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Shanghai PuDong Airport Passenger Reviews and Airport Traveller Reports


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SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review : 1 May 2009 : by Richard Dalgleish

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

A great airport. Modern, clean, efficient and pleasant with fast immigration, security and great check in. The only flaw id the business lounge. Too crowded (why could they not open another of the many they have) and a "give me your voucher and sit down" welcome. Not great but the rest is good.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review : 24 April 2009 : by Vincent Yong

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

This airport is very clean and I like the modern design of this airport but the staff are rude. The terminals are full of great shops and full of delicious food. Pudong International is a great airport but it is just not that good to be a five star airport, if only the staff were a bit more helpful and friendly.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review : 25 January 2009 : by Leo Enticknap

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

A squeaky clean and modern airport, with quick and efficient immigration and departure checks manned by helpful and courteous staff. I only have two grouses. Firstly, as others point out, the Maglev takes you to Longyang Road, which is out in the suburbs of Shanghai and the best part of an hour by Metro or taxi from the city centre. That having been said, the taxis are ridiculously cheap by western standards (about the equivalent of UKP5 from Longyang Road to Yanchang Road in the old city, about a 40-minute ride). Secondly, the check-in desk for my return flight didn't open until two hours before departure time, and although the airside lounge has a good range of shops and eateries, there's not much on the landside. So if you plan for contingencies and aim to arrive a good few hours before your flight leaves, you could face a long wait before being able to check in and go through security.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review : 19 January 2009 : by A Scott

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Arrival was very slick - immigration staff were fast and passengers were directed to stand in small queues in front of the desks to avoid any dawdling. You can even vote on how you thought the immigration officer performed with an electronic keypad - customer service is part of their job. Baggage reclaim was also quick to start up after the flight arrived. Getting close to the heart of Shanghai is best done with the maglev train - it takes about 7.5 minutes to get to a no-man's land from which you will need a taxi. Departure is also a pleasant experience. Fast check-in, quick x-ray and security and very pleasant immigration. the lady even wished me a pleasant trip with a smile!

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review : 6 November 2008 : by J Bailey

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Well connected via the Maglev (but this sort of ends in a weird place in Shanghai and will be great when it goes all the way). The alternative taxi journey is 35-40 mins minimum in Chinese traffic (always a challenge). I have been here 3 times and found it to be a very good airport in all regards. It is prone to fog however, so be warned.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review : 1 October 2008 : by Michael Pohl

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

The new terminal is great - spacious, fast immigration, no hold-up at customs. The signposting to the Maglev train is confusing though. Reaching the Maglev terminal downtown, I had a taxi driver who claimed he did not know where Minshen Rd in Pudong is located, nor did he know the Crowne Plaza hotel - all details were given to him in Chinese writing.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review : 2 August 2008 : by C Barkei

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

T2 has improved - very light and spacious. Best if arriving to travel by booked driver or by Maglev. All arrivals now have bags X-ray as part of the customs procedure - an innovation as T1 bags are normally not screened. We came off UA from San Francisco at 5.30pm and were home in Puxi at 7pm - so really not a bad experience at all - compare that with Heathrow Terminal 1,2,3 or 4.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review : 5 July 2008 : by D Holmes

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

First time though Shanghai Pudong, flying with Singapore Airlines, into and out of terminal 2. First impressions were of a very modern, well constructed airport, with little in the way of long queues. Check in was very quick, with only one person in front of us. Security/Immigration only took 5 minutes to get through both ways. Star Alliance business class lounge was pleasant enough, though the food choices were a little limited. Shops plentiful but expensive, overall there was no impression of being busy or overcrowded. English was well spoken and understood by the staff I encountered.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review : 17 June 2008 : by L Hoon

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I fly in and out of Shanghai Pudong 2 or 3 times a month. The new T2 is a significant improvement on the old T1. It's the same layout i.e. one long terminal, but there are now plenty of food outlets that cater both for local and international tastes. Queues for immigration are much reduced, both on arrival and exit. Carpets have been used to give a warmer ambience, and it works. Mezzanine floors have been used for airline lounges, which makes good use of space. And the lounges are excellent thanks to the increased space. My main grouse is the X-ray screening of arriving passengers' baggage, which produces long queues on and off.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review : 5 May 2008 : by Mark Bickerton

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

T2 departure Emirates. Arrived rather early so had a lovely meal in the restaurant on the first floor. The airport is huge and at the time I was there fairly empty which accentuated the feeling of space and calm. Queues for checkin, even for First and Business, were awful- about 25 minutes- and nobody seemed to be in charge. I was annoyed because I had only hand luggage and had checked in online but still had to queue. Immigration etc very fast and friendly. Business class lounge (not dedicated) was not great- just a few reasonable chairs on a terrace with a small selection of food

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review : 29 April 2008 : by John Kou

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Arrived at T1 from Hong Kong. I was expecting long lines for immigration but they were short. Baggage came out quickly and the bathrooms spotless. During the return flight back to Hong Kong, check-in was quick along with immigration. There were many shops selling traditional Chinese goods - a great airport but far from the likes of Hong Kong.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Nick Fortuna

15 April 2008 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Arrived at PVG from HKG. Bussed from Aircraft, a reasonable walk to the immigration desks and at bag claim within 10 minutes of touchdown. China has done away with the three immigration/customs/health forms - now there is only one in two portions, one for arrival and the rest for departure. Sensible! Bags appeared promptly and I was on the Maglev in another 10 minutes. The return portion was just as uneventful. Found Dragonair check-in, headed through a somewhat longer immigration and security queue and found the gate, but not the lounge. Some better signposting needed. The boarding procedure was chaotic, with an Air France 777 and the Dragonair A-330 both departing from adjacent gates. In Shanghai, that requires you to descent an escalator. This time, around 400 people trying to do that and the hapless gate agents were struggling in vain to keep Paris and Hong Kong queues separate. Messy. Otherwise a pleasant airport, but why they painted that high ceiling a royal blue is a mystery to me. 5-star arrival, 3-star return.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by B Holness

12 March 2008 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

T2 is a similar layout to T1 but on a grander scale. There are toilets on both levels (hooray) and large areas for waiting by the check-in desks etc. However they have messed up a bit by putting the main departures board directly in front of one of the entrance doors. This will cause no end of crowding around that particular entrance as everyone scrambles to find their flight. The building itself is extremely impressive.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by D Pang

28 February 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Arriving And Departing from Pudong wasn't so bad. On my flight SYD-PVG arrived at about 2040 - I expected long queues and slow service. Came off my flight, walked a fair bit between the gate and customs, though you could just stand on the travelator. They collect your quarantine paper (with no queue or any questions). Holding a foreign passport turned out to be a good thing. Lines were short compared to the lines for PRC passport holders. Customs smooth. Give them your passport, they look at you once, stamp and off you go. No questions. Baggage came out quick, no x-rays or declaration. I expected something like half an hour just to get out of the airport. Instead it took me 40 minutes from the plane to the hotel. The change between Maglev and metro was a small hassle, but I guess its about 100 times better than enjoying the night suburban scenery in traffic jam while the meter ticks away. The departure from PVG was also quick and easy, although boarding was the normal push shove. Metro Line 1 and Line 2 transfer got easier as the People's Square Station was renovated and all those shops were cleared out of the way. Departures what you expect from any airport, if you dont have a delay.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Sam Eades

25 February 2008   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Arrived into Pu Dong at about 2145 from Singapore. Customs was a breeze, they barely glanced at my passport and visa. The airport seems tired and depressing. Apart from the signage, there is nothing to indicate that you are in China, no decorations or travel posters. The 1970s decor doesn't add much to the airport and there seem to be huge distances between arrival gate and exiting the airport.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Jasper Greveling

7 February 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

On my flight from AMS to AKL I had a stopover at Pudong airport. I expected a real interrogation in China but nothing could be further from the truth. From deplaning to standing outside the airport took no longer then 20 minutes. The airport itself looks a bit depressing and chaotic. Getting out of China is actually more of a hassle. They checked our passport and boarding card 3 times at the gate! And the duty free the prices are in the local currency, a girl from the store who I asked smiled friendly but could actually only say sorry in English. Took three employees and ten minutes to figure the prices out. But it still better than the USA airports I visited.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by S Bao

21 January 2008   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

If you hold a foreign passport, the lines move pretty quickly. Although some lines lead to two immigration officers, and it's hard sometimes to spot the second one. Once you clear customs, it's like walking in downtown Shanghai where so many people are walking back and forth, and many are holding up different signs, waiting for arriving passengers! Information Service Booth clerk not very helpful. As for departing from Pudong, there are no self-check in systems (I was flying UA to Chicago), and economy line-up is SO long, and many people didn't realize they had to fill in departure cards to be given to Immigration and Customs. After passing through security check, there are some shops/restaurants, but look closely: many of them are exactly the same (they just have multiple store fronts through out the waiting area). No fast food places, only expensive oriental cuisine. Whoever designed this airport must have some kind of weird imagination, because who would ever put washrooms at a level below the waiting area? The washrooms were pretty clean. I just hope the T2 that is scheduled to open in March 2008 is going to be much more user friendly than the current T1.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by C Waugh

22 June 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

As a frequent traveller to PVG over the past few years, I have seen a marked improvement in the airport. If you are a frequent traveller anywhere in the world, you have to deal with the inevitable delays, misunderstandings and hassles if you wish to retain some sanity! I can find something negative to say about virtually every airport. While PVG presents a rather unfriendly and unwelcoming countenance, there are worse airports in the world. Signs and staff attitudes have seemingly improved and even the dreaded immigration counters seem to move slightly faster these days (although long delays are often encountered at peak times). Facilities are not PVG's strongpoint, with shopping being very basic (limited and expensive souvenir shops), few restaurants of average quality, baggage retrieval inconsistent, and many business class lounges of a fair to poor quality. I agree with some other comments in that it is often nicer to sit in the main terminal area where it is relatively spacious and open than to go to a stuffy, small, dim, overcrowded lounge (although the Dragonair lounge is not too bad). Flight delays are quite common, especially to destinations such as Hong Kong, with a somewhat predictable trend being that the later in the day you depart, the more likely you will be delayed - I am still very pleasantly surprised when the late afternoon or evening Dragonair flights to HK are actually on time! The requirement to complete the customs form and the departure form is not very clear if you are a first time visitor and although forms are now well distributed, better information on documentation could definitely be provided. The overall design of the airport is very simple (basically one long rectangle!), leading to long walks at times, which can be frustrating. Overall though, I think one just has to maintain the a realistic perspective and make allowances for the potential for delays both at the airport and getting to/from the airport. Many people have already pointed out that while the maglev itself may be fast, getting to and from the maglev is time consuming. Driving to/from the airport may take anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes or more from Shanghai depending upon the traffic. PVG is not the best or friendliest, but it is certainly far from the worst!

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Michael Fenn

6 June 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

I was not looking forward to anticipated long waits at immigration, baggage collection etc. However, I arrived at 15.00 hrs on 22 May on flight EK 302 and was on my way to my hotel in a car at 15.40hrs. It was the smoothest disembarkation and immigration process I have ever been through, the luggage was on the carousel by the time I reached it. The return journey through the airport was stress free, it may have had something to do with the time of the flight EK 303 at 23.30 but the crowd free airport was a pleasure to walk around and relax.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Gordon Hwang

20 April 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Here's a tip for going through immigration at PVG. Some of the queues feed to one agent, while other lines feed into two agents. The latter moves faster. For example, the line at the far left tends to move faster because it goes to two counters. The problem with this is that since you are in China, the queues tend to be a mess, and you may find yourself being squeezed in another direction.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Frank Luppino
20 April 2007

I fly into Pudong once a month. I agree timing is everything - morning until 3pm is the time to arrive. After that lines are long. Departure can be an adventure, but if you plan accordingly (even international economy) is not terrible. Domestic travel from PVG to me is simple. Same as SHA and if you have to transfer just take a taxi

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Michael Stamm
26 March 2007

Took taxi from Pudong hotel (Shangri-La) to the Maglev train and enjoyed the seven-minute ride to the airport. A novelty at best since it is a long walk from the airport Maglev station to the check in area at the airport. Long lines at economy class check in for AA flight to ORD. Confusing and inefficient security process. Once past security, there are very few food choices especially if you want to buy something to eat on board the flight. The airport itself is beautifully designed but lacks the typical international signage to help non-Chinese travelers find there way around. A far cry from the efficiencies of HKG.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Peter Johnson
13 February 2007

I have to agree with the other comments on here that depending on your arrival time and I have arrived at various times of the day, it can be a long and slow wait. But as for the cleanliness of the toilet facilities I will bluntly disagree with all the comments on here I found the toilets to be unclean and smell. With a lack of comsumables I find it amazing that in this day and age and Shanghai being such a modern city that it's main gateway can not be up to international cleaning standards.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Colin Lusty
29 January 2007

Arriving in Pudong is all about timing - I arrived inPudong recently from Singapore at 06:15 am and was through immigration, got my bags, through customs picked up my driver and in my hotel room on the other side of town (near Hongqaio airport) by 07:45 am. But if you arrive late afternoon or at night forget it - you are there for hours. Similarly if you are departing First or Business class takes no time at all but if you're flying economy to check in takes hours. Business or First check in staff would rather die than check in an economy class passenger. This is also the same at Hongqaio airport.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Abdul Hameed Malik
26 January 2007

Arriving at Pudong airport is quite easy, on domestic flight but reaching Maglev is an adventure especially when you have lot of luggage. Otherwise you reach city centre in few minutes. Departing from Pudong airport is also easy. Lot of counters for check in passengers. Flight info well displayed. Seating and waiting area sufficient. Toilets were clean and tissue and dryer were available. Well maintained and clean airport but there was only one money changer who was charging 50 RMB on each transaction so spend all RMBs in city. Language is not a problem. Shops full of souvenirs and toys but the prices were high. All sorts of food was available. Some of the gates were left open and you can enter and leave as you like and can get access to even security areas (they should think of it).

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Jason Yau
26 January 2007

I have been to Pudong Airport twice in the last year. the first time was when I was flying to HKG from YVR on MU and had to transfer in PVG. I was surprised how far I had to travel from the gate to the transfer counter since PVG is MU home base. Thank goodness for the moving walkways. MU groundstaff at the transfer counter were courteous and helpful in assisting me. As were the customs staff when we had to pass security. Although washrooms were clearly marked and locations were adequate, I didnt appreciate having to either go down stairs or take the lift to access them - nor the fact the smoking lounges were located next to them. The second time using Pudong I found taking the Maglev enjoyable although accessing the Station in Pudong is annoying having to take the subway first to LongYang. Signage in the airport was not as visible or as well marked as HKG. However I had no complaints with the shops or services offered at PVG.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Frank Winter
27 December 2006

Totally agree with Martin Fuller. Shanghai flights (especially arrivals, esp from Hong Kong) are very often delayed (average 1 hour, often 2-4 hours) as the airport is already way above it's maximum capacity. So you should not arrange meetings on a tight schedule after your scheduled arrival or you will get into huge trouble. Immigration takes quite long, connection to the Maglev is very bad (walk for 20 minutes, exit station is in the middle of nowhere and you are still on Pudong side), taxis sometimes hard to get, no subway connection to the city. English levels very poor. Baggage handling also substandard (only upside: once you have finally made it through customs, your luggage is likely waiting for you). I would place Pudong Airport in the same league as Manila. It is very far away from top Asian airports such as Hong Kong, Singapore, KL. Unfortunately you have to use it when going to Shanghai but be prepared.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Martin Fuller
20 November 2006

Given Shanghai's status as the most modern city in Asia, and one of the leading cities in the world, the airport, is one of the worst big city airports in the world. Like myself, I arrive here either from Hong kong, Singapore or Beijing, and compared to those, its in the 5th league . Wait times for customs is atrocious and then if you are unlucky enough to have arrived at a busy time, you will wait a long time for a taxi as well. The last time I went thru was 2 weeks ago; door to door from Hong Kong - 7 hours! This included 80mins wait for customs clearance, 65 minutes for baggage claim (amazing, took 145 minutes to get baggage from aircraft onto the belt!) 70 minutes for taxi! In comparison, going the other way, took 3.45 hours! Why the bosses of Shanghai put up with it is another story as they all pass thru VIP so are probably detached in their thinking about it. Other than wait times, the architecture is rather cold, the masonry is falling off at the toilets and corners, needs painting, needs to have a major make over.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by David Peachey
9 November 2006

Shanghai pudong, a modern busy airport seemingly well run. It is clean & kept clean by a small army of cleaners. The toilets are good as well as clean. The only fault I can find with the whole airport is the ridiculously slow Immigration procedure when you arrive, we had to queue for 75 minutes before being processed. The only redeeming thing is that when you get to baggage collection your cases are ready & waiting for you.

SHANGHAI PUDONG AIRPORT customer review by Pauline Giles
27 October 2006

Passed through with no problems, we were labelled and led very efficiently, it is an enormous airport, but I didn't find the distances too problematical. The lack of English is something that I think they are trying to get to grips with. At least there were some restaurants where we could eat (quite cheaply) our flight was delayed by about 2.5hrs but we were kept informed by a notice board. I suppose if there was a serious delay then communication could be problematical.


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