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PRESTWICK AIRPORT customer review :  20 September 2014 by Paul Cox    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





Flew yesterday Prestwick to Dublin to catch connecting Aer Lingus flight to my home airport, Southend. A really pleasant experience starting with the half-price train journey from Glasgow Central. Yes, the terminal is a bit 1970's but it is clean and spacious. Food and coffee in departures were fine. Security and boarding were completely hassle free and staff were very friendly.

PRESTWICK AIRPORT customer review :  29 June 2012 by Peter Loni    (UK)

Rating : 1/10





What a dump. You get soaked boarding and disembarking from your flight. Long waits in freezing cold sheds to board the aircraft. It would appear that staff have been specially trained to be rude and off hand. If you have a choice give this place a miss.

Prestwick Airport customer review :  19 September 2011 by David Cochran   (UK)

Customer Rating :  1/5

1 Star Rating   






Seven years from my last review of this airport. During that time it seemed to improve slightly before descending into the pit once more. However a lot of the things are less to do with the airport than ludicrous security and baggage rules enforced with a gusto that would make any jobs worth proud. They just don't seem to get the fact that at some point the customer just goes elsewhere. Car access is inconvenient and car parking is expensive, to the point of robbery given land prices, and badly laid out. Food and drink in all parts of the airport are substandard and expensive. The airport is grubby and the long walk, with steps, to the plane inconvenient and looks like it was knocked together from left over porta-cabins. The only good thing about it is the train link but of course that is not synchronised to accommodate late or early flights. Returning to it is just as bad with the needless UK border control getting in everyone's way. I wonder how many people they have actually caught in return for holding everyone up. We are on an internal European flight. A new ploy seems to be to x-ray baggage at customs, clearly more about confiscating some duty free than a security measure. All in all a grubby little airport with the same one sales point of many complacent airports, and that is a lack of competition.

Prestwick Airport customer review :  9 September 2011 by M Leitch   (UK)

Customer Rating :  1/5

1 Star Rating   






A return flight on business to Riga. A big sign at a cafe in departures offering "breakfast and a pint for 8.99" sums it all up. The airport is shabby, offers few facilities and quite frankly should be avoided at all costs. I'd rather pay to fly from Edinburgh.

Prestwick Airport customer review : 11 August 2010 by Barry Byrne

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Some good and bad features of this airport. Firstly it has very little traffic and is not crowded, with reasonable facilities in terms of bars, food service, newsagents etc. The services landside are more or less replicated airside, with an oversized duty free. Given that most flights from here are intra-EU, this is of limited interest to most passengers. Rail access is close by, it could do with more prominent signs about train departure times and better sign to say you pay on the train, there are no ticket sales at the station. Downsides are the very dreary waiting area airside, which has no exterior windows at all. You cannot tell if an aircraft has arrived, what the weather is like or just kill time looking out the window. There are no windows. There is a very long line of check in desks, but as Ryanair is, with the rarer Wizzair, the only scheduled operator, and as FR require you to check in on line, these serve no purpose. Very strange procedure used for checking boarding passes - up at the top of a set of stairs - trips and falls possible, as the Ryanair surge is suddenly halted to have papers checked. Not the worst of places, provided your flight is not delayed - you really are in the hands of the screens here, you will see nothing airside.

Prestwick Airport customer review : 14 June 2009 by Luke Addis

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

For the first couple of years of using this low cost airport, it was a great experience. Very cheap and convenient train link, nice friendly staff and quick security due to small nature of people passing through. However, this has al changed. The cutbacks are in place, and showing. My last visit had very tedious queues at security. Bags are put aside with gay abandon, but limited staff mean they are not checked for some while. They point blank refuse to open both security points regardless of the fact that almost all passengers for each flight arrive around an hour before. If you finally get past security, its all getting a bit shabby. No windows mean it is claustrophobic, and a bar full of beer louts is the most prominent feature. Staff insist in letting passengers though into boarding, but leave them waiting in a grotty corridor for ages, every single time! Arrival is quick, easy and efficient. 50 percent off railtravel with your ticket too. Prestwick needs to pull its finger out, it is a fast deteriorating airport.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by J Bradley

6 January 2009   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Over the last couple of years the standards at Prestwick seem to have fallen to match those of the major no frills airline which supplies it with most of its business. From its shabby toilet facilities with cracked wash hand basins, broken taps and peeling wall paint to the surly and rude security staff we encountered, it provided a totally disappointing travel experience. On arrival at the airport we had to negotiate a ridiculously awkward pair of wooden swing doors at the entrance as none of the automatic doors appeared to be in working order. On to security who seemed genuinely annoyed that people were getting around the one small carry on bag rule by cramming hand bags etc into other bags or more ludicrously as the guy in front of me did by wearing three jackets. It is the only airport I have been through in the last 6 months which applies such a policy. The departure lounge was crammed with people and appears unable to cope with boarding more than one flight at a time. Their attempt to board three flights simultaneously when we were there descended into farce with people struggling to even reach the queue for their departure gate due to the crowds and confusion. My advice would be to stay landside as long as possible, the dining and drinking area there is much more spacious and comfortable. In the years immediately following its revival Prestwick was a good airport and did what it did, well. Whilst it may be content now to cater only to budget and seasonal charter airline business, it should at least make an attempt to present itself as a reasonably comfortable place to spend a couple of hours rather than just a soul-less transit station

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by A Henderson

10 December 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Prestwick Airport is a vital part not only of the holiday/business travel in Scotland but also of employment in the area. Why are we complaining about the flight times /train bus links etc. They are no better from/to Glasgow Airport - in fact Glasgow does not have a train link that you can WALK to in less than 5 mins - it's a bus to Paisley. The restrictions to parking commented on by one reviewer are due to security - nothing to do with wanting more cash for parking - its the same at Glasgow now. Prestwick has all you could want from an airport - somewhere to eat - the food in the restaurant before you go to departures is fine and not too expensive for an airport. You then walk all of 30 steps to the departures which have never at any time I have been there been queued. Small duty free but there isn't many places in Europe you can actually benefit from duty free now. Plenty to eat and drink in departures and even an outside smoking area for those who indulge. It doesn't have the buzz of Glasgow but then again who needs buzz.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by M Allan

3 April 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

The best parts of PIK is the train station and the fact its half price train fare from anywhere in scotland, and its a covered walkway straight to check in. Check in was speedy, but only one security lane open? Causes panic when they start announcing boarding of your flight. Departure lounge small.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by Ann McLaren

7 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Prestwick Airport is a gem. I am biased as I live 15 mins away and use this airport for the majority of my european business travel. Please stay small as it is so easy to get in and out of the terminal and the car park!

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by Alan McLaughlin

12 June 2006

I find the comments about Prestwick being to the detriment to the west of Scotland absurd. Without the low cost links to France, Spain, Italy etc, I and many other businesses just would not be able operate on the continent. Glasgow (GLW) is hardly losing long haul business when companies such as Continental, American, Air Canada and Emirates to name a few have international operations there (no British Airways?). Prestwick was ignored for decades by the major UK carriers so well done Ryanair for rejuvenating it! The airport is now well serviced by road, rail and bus links and provides reasonable facilities for budget travel. However, The current owners need to start showing some improvement in the infrastructure for their extra income. My pet hate about Prestwick: What idiot thought of closing two of three lanes to traffic in front of the terminal and banning drop-offs / pick ups? Presumably this was done to increase car park revenue but has only served to create needless traffic jams at peak times. Second irritation is how ground staff do not enforce the sequenced numbered boarding procedure. Just plain laziness and Ryanair ought to have a word with them.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by J Halliday

30 March 2006

Could not disagree with J Taylor's Comments more. Prestwick has been around a lot longer than the 50's. It first opened in 1935. The renovated terminal opened in 1964, 1959 / 1960 the apron was renovated for the jet age. The airport has a much larger apron than glasgow, and the airport diverts cargo usage away from the BAA airports freeing up slots for us to use for commercial transports. The landing charges are much cheaper than those at Glasgow and Edinburgh which is why Ryanair chose to operate from there.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by Scott Brady

6 February 2006

A major plus at Prestwick is the fast, half-price train link to Glasgow (45min), where you can also change for Edinburgh (+1h45m, or +1h15 if you're quick). For the early morning/late night bus to/from the airport, see the airport's website.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by J Taylor

17 January 2006

Most of the comments are correct in that Prestwick only survives to the detriment of the west of Scotland, because Ryanair use it. Ryanair insisted on calling it "Glasgow", although in typical Ryanair speak that city is 30 miles away. And being a 50's airport is sadly lacking in most modern passenger handling arrangements, but thats Ryanair too. Their bucket seat operation deprives the true Glasgow Airport of the short haul international services which also offered through links to and from more distant areas not served direct from GLA. Examples, Lufthansa, Air France, Sabena once operated giving links worlwide. They or another carrier still operate to other Scottish Airports. Edinburgh Airport illustrates the damage Prestwick and Ryanair operation is causing to the true expansion of international routes at Glasgow with a steady influx of short haul flights to Switzerland, Germany Russia etc. As a consequence Edinburgh is now starting to attract some long haul international airlines, Delta, Continental plus long haul charter, previously the role of Glasgow. With a population base of 2.3 million in the west and 0.8 in the east the west cannot operate successfully with two such mismatched airports.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by Mike Hunter

10 November 2005

Flying recently Prestwick-Pisa, we found the only flight leaves at about 7am so the half-price train service isn't much use. There is apparently a bus leaving Edinburgh Waverley at 300am to meet this flight, but it isn't well advertised, and we would have had to get up at 2am, or probably never go to bed. We paid 45 for 12 days parking.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by David Cochran

19 August 2005

It is a pity this airport has managed to survive. It is located in the wrong place. Oh for the days when cheap flights from GO to Italy were possible using Glasgow Airport. The links to Glasgow could be good if there was an integrated transport policy. I wonder if John Prescott or Tony Blair ever find themselves just missing the last train ? What is the point in the last train leaving just before the last planes arrive. The food and drink are poor value. The extra charge for a bottomless coke seems good at first sight, but once you taste the coke you will understand why they will let you refill it as often as you want. One glass is all you will ever drink !

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by Charles Scott

15 February 2005

Having just used PIK the checkin desks and area are been modernised which means that 70 pc of the checkin desks are behind a wooden fence leaving 4 desks to checkin the flights resulting in a rather crowded area at times this is due to continue until april. This also means that the escalator from the railway overbridge is also fenced off, you have to follow a corrider above

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by N Fotheringill

11 June 2004

Prestwick is my 'local' airport and I use it more than any other. The terminal building was built in the sixties and remained chronically underused for many years. Government interference stated that all of Scotland's transatlantic flights should land at Prestwick and, not surprisingly, few airlines took them up on the offer. This restriction was removed in the early nineties and it seemed as though Prestwick might be closed for ever. However, with new owners touting for buisness, Ryanair entered the scene and the airport has not looked back. Plenty of money has been spent in making the airport a viable alternative to the much more handily placed Glasgow International. Firstly, a rail station was built on site giving passengers two trains to central Glasgow per hour. Car parks were expanded whilst internally a number of changes were made. Overall, though, the terminal is showing its age and such things as check-in have a distinctly low-tech feel to them. However, the staff are courteous and the queues move quickly. Groundside catering has improved lately though the grandly named 'Graceland' bar (Prestwick is the only place in Britain where Elvis Presley is known to have set foot) has gone. Airside is an odd experience. You a channeled through the duty free shop (everything except booze and tobacco available to all passengers) to the waiting area which is below the level of the aircraft stands. It can get a bit crowded in here and very messy if a number of flights are scheduled at the same time. As most flights are with Ryanair, the rush for unreserved seating leads to long queues through the one door that leads to the aircraft gates. Ryanair are supposed to have a priority system for boarding but no one pays the slightest bit of notice to it. Once through the door you walk to the appropriate gate underground, emerging up the stairs on the tarmac for a short walk to the aircraft. On your return another walk brings you to the bagage reclaim which can be either very quick indeed or annoyingly slow depending on your luck. The worst part of the experience is paying the car parking fees which are huge. Book in advance if you can or better still use the train. Overall, though, Prestwick is not a bad airport to use and access will be much better next year when the road to Glasgow is upgraded to motorway standard.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by Stuart Innes

11 June 2004

Glasgow Prestwick is an excellent asset to the city of Glasgow, mainly due to the expansion of Ryanair European flights at the airport, train links to downtown Glasgow are good and quick. The airport offers good opportunity for scottish travellers to enjoy cheap city breaks and also brings more visitors to Glasgow from overseas.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by Alan McVittie

27 May 2004

The airport is very small, three flights at check-in and the place becomes really crowded. Doesn't have the same choice as Glasgow and Edinburgh but for budget airlines is a gem.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by John Crockett

20 February 2004

I have recently used the much underused and underated other International Airport of Glasgow at Prestwick. Although the airport is about 30miles from Glasgow the access is trouble free and reliable in the form of a train service and motorway both leading to Glasgow. It may be a bit of extra hassle getting to airport but while other airports may be suffering ice and snow it is a good bet that the runway at Prestwick will be open due to it's mild micro climate. The airport is mainly used by Ryanair and charter aircraft. The airport is under private ownership and not BAA like most other UK airports. The interior of the airport is old but it is efficient, no crowds and every process from checking in to boarding is hassle free. There are bars and restaurants and even an observation balcony. All in all quite pleasant and much under utilsed by the major carriers.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport review by Kevin Steele

19 February 2004

Presently enjoying a renaissance thanks to the Ryanair revolution, Prestwick has become the rising star of Scotland's four major airports. When it was cast off by the British Airports Authority in 1991 following the big airlines' moving their transatlantic traffic to the more convenient pastures of Glasgow Intl. (GLA), Prestwick looked down and out. Today the airport is thriving thanks to its new found status as Glasgow's low cost hub. Prestwick is located 32 miles to the south west of Glasgow city centre, and the good news is that there is a half-hourly train service which gets you there in about 40 minutes. Flash your ticket/itinerary at the ticket office and you will get half price rail travel to /from the airport's own railway station, free rail travel to anywhere in Scotland during the first 6 months of a new route. Road links aren't very good, as the airport is accessed via the notorious A77 to southern Glasgow, although the road is at present being converted to motorway standard. What about the airport itself? Well the bad news is that not much has been invested in the 1964 vintage terminal building since the BAA sell-off. You board the plane from the tarmac - no fancy walkways here! There have been various tweaks over the years, but overall the place is in need of a serious revamp. The good news is that things are slowly improving with new restaurants and bars being put in the main concourse, but the airside shops and duty free are primitive. You won't complain at the prices though - although the food and drink is slightly dearer in the airport norm, it's not exorbitant either. This is a nice airport overall, and the choice of scheduled Ryanair flights direct rail link are without a doubt its biggest assets.




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