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SEOUL GIMPO AIRPORT customer review :  8 February 2012 by Eric Kim    (South Korea)

Rating : 7/10





Took a flight to PUS from GMP. GMP is a small domestic airport. The terminal was clean. The security staff were efficient but rude. The toilets were clean. The terminal has wifi and LED TV's for customers.

SEOUL GIMPO AIRPORT review : 3 July 2009 by A Peckham

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Domestic terminal. Very efficient and easy to use terminal though most of the shops are land- side (before security) and open after 8am. Great terminal to use for domestic short flights.

SEOUL GIMPO AIRPORT review : 6 November 2008 : by Joe Bailey

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I travelled here from Haneda in order to avoid the Incheon haul. I found it convenient, slightly dated, but overall efficient and the experience was trouble free. Like a previous writer if coming from Tokyo go Haneda to Gimpo.

Seoul Gimpo International Airport by Jim Reid

11 December 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

I used both domestic and international terminals last week, what a joy. Immigration and security are efficient and take very little time, easy transfer between terminals and there's loads of space airside. LHR could learn a lot from here.

Seoul Gimpo International Airport by Norman Sutherland

13 March 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Had a few bad reports about GMP, but I found the place excellent in domestic arrivals - slick and quick. Masses of Transport Links. Great Domestic Airport.

Seoul Gimpo International Airport by Jon Brenda

13 March 2006

Gimpo is one of those few diamonds in the rough for people in the know. Formerly the only international airport in Korea, it currently only has service to Tokyo Haneda, as well as domestic services. But if by chance you happen to be travelling between Seoul and Tokyo, you would have to be crazy not to fly this route. Tokyo Haneda is actually *in Tokyo for starters, and Gimpo is presently served by a rail link! For comparison, one should allow about 4 hours to get to Tokyo Narita Airport, and then take either a bus or a taxi for perhaps two hours between Seoul and Inchon (and watch out for Korea's infamous bullet taxis, even if they somehow cut the time in half! (You can "do the math" on the speeds they achieve.)) (While Inchon is a wonderful facility for transfer flights, it's presently quite weak if one is actually going to/from Korea itself.) Besides the convenience to/from Tokyo, Gimpo's international terminal is beautiful and helps one reminisce of the 88 Olympics, Seoul's now nostalgic debut on the world stage. I can only presume that more international service is expected as well, as the terminal certainly has the excess capacity, while the rail link to Inchon won't be done till 2008. More international service would certainly be welcome as far as I'm concerned.

Seoul Gimpo International Airport by Jonathan Perratt

17 November 2005

Recently I have flown both into and out of GMP from/to HND (Tokyo's second airport) and must say it's great. No queues, no long walks, quick baggage delivery, a more-than-just-OK lounge and much closer to the city than Incheon. Just waiting for them to introduce China flights.

Seoul Gimpo International Airport by S H Hwahng

9 September 2005

Gimpo airport is now used for domestic passengers and since 2002 World Cup Korea/Japan, the flight between Seoul and Tokyo has been operated. (16 flights per day nowadays). The domestic terminal of recent days was International Terminal 1 (1980s~2001), so I think the passenger terminal is spacious enough, and the structure is pretty simple, you wouldn't miss your way. From 2004, KORAIL (the Korean Railway Corporation) begins the KTX( the high-speed train) service, so KAL and JAL devote themselves to promoting people to use their fleet, but the result is "decreased domestic flight schedule". So Gimpo Airport is not so crowded during weekdays (except early-morning of Monday and Friday evening). The interior decoration is modern and illuminance is well. Above all, Koreans have the thought that the toilet makes the entire image of the building, so you would be surprised at the cleaness of the toilets inside the terminal. Consequently, I think Gimpo Airport is good for the 2nd airport of the capital of certain nation.




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