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Sarajevo Airport customer review :  4 July 2011 by I Hodzic   (Canada)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






Not much to complain about, nowadays there is bus service offered by Centrotrans bus company and GRAS as well from airport to down town. Personnel at check-in counter need to be more friendly, for example our flight to GOT via BUD was cancelled by Malev, but we were issued tickets to fly with Austrian and people at check-in counter were making faces, exhaling loudly while printing boarding passes for flight via VIE.

Sarajevo Airport customer review : 8 May 2010 by D Mitchell

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Very small but clean and cozy airport, with only 3 gates. Going through the passport control and customs was a breeze. I do agree with the previous comments about taxis. There is no public transportation from the airport to the city, so unless someone is picking you up or you're picking up a rental, you're forced to take a cab, which will routinely rip you off and not even turn on the meter. For a 10 minute ride, I was charged 25.00 marks (currently USD $16.30)! If you can arrange some type of transportation other than the taxi, my advice is to do so.

SARAJEVO AIRPORT review : 20 January 2009 : by M Prelec

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Small, very clean, and efficient from security check through check-in, immigration and baggage claim. But it's not really a hospitable place: there's no restaurant, only three cafes offering the same things (little or no food); a very modest and unappealing duty-free shop and a newsstand selling only local-language press. If you have to spend time here, you're out of luck. Don't take the airport taxis which all overcharge; instead, call the official city cabs by dialling 1515, they arrive quickly and charge the (relatively low) official rate.

Sarajevo Airport by Edin Dzano

10 January 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Its very small but convenient airport. There is small duty free area and coffee bar in upper floor after immigration, and also one coffee bar before immigration. Toilets are clean. Immigration procedures on arrival and on departure are simple and fast.

Sarajevo Airport by Peter Cullen

28 August 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

I have arrived and departed SJJ several times in the first half of 2007 and find very little to criticise . It is fairly small and not very busy so check-in, luggage handling, passport checks, etc. tend to work quickly and effectively. I have only encountered helpful and friendly staff in all areas. One criticism is that there is no public transport to the airport except taxis - and you should agree the price before you get in. I did once walk from the nearest tram stop, probably about 1.5km, not recommended even with only hand luggage, particularly when it starts to pour with rain halfway!

Sarajevo Airport by Andy Chung

29 December 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

It is very clean and the toilets are cleaned by the crew literally every 20 minutes. I was stranded in this airport for more than 6 hours due to fog, which Sarajevo suffers during the winter months of December to February. It is funny, kind of similar to the rest of Sarajevo, in regards to hospitality. They are either very friendly with a big smile or just very ]rude and disinterested. For example, the people at currency exchange, information desk, baggage claim and check in just couldn't stop smiling. But the people at the security and ticket counters were rude. Ticket counter agents, any request such as air fare inquiry, schedules etc. creates extra stress for them that they make you feel guilty for being a human being! For instance, the lady at the Croatia Airlines ticket counter, all I wanted was the air fare from Sarajevo to Munich, and she rudely yells at me and say we do not sell tickets from Sarajevo, which doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever.

Sarajevo Airport  by Zahid Krkic

4 April 2004

I traveled thru Sarajevo Airport many times. My first was 1999. airport was in rebuilding phase it was really bad. In 2002 I was surprised by work that has been done at airport. New terminal building with two jetways, open view of apron and runway. This is a really small but nice airport. This year they added new terminal radar too. Staff at SJJ airport is really nice and professional.

Sarajevo Airport  by Mark Guthrie

16 December  2003

This is a very pleasant airport to use. It was reconstructed recently and is light and airy. Check in is conducted efficiently but be advised that staff can be extremely zealous in enforcing baggage allowances. One colleague recently had her hand baggage weighed and charged for the excess. The airside waiting areas are spacious and the area beyond the security check affords a good view of the runway and aircraft activity. Passport controls both on departure and arrival are applied without excessive delay and it's never too long before luggage appears on the conveyor belt.


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