breakfast is always good in the upstairs restaurant. I would say however that security are sticky about arriving 2 hours before your flight time. I find in other airports (USA anyway) that this is not as big an issue. Of course it makes perfect sense to allow yourself plenty time to go through checkin and security and of course to get that Irish breakfast.

Shannon Airport review by Cormac Phelan

22 September 2006

As a regular passenger in Shannon it has to be one of the most user- friendly airports in Europe.It has a large check-in area with all the necessary shops and restaurants/cofee shops. There is a relaxed atmosphere around the airport which is rarely crowded and therefore check-in is relatively painless. I must echo the comments made previously about the departure lounge being a little dated but all the same it does what its meant to do and has a nice bar also. The duty-free shop is large,spacious and well stocked.

Shannon Airport review by Ian Gallagher

12 August 2006

Use Shannon regularly, overall the airport is quite and relaxed, with never much queues. The New check in Terminal is large and spacious, which avoids being squashed and having check in queues all over the place. Security is always quick and polite and the departure area although a bit dated has a good size bar and duty free shop. Arrivals can be a little on the small side when several flights arrive together, but generally immigration, baggage and customs is a breeze. Staff generally are polite and friendly. The airport may be small and a bit dated, but it is a more pleasant better experience than many bigger airports.

Shannon Airport review by Gregg Hillier

21 November 2004

I have used the Shannon Airport twice in the past year and although the terminal is dated and dingy, the overall experience was pleasant enough. Arriving from the USA on an overnight flight, we cleared Customs quickly, the luggage was delivered promptly, and the car hire had our vehicle ready. Departing was similarly painless - clearing US Customs in Shannon is great ! Beware of the Aer Lingus "Premium" Lounge, which is poorly stocked and staffed with rude, thoughtless personnel.

Shannon Airport review by   Luke Rogers

8 October 2004

I have used Shannon airport a couple of times and think it is great. Possibly the most absurdly huge airport/runway in the middle of nowhere! The interior decor is straight out of the 1970's and films like 'Airplane'. Road links to Limerick are very good and there are more car hire stores than you can shake a stick at. Staff are very friendly and check in/out and baggage reclamation is fast. More than anything, it connects the UK with a really lovely part of Ireland with no hassle.

Shannon Airport review by   David Flynn

23 April 2004

Not a very busy airport, so you can expect a relaxed time. There is certainly plenty of space, and the new check in hall is very impressive. Security are quick but thorough. The random checks at the boarding gates are a feature of all Irish airports, but they are friendly at doing there job: just don't give them any crap and you'll be fine. The Duty free is well stocked for an airport of this size, and the staff are very friendly. One exception to this is the staff at Passport control (members of the Irish police) who could seriously do with some people skills.

Shannon Airport review by Matt Rich

25 October 2003

My visit to Shannon was during a re-fuel stop coming from Amman to O'Hare. Considering that it was a small airport and I only had a couple hours, it was a good visit. What might have also influenced my feelings was the fact that I had spent a month in the Middle East where I met staring eyes because of red hair and very fair skin; thus, stopping at Shannon was a total contrast where I could pass as native quite well. Oh and I met a man named Brian O'Brian wearing green. After that stereotypical experience, I expected lucky charms in my beer! Alas, there was a nice coffee bar, emphasis on bar. The duty-free store was fairly large, prices were reasonable (particularly on the Bailey's!), and the staff was friendly. Don't get stuck too long there, but it's a nice stop.




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