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RIMINI AIRPORT customer review :  1 August 2012 by C Haywood    (UK)

Rating : 2/10





We arrived at Rimini airport for a flight with Ryanair to Stansted. First of all the check in queues were not organised. People were pushing in and not queuing correctly. No one was there to organise this. Once through security we could not find a seat anywhere. We managed to find a couple of chairs outside but the backs of them were broken. All the tables covered in rubbish. The bins were all over flowing with rubbish so no one could put anything in them. The shops and bar had large queues - it was horrible. We then went to our gate and the queue for passport control was very long. People were pushing in. The Russian flight was called forward all the people pushed us. They then had to call our flight as it was 22.00 and the flight should have been taking off at this time. Again more pushing and shoving! This airport needs some organisation. I have never been to such a poorly run airport.

RIMINI AIRPORT review : 23 November 2009 by H Anderson

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

I fly into Rimini Airport at least 4 times a year to visit family. It is a small airport, and the restaurant and shops are expensive. I love this airport. You can't get lost and the best bit is you can go outside on a very large balcony and watch the planes land take off etc. Also great if you smoke! You are allowed to smoke only outside. I would recommend this airport it is still small and friendly.

Rimini Airport by Harun Rathore

5 September 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Flew in and out of Rimini Airport recently. A very small airport that can hardly cope with the amount of passengers who use it. Were brought by bus to the small "Schengen" arrival hall. The forty passengers of our flight were almost too many for the luggage vonveyor belt. I wonder how they manage aeroplanes of the size of a Boeing 737 let alone an Airbus! In the departure hall, they have approximately ten check-in counters which seemed quite enough for a Sunday afternoon. The "Schengen" departure lounge after passing the security check, however, is hardly adequate. There were only two departures at that time an ATR 72 (70 seats) to Munich and a Boeing 737-500 (120 seats) to Luxemburg. These two were already two many for the few seats they have in the departure lounge. Moreover, there is almost nothing you can do. There is an overpriced restaurant a an equally pricey souvenir shop. You cannot look onto the apron as all windows have frosted glass. In short, there is quite a lot to improve at Rimini airport.




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