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PORT MORESBY AIRPORT customer review :  10 October 2013 by N Vivili    (New Zealand)

Rating : 6/10





I find that boarding and getting out of the plane is quite fast. However if you're travelling Virgin Australia, their planes do not connect to the gate, so you'll have to come out and walk to the terminal. As off 25th September 2013 - all tourist visas are now free. Passport queues always take a long time and it gets stuffy. I arrived on 26th, to find out that I now have an extra K100 in my pocket. There is a BSP Bank branch by the carousel but also inside the general terminal area. I carry around my digicel simcard with me, so I buy phone credit as soon as I walk out with my bags. You don't have to go and wait outside, as there are people around. I feel safer waiting inside, and looking out the window for my pick up to arrive.

PORT MORESBY AIRPORT review : 14 January 2010 : by K Joseph

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Arriving late at night from Brisbane on a delayed flight, we were quickly off the plane and through customs, without a long delay for baggage - but remember PGK100 for a visitors visa! Security is fairly tight due to the general problems of PNG, and only passengers with tickets are allowed into the terminals. The domestic terminal is somewhat more crowded and more confusing, with limited facilities, but is relatively clean. Returning from outside POM, you may well find that there is no international baggage transfer - you need to walk the three hundred or so metres between the terminals with your baggage - but it is a covered walkway with lots of security staff everywhere. After check-in, there is then a wait (with few available chairs) until customs is opened, about an hour before the flight. Once through, things go fairly smoothly, though there is not much airside apart from the small Air Niugini lounge which is pleasant enough. For the size of Port Moresby, a reasonable enough experience, though more seating would be good.

PORT MORESBY AIRPORT review : 17 July 2009 : by Steve Conroy

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

The arrivals hall at the international terminal is clean and tidy, but does not cope well with any more than 2 large aircraft arriving at the same time. It can take over an hour to clear customs, and there is only one baggage conveyor. The only ATM is after passport control, and you will need PGK500 if you wish to purchase a visa - so it pays to have your currency ready before you depart for POM. The departure lounge is also very clean and tidy, and customs and immigration are efficient. However, if you wish to do shopping, there is only one very small duty free shop and an even smaller cafe, after customs and security.

PORT MORESBY AIRPORT review : 3 October 2008 : by D Pomeroy

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Things have improved a little - arrival is chaotic if a large plane (eg 767 from BNE) it took an hour from arrival to leaving. The money exchange was open, you still pay for your visa. Check-in was very efficient . There is still one shop pre customs and some food available afterwards. You do not have to get wet anymore when boarding. Domestic more challenging when checking in. You do walk to the planes although some covered walk ways. Was quick delivering checked bags from internal flight.

Port Moresby Airport by David Marshall

7 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

In reply to Paul Jacobs. This airport hasn't altered since I was there in 1990, then! The only memento I could buy from that little shop was a P.N.G. T shirt.

Port Moresby Airport by Paul Jacobs

3 April 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

From the outside it is a fairly large building as it proves to be in. But there is nothing landside and by this I mean nothing. Just a vast expanse of space. If you are lucky, upstairs the little shop might be open, but not on Sundays. If you feel like a sit down until they eventually open the doors through passport control, forget it. There are 20 chairs! This at an airport that uses a 767 jet (when it's in operation). A single person hosts a desk at passport control and this can be with two or three flights together, so they end up trying to filter passengers by flight numbers causing chaos, so having been in line for an hour you suddenly find you have yo stand aside to let 100 people going to Cairns pass you by. When you have finally got airside there is one tiny little shop offering virtually nothing. You can't have a beer or any hot food at all. To top it all off is when you go to board the plane. Being Port Moresby it is most probably pouring with rain, so running shoes are a must, as airport staff with umbrellas stand and watch while you do a 200 metre dash. Sitting down in an aeroplane for a 6 hour journey to Singapore soaked to the skin, is not much fun at all. Why don't they use the gantries that are there? Amazing




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