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Pune Airport customer review :  19 September 2011 by Rishabh Tatiraju   (India)

Customer Rating :  3/5

3 Star Rating   






Fine and Neat airport. Although International traffic is smooth, domestic passengers have a problem due to over- capacity. Security has been tightened these days. Passenger are requested to check-in 1 hour before their scheduled flight time.

Pune Airport customer review :  20 March 2011 by Sudhir Babu   (India)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






Its very small, yet has international status. It is very far away from the city and but has got ample parking - no public transport from many parts of the city and to add to the woes, it just has got one pre-checkin queue. yet its maintained quite neatly. Very few eateries inside before and after check-in. The only good point is that it has very less traffic, thus enabling a smooth passenger flow even in peak times.

PUNE AIRPORT customer review : 7 September 2010 by Rishad Patell

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Used Pune for a morning 5.55am Indigo flight to Nagpur. Easy check in process for Indigo. The line for security was long as there were 4-5 flight departures at the same time. Waiting lounge adequate and there are food counters open at that time. No aerobridges to the aircraft and had to walk in the rain (Indigo should have provided buses). Small airport but work is being done on expanding it and adding aerobridges so should be better in a while.

PUNE AIRPORT customer review : 1 June 2009 by Karl Moosbrugger

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I found this airport quite confusing the first time on arrival and on a connection flight to Turku (domestic). The second time was much better to/from HEL. Staff were generally very friendly and helpful. On my first visit due to a late arrival of the Easyjet flight from London, I missed the connection flight to Turku and it was easy to arrange for a taxi/transfer service.

Pune Airport by Ravi Mene

6 April 2009   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

We flew in to PNQ by Lufthansa, we had the quickest ever immigration and customs check out ever. Although the airport is small, it scores over Mumbai in saving time if you are visiting Pune. Our return flight was even better, we were impressed by the attentive staff in the Executive lounge, which was a surprise as we had not expected any such facility at this airport, the walk to the plane was the shortest ever and in fact our flight left 30 minutes before ETD. We can certainly recommend this new airport, but just one word of caution our experience was on an international flight at a time when it was the only flight, I wonder how things are during the day peak times when domestic flights cluster?

Pune Airport by S Srinivasan

24 December 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

The one thing that strikes me about this airport is that it's becoming woefully undersized for the amount of traffic coming to the city these days. Getting in the terminal isn't bad, but once inside, the security line snakes almost all the way back to the door (though in fairness, it only took about 15 minutes to clear). Sitting space in the terminal area is also inadequate. My flight was at midday, which you would think is a slow time of day traffic wise, yet the waiting area was overflowing with people, many sitting on the floor in any free space they could find. On the plus side, the trip to the plane from the building is very short, as is the taxi time. One thing to note - unlike at HYD, MAA, or the DEL domestic terminal, the security guard at the terminal door checks your photo ID before allowing you inside the building. Not knowing this, I had to fumble through my bag to get mine and my wife's, which got me a rather unpleasant stare, and what I presume were some choice words in Hindi.

Pune Airport by Ashok Thomas

3 June 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Used PNQ inbound from BLR and then outbound to BOM and DXB via Jet Airways. Pune definitely needs a bigger facility now, with far more flights operating from it than earlier. If more than two flights are departing at the same time, check-in can resemble a rugby scrum. Once through security the departure hall is just rows and rows of seats with nothing much else. The walk to the tarmac (no bus boarding) is very short and the airport ground crew are pretty friendly and accommodating. Arrival is very painless with baggage already on the belt as I arrived from the aircraft - a short walk of a minute or so.

Pune Airport by Karl Moosbrugger

5 March 2006

Travelled through Pune airport (PNQ) thrice in February. Good experience. The airport is very small and the tarmac has space for only 4 aircraft. Despite in massive increase in air travel it's a very efficient and clean airport. Short distances, pleasant staff and the unloading of baggage is so quick that the suitcases were already on the belt in arrival hall when we arrived there, barely 2 mins after leaving the plane. Similar experience upon departure. Airport has one nice restaurant which gets a bit crowded when more than one flight is leaving so I guess at some stage expansion is required.




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