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Orlando Sanford Airport
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ORLANDO SANFORD AIRPORT customer review :  23 September 2014 by M Hart    (UK)

Rating : 0/10





Flew in on the 3rd September, first time here in years having used MCO - long wait in a slow queue for passport control, then ages at desk checking our passports, by the time I got to the car rental desk there was only two cars left. Coming back I checked my bag weight before leaving for the airport, under the 20kg limit, checked it on the scales at the airport - under 20kg, when at the check-in desk was told to put it on scales at next desk, 22kg on that one. Removed stuff from bag, re-weighed it on a 3rd set of scales, spot on 20kg, back to check-in desk which says 21.8kg. Ripped off for $54 excess baggage charge. The airport is tatty and staff are slow, MCO is miles better now that they have automated passport machines, twice this year it has been off plane, passport machine, get bags, shuttle to terminal car and out with no holdups. The only downside is the security check coming back once which can take a while. I would need an exceedingly cheep ticket to suffer going back to this dump of an airport again.

ORLANDO SANFORD AIRPORT customer review :  11 September 2014 by D Earl    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





This is our airport of choice when flying into Orlando. Its much smaller than Orlando International (MC0) and therefore much quicker to pass through. On our last visit on 17th August 2014, there was a 15 minute wait for immigration, friendly staff and once through our luggage was already on the carousel. Straight into the car hire office and out in 5 minutes driving down Lake Mary Boulevard within 30 minutes of landing. fantastic. Compare this to MCO where you would still be queuing in immigration. There's not many shops in the departure lounge, but after 2 weeks and many shopping malls later, does anybody still want to shop?

ORLANDO SANFORD AIRPORT customer review :  9 June 2014 by Jenny Tempest    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





Having flown to Orlando airport 5 years ago I compared it to a cattle market I decided to try Sanford and for the last 4 years it has been superb. From getting off the aircraft, passport control are very quick, the luggage is waiting immediately which I can only conclude they have some pretty efficient staff (shame Manchester airport can't be as quick). Luggage is scanned and away we go 20 minutes from start to finish, same time comparison on departure back to Manchester, very efficient. I always fly with Thomson for the simple reason they use Sanford. OK Orlando international may be nearer your destination but who wants to be stuck in an airport for over 2 hours and fight through the crowds, plus the staff at Sanford are politer.

ORLANDO SANFORD AIRPORT customer review :  8 January 2014 by Conrad Kickert    (Netherlands)

Rating : 2/10





If you are not a tourist, please beware of this airport when arriving from a foreign destination. I did so as a student, and it was pretty clear that immigration was unfamiliar with anyone other than a tourist. This caused quite a bit of delay, not exactly something you would want as a connecting passenger. For the rest, the airport is small but has the necessities you'd need as a traveler.

ORLANDO SANFORD AIRPORT customer review :  18 January 2013 by Murat Nal    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





We chose to fly into Sanford for its close proximity to Daytona Beach and flew with Icelandair . Arrival in the evening was stress free, luggage arrived quickly, cleared customs and rented a car and cleared the airport all within half hour. Departing the airport, we parked the rental in the car park 10 metres away from the departure terminal, handed the keys over to the renter checked in cleared customs all in 15 minutes. I have to agree with the previous poster in how friendly everybody was. Icelandair was the only international flight out so the lounge was not crowded. Royal palms lounge was a huge disappointment as it does not meet international standards for the business traveller. One coffee pot, kettle for hot water , chips (crisps), pre- wrapped biscuits and cookies. No hot or cold food. If you want food they can order it for you from the outside caterers for which you have to pay.

ORLANDO SANFORD AIRPORT customer review :  2 May 2012 by Mark Luddington    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





Arrived from Manchester on Friday 20th April and was one of 5 arriving flights so there was a lengthy queue for immigration but once through baggage was waiting, on arriving at the airport for return flight, checked in within minutes and the only wait was for the security check point prior to going to departures. Once through there is a food court, duty free, bar/restaurant and also the Royal Palms Lounge which is a haven from the main departure lounge. The thing that strikes me about this airport is that everybody is so friendly and the whole airport is clean and tidy - what a difference compared to Orlando International.

ORLANDO SANFORD AIRPORT customer review :  11 September 2011 by I Galloway   (USA)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






Sanford is a joy to fly in and out of. Generally flights are spaced out, parking is easy, rental cars are easy. As others have said, it's clean and friendly. I use this airport 4-6 times per year, and have never had any negative experiences. I've travelled alone and with the family - kids were treated nicely by security.

ORLANDO SANFORD AIRPORT customer review :  15 May 2011 by Nigel Gear   (UK)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






So much quicker and easier than MCO - this should be the airport of choice for anyone visiting Florida from the UK. Great service and really quick. Generally driving down within an hour of landing. Plenty of car hire desks. Signage on leaving the airport could be a little clearer though - fine when you get used to it but not clear first time.

ORLANDO SANFORD AIRPORT review : 26 March 2009 by Ben Hopkins

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Try the Sanford Airport early check in service on your day of departure. You can get the best seats since they open before the airport does. You will get your boarding passes and have you luggage tagged and collected and it will be waiting for you when you arrive home at the airport. The "Virtual Airport" is located at the Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores on Hwy. 535 near Disney. You won't have to arrive at the airport but one hour before your flight and you can go straight to your departure gate.

ORLANDO SANFORD AIRPORT review : 29 August 2008 : by Jon McGee

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Arrived at Sanford, en-route to Kissimmee for a two week vacation. As this was our first visit to the US since 9/11, I was a little apprehensive about possible protracted security procedures. In fact the arrival procedure at Sanford was swift, with more immigration staff available than I've seen in the main UK airports. In addition, the staff were extremely courteous and helpful. They seemed genuinely interested in the visitors to their country and without exception, all wished us a pleasant stay. The departure experience was just as good and it was pleasing to see that Sanford actually had more seats available in the departures/duty free area than passengers to sit on them.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by G Viles

28 May 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

We were first off the plane and through Immigration in 10 minutes. Within an hour of landing we were driving out of the airport in our hired car. On return we used a check in in Orlando which cost $12 each but was great as we arrived at the airport and went straight through.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Anna Conner

4 March 2008   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

We started coming through here because of the direct flight from Glasgow and we thought the immigration officials were very friendly until this time! Because we own a home and stay for anything up to 4 months at a time and this time we were interrogated for 20 mins by a very confrontational official who didn't or couldn't answer our questions. The whole problem is that no government official can tell us when the year begins and ends to allow us to stay 180 days. It's time the American government clarified this. We contribute towards the economy and pay taxes big time.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Thomas Hannon

12 February 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Sanford airport is near the city of Orlando - small and easy to get around with plenty of choice, numerous car hire firms. One bad point is the queues at immigration please - we were waiting over an hour at immigration. Once you get through it was wonderful - collected bags and car hire and started our holiday.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by G Mondair

30 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Just returned from Sanford. Tiny airport but fit for purpose. On arrival, immigration queue long, as expected, held up mainly by incorrectly filled forms. We got the moody immigration officer, but actually was quite nice and family of four done and sorted in about 3 mins. Landed, collected bag, immigration, sorted car and driving out within an hour which I thought was good. Returning - small check in queue since we were early, but each check in procedure took ages. Facilities were ok with plenty to do. Overall, small airport with many benefits and not many drawbacks. Flew Thomson and both arrival and departures on time and no probs.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by S Hampton

3 December 2006

Came back last week from Sanford. I'd not travelled through there for about 3-4 years so noticed a few upgrades to the place. On arrival got though customs in about 30 minutes as our plane & another arrived almost at the same time. On returning as I was with a family member who lives out there I was very disapointed that no improvements to facilities before going through security & the departure lounge. We got though check in pretty quickly so that I still had over 2 hours before my plane took off. Unfortunately there are no shops to look round & just one place to get a cup of coffee & sandwich. The service here is unbelievably slow as this is situated in Terminal b & the girl serving says that she has to go up to Terminal A to fetch our coffee (notice to the coffee shop owner -buy a coffee maker or kettle!) which takes about 10-15 minutes. Once through security & into departure lounge then there are a few shops which from my experience were poorly stocked & overpriced. I'd use Sanford again though as its not a bad little airport. The staff I've always found friendly & polite & its useful for getting cheap flights to as most of the charter airlines fly there.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Karin Fraser

9 November 2006

Travelled through Sanford Airport on arrival and departure last week and was quite impressed. Having to go through Orlando International is enough to make me not want to visit my parents in Florida, so was pleasantly surprised by Sanford. As I'm an American citizen living in the U.K. and travelling on a U.S. passport, I didn't experience the long delays that some of the other passengers apparently do. I found the staff, without exception, to be friendly and efficient - not rude like in some of the other airports (Orlando International and Detroit spring to mind). I will definitely use Sanford again. The most stress-free trip I've had in ages.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by S Cuthill

7 October 2006

Used Sanford 4 times, never a problem staff are courteous and are happy to help. Immigration never been a queue to talk of longest wait about 25 mins (would be a lot shorter if people would watch info video on flight and fill out required forms correctly). Never picked up a car would recommend you use a Towncar service who will offer a meet and greet service at arrivals. As for MCO used this year for first time in 11 years - has that place gone downhill! Queues everywhere, security slow, rude. Will use SFB every time.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Simon Berry

30 September 2006

Speed of Immigration procedures is the main benefit of Sanford. We got through in half the time it has taken us at other US airports. We saw rather too much of the departure lounge due to a broken 747 and whilst we were killing about 15 hours there on two successive days made the following observations. Very little to do in departures, terrible choice of overpriced, ghastly food & beverages, precious few shops. Virtually every airline using Sanford seemed to be seriously delayed for a variety of reasons none of which was the weather in Florida, our Excel flight to Gatwick was 25 hours late due to a broken rudder. Some of the people working in the airport are very professional, efficient and polite. The majority are ignorant morons who delight in exercising whatever pathetic authority they have as brusquely as possible. If using Sanford you might do well to book one of the executive lounges in advance (which costs less than the $25 on-site) because you might be seeing more of the airport than you think.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Bob Turner

22 September 2006

Arrived SFB September 4,2006. Speedy immigration procedures unlike busy US hubs, luggage swiftly delivered,no lines at Car Hire, and on our way in no time. However, returning to SFB on our return, food court is expensive, and hot food is cold by the time one has stood in line to pay for it. Bar is woefully understaffed, and very, very smokey. Fortunately, our flight got away on time, but I would not like to spend any time here due to long delays.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Joanne Urmston

8 September 2006

Manchester to Sanford and back. The arrival was fine and security staff were efficient and polite. However the return was not so pleasant. The food court is basic and overpriced - even by airport standards - and the staff in both the duty free shop and the newspaper shop were rude and unhelpful. The assistant in the newspaper shop was the rudest shop assistant I have ever had the misfortune to come across. I bought just over $20 worth of goods and gave her a $100 bill as payment (the only note I had left), she looked at it, swore loudly in front of my 2 children and then turned to her colleague to show her the note and comment loudly "who does she think we are - the Bank of Sanford" she then slammed my change onto the counter without looking at me or saying another word! I have to say that we had a wonderful holiday and almost all of the American people we met were lovely but our treatment by the staff at this airport did sour the last day of our holiday. Just a final comment - the PA system is still so quiet as to be almost inaudible despite comments on this site over one year ago about this problem.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Arthur Baxter

26 August 2006

Travelled through this airport 4 times in the past 2 weeks. Arrival from Glasgow saw us outside within 30 minutes, the only flight arrival at that time. Then travelled on an internal flight to Worcester MA, all with no problems. The departure to the UK delayed, following the security alert. Departure lounge was busy with at least 4 flights waiting for delayed aircraft but not uncomfortable. Security checks through but comparatively quick for both departures. Looking at the international arrival area I can guess it gets cramped at times especially when 4 incoming UK flights arrive within 10 minutes as happened on 19th August.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Peter Snow

18 July 2006

Arrival at Sanford was great, immigration and baggage collection went quicker than I am use to. Now for the down fall, the return journey, checked in at Sanford just fine, but then asked where we could get something to eat before going through to departures only to be told there was nothing until your in the departure hall. Once in the departure hall all we found there was this tiny food court selling sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and chicken curry. We settled for burger, fries and a soft drink each, and were expecting to pay between $10 and $15 for the food, but when the cashier asked for almost $33 we were a little dumb struck. As for the rest of the departure hall, if your not in to buying duty-free or over priced newspapers there is not a lot else to do. So as a word of warning to any future traveler, If you have to travel through Sanford-Orlando Airport then take your own food and drink in with you but if you can, use Orlando International Airport and avoid Sanford-Orlando all together, you will have a better experience.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Joe Adams

26 June 2006

Arrived Sanford from Glasgow, progress through immigration was as expected; thorough but efficient. Baggage reclaim was a bit slow but no worse than that encountered at Glasgow International on return journey. Car hire pickup was a dream; was in Dollar hired car and on the road within 15" of receiving luggage. On return Check In was quick & efficient, screening was thorough but quick, departure lounge was perfectly adequate. A great wee airport. 9 out of 10.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Colin Arnold

25 May 2006

Pleasantly surprised by this airport. Inbound, we were through immigration and the car hire process within 45 mins of disembarking - it helped that we were one of the first pax off our flight, which was the only one in at the time. Immigration and Customs staff were fine - not pleasant, but not unpleasant! Road links to the tourist areas are good, but check your map first to avoid taking a wrong turn! On the return leg, the $3 dollar charge for a luggage trolley to transport your cases from the car hire drop off to the terminal (about 200ft) is a bit tacky. Priority check-in was good, with polite staff. The departure lounge is OK, with a reasonably stocked duty free shop. Didnt use the food outlets, but they didnt look horrendously expensive. The one really stupid aspect of this airport is that all the gates appear to be in one corner of the departure lounge, so there is a scrum the moment that a flight is announced - if your row is called first, you basically have to walk to the front of the amassed crowd, which makes it look as though you are queue-jumping. They do have TV monitors asking people to remain seated until called, but nobody seems to take heed. The PA system doesn't help, as most people hear "blah blah blah flight number blah blah blah" and immediately jump up. Other than this, a good experience and would use again.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Linda Goslee

2 April 2006

Every one has there luggage screened on the way out of Orlando Int'l airport and we are US citizens. Lighters are banned on carry on as well as other items - no big deal. I lost a pair of expensive needlework scissors once by not remembering they were in my needlework bag - goodbye scissors or fill out a form. We have not used Sanford airport - I did get concerned with one of the former comments and wished to let them know that life is like that now in and out of the US. No one likes it, but we have to deal with it. Hopefully, they will encounter some pleasant US citizens - there are many of us out there. And we do love living in Florida! But love to travel!

Orlando Sanford Airport review by John Charlton

23 November 2005

Passed through Sanford 11/19 November with ten people in our party. I was very impressed with the service we got, and by the layout of the airport and car rental etc. Much easier and better located than Orlando International.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Lasse Skou

21 October 2005

I am a check in agent at Sanford and I am glad to hear some positive feedback from passengers. Orlando Sanford International started to receive a lot of international charters in 1996, with close to 614,000 passengers during this year. Today we handle around 1 million international passengers and close to 800,000 domestic passengers a year. That is a lot for such a little airport, especially are the international numbers, since we mainly have passengers from March through October only. On most airports in the US, the airlines have to pay a penalty if the aircraft arrive early or late based on the scheduled slot time they hve been given. Our airport does not charge for that. As the slots have been prepared so that everything will run pretty smooth, problems occur as the aircraft diviate from their slots. When suddenly 6-8 aircrafts arrive at their gates within 30 min, things takes time to process. It may take you up to 45 min to 1 hours sometimes to be checked in. Again, congestion happens due to late/early busses. It can within 15 minutes arrive 6 busses or 360 passengers, and check in time increases. One airline offer check in at a facility in Orlando/Kissimmee, opening 7am 'til 1230pm for a small fee. Then you can arrive at the airport 90 minutes before departure. This airport is a good option for an airline to use, since it offers low rates for landing and ground handling. These days airline-industry is very competitive and with high gasoline prices, still offer UK passengers fares to Florida starting at 200-300 US dollars, which often also includes a rental car.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Chris Moss

9 October 2005

Perhaps it just depends on when you go. We were there at the beginning of September this year, and there were no problems at all. One hour after we landed we were in the hire car (Alamo). No problems coming back either. We'll use Sanford again.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Neil Bilsborough

9 October 2005

We have just used Sanford airport for the first time and have read the previous comments. Maybe we were lucky but we only had to queue for about 20 minutes at immigration and were through and on the road having picked up our car within an hour of landing. Having travelled through virtually every US airport on business Sanford is a dream compared to others- eg JFK, Miami, Los Angeles and Orlando International on a busy day! On our return we checked in very quickly and used the Clubhouse- book this in the UK it is only 9 per adult. The only let down is the PA system is poor. Overall a good option- remember it is the US you are flying into- you must expect delays at immigration now- thumbs up to Sanford- would use them again!

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Paul Newton

17 August 2005

Our experiences of this airport are mostly favourable. Reasonable wait times through immigration, quick and easy car hire collection and return, and basic but just about adequate shopping and dining facilities. We took advantage of the Guest House facility because of a prolonged wait for our flight and this was an excellent move. Good facilities, comfortable, and reasonably priced at $20 adult $15 child considering the free drinks included. One major failing however is that there is no tannoy facility within and we almost missed a major announcement about our flight. Air conditioning inside the airport was cranked up a little too much for our personal comfort too, so take a pullover. All in all Orlando International is a better bet.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by Simon Harvey

17 August 2005

After reading these comments we were prepared for the worst at Sanford Airport Immigration. In the event, the immigration staff were courteous without being over- friendly and we got from the arrivals gate into our hire car (Dollar) in less than an hour.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by  David Astbury

25 July 2005

Flying into SFB is a dream come true compared with MCO. I travel with my elderly father as we have a home in Florida and I couldn't find the airport staff more helpful, even asking if my father would like to be taken to immigration by wheelchair! The immigration hall is air-conditioned, everywhere in Florida is air- conditioned, it has to be! The reason why it feels like its not air-conditioned is because when 5 uk jets land at once, the body heat of nearly 2000 people overrides the cool air. Immigration is easy ,even with the new restrictions, the baggage was on the belt as we approached and car hire was across the road at Dollar, who were absolutely great . We were in our car within 30 minutes of deplaning. No complaints whatsoever. The return experience was the same, check-in a breeze, through security, up to the departure lounge, duty free, board plane. Congratulations SFB!

Orlando Sanford Airport review by  Elizabeth Knox

19 July 2005

A week before leaving flight times were changed to ease congestion, what a joke! Queues were totally unacceptable, after a 9 hr flight, the last thing my family needed was a further 2.5 hrs in the airport to get through immigration and collect our luggage - a disgrace. It was total chaos, flights from Glasgow, Ireland and Manchester all arrived together - baggage was 4 bags on the belt every 30 mins! The hire car queues were outrageous, luckily we were about 10th and had pre booked - others had a 2hr wait! On return home it took 1.5 hrs to check in - the flight wouldn't have taken off on time, if they hadn't eventually drafted in more staff to get everyone done - basically we had 15 mins before boarding! Duty free and shops very disappointing - just as well it wasn't delayed! Three years ago we flew from Manchester to International no problems, but as we live in Glasgow we decided to fly direct this time and we didn't have a choice of airport. We will return to Orlando in a few years but will definitely not use Sanford, unless there is vast improvements!

Orlando Sanford Airport review by  Jacqueline Smith

13 July 2005

Considering this is a major airport for UK tourists it is absolutely appaling. Queued 2 hours to get through immigration and then had to wait for the luggage! Check in staff on return were slow and rude and this was in the Premiair Gold check in, took over I hour to check in 3 parties. When we eventually checked in the duty free was closed! Cost $9 for 2 bottles of water! Would rather pay extra and travel schedule to Orlando International.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by  Andrew Needs

29 June 2005

We arrived at Sanford around 5.00pm having suffered a four hour delay from CWL. When we landed we were forced to sit on the aircraft as there was no room in the terminal for us. Eventually we were allowed off the aircraft and herded into the terminal. We were queuing down the corridors and only being allowed through about ten at a time. When we got to the immigration hall there was the biggest queue I have ever seen. It took over two hours to clear immigration in a non air conditioned building.. people were having to leave the queue to lie on the floor, it was sweltering. Even after we got through immigration after two hours.. the luggage had not been unloaded and that was almost another hour. Unbelievable. I appreciate that there were five big jets from the UK arrived almost together but this airport just cannot cope. On the return journey they confiscated my pipe lighter and I was told that there would be safety matches available in the terminal but there were none to be found. The bartender would offer his lighter if you bought a drink!! I was gobsmacked. two glasses of beer : $15.00. One small hotdog and a burger with fries: $9.00 This airport is the epitomy of avoidance.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by  David Stacey

29 May 2005

There is effectively only 1 gate and everyone waits to go through the one gate exit as each plane row is called. The tannoy is almost inaudable so you get a rush of people heading to the gate as soon as there is any mention of their flight - so forget priority boarding, it just doesn't happen at this airport. $3 charge for 20yard trolley use, poor facilities, not even air-conditioned!!!! Basically a local airport trying to be an international airport - avoid!

Orlando Sanford Airport review by  T Readman

11 April 2005

Took us over 90 minutes to get through immigration and all the security checks at the beginning of March. Staff were extremely unhelpful and verging on rude. We were travelling with 22 month old twins, I'm pregnant and we had a lot of luggage. Ok, this wasn't the airport's fault but the staff didn't even help my husband when half the luggage fell off the trolley. They just stood and watched. This was our first experience of USA in 7 years and my husband was ready to return to UK before we even left the airport! Considering the number of tourists who must use this airport we were amazed they weren't friendlier. At the car hire desk they were great and from then on we had fantastic service throughout our holiday and everyone else we met was friendly. However, the first impression was awful.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by  John Cole

28 January 2005

The Shuttle Service is a joke at Sanford, I waited over 1 1/2 hours for a van and it took us 2 hours to get to our hotel as well. First they offered me a Taxi rate, then proceeded to place other people in our vehicle as well. No way I told them! I'll book a reservation with a limousine service next time! I guess you do get what you pay for.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by  Bill Nankivell

8 September 2004

Been through Sanford a couple of years ago from/to UK from holiday. Outward - very good (but why are customs so long faced). Homeward - What was really annoying was that you parked your car at one end near the car rentals (got out and handed the keys over), had to pay for a luggage trolley to go all the way to other end of the terminal to check in, then had to track back for your gate (basically where you started from). Not great with children. Do they still make passengers do this ?

Orlando Sanford Airport review by  D Maws

7 September 2004

When you consider that Florida relies heavily on British tourists, Why is Sanford so lacking in facilities. No Restaurants, Duty Free the size of a corner shop and 30 to 50% dearer than a 7-11. Come on Sanford get your act together.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by  Jeff Davison

5 August 2004

Sanford is a very nice little airport. It's got one of the shortest time from getting off the plane to getting out the door of any airport I've used, car hire etc. is literally across the road from the main terminal building. There's a new expansion with restaurants etc. and there's also a private (for a small charge $15)lounge with free juice & coffee, 2 free alcoholic drinks, a TV area, internet area and a quiet reading room. Shuttles take 1.5 to 2 hours to get to Kissimmee but the airports nearly 40miles from there!. Visiting Florida and not hiring a car is very limiting, just make sure you book and pay for it in the UK before you go as US insurance charges are excessive.

Orlando Sanford Airport review by  Mark Rodes

14 June 2004

Shuttles are very poor 1 hour to get on and 2 hours to get to our hotel is a joke ! next time we fly in there we will rent a car or take a Taxi !




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