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Rostov na Donu Airport customer review :  15 September 2010 by Chris McQuaid   (New Zealand)

Customer Rating :  4/5

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"Old world" describes this airport in Southern Russia. As with most flights in Russia, passengers arriving on my flight were bussed to the terminal, even though it was less than 100 metres across the tarmac. Let out and straight into the main hall to meet and greet, where we had to wait until the luggage had been put on the conveyor, then into a side room to collect our things. As with all Russian airports (and I seriously think this is a good policy), you have to show your matching luggage tags before you are let out of the room. Taxis are available (of course), or you can catch a bus to the eastern suburbs, or just walk across to the main road (it's only 500 metres) if you want a bus in the other direction. Didn't use it for departure, so can't comment on things like check-in.




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