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Pittsburgh Airport
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PITTSBURGH AIRPORT customer review :  16 August 2014 by Winston Mann    (USA)

Rating : 4/10





Overall, PIT is a good airport. Given that it was built for much higher traffic, everything is far under capacity. However, the Delta flight from Paris continues to be very inconvenient and the process of arrival is designed in a very poorly thought out manner; after our first time on this flight, we decided not to do it again but we broke down because there was a rare deal on this route. One would think that PIT's only flight to Europe would be outstanding. It is excellent to CDG. Upon return, one goes through customs and immigration as expected but then stupidity gets inserted into the process. The mammoth design flaw is that one must recheck bags and go through security in order to LEAVE THE AIRPORT. This is standard procedure for connecting flights but not if your final destination is PIT. I have traveled numerous airports on three continents regularly and never seen anything as as poorly designed as this process. Third world countries do better. Imagine you purchased some duty free booze in CDG Paris. You cannot bring them through security and they need to be placed into your baggage. Our first time on this flight, we were not told to put the liquor into our bags. Several people forfeited very expensive wine because they already checked their bags. They do a better job of warning passengers now. Additionally, Delta seems to have some problems with baggage. We rechecked three bags after clearing customs for pickup at the baggage claim so we could leave the airport. One bag arrived fairly promptly, about 20 minutes after checking it. The other two bags showed up more than 45 minutes after the first (so it took an hour). All were deposited on the conveyer belt at the same time. They only had to move the bags from the gate to the "landside terminal". Delta told me that they have three flights arriving very close together and there are only so many baggage handlers. These three flights all came in on schedule. They knew the planes and passengers would arrive - no mystery regarding the required tasks. The international arrival area was designed when security was far more lax than it is now however there are solutions. Why not run buses? European and Asian airports are always loading passengers into buses. Why not move the international gate to the "land side terminal"? It is simply not worth the trouble to get a direct flight. We intend on driving to another airport to do international flights or simply connecting elsewhere in the U.S. to go abroad. Clearly, PIT management and facilities are not competent to handle international flights.

PITTSBURGH AIRPORT customer review :  8 January 2014 by David Sommer    (USA)

Rating : 0/10





I am embarrassed to admit that this is my home town airport. My family flew in and out on Delta's new direct flight to Punta Cana this past week (12/28 - 1/4). Departure was fine but it's pretty hard (without de-icing debacles) to screw up a departure. Our return was another matter. A de-icing debacle caused the flight to Punta that would return us to be delayed, almost two hours. How difficult is it to manage a de-icing operation? Obviously at Greater Pittsburgh it is. Our flight to Pittsburgh was on it's way and accurately tracked by Delta and flight tracker. Greater Pittsburgh should fully have known not only that it was on it's way but when it would land (down to the minute). We land and of course, the gate is not ready. We wait and finally pull up to a gate. Of course, there is no staff to service the plane at the gate, so we wait almost an hour. Finally we depart the plane. Anyone with a connecting flight missed their flight. We go to customs. Two desks were staffed. For almost an hour and a half it takes two desks to process the plane. Stamp the passports. We then go for our bags. And surprise surprise, we wait again. Add another 30 minutes. We then have to re-check our bags for landside baggage claim. Then we have to go baggage claim and wait another hour for our bags. We have now spent more time at the airport than we did flying from Punta Cana to Pittsburgh. Avoid this airport for any international travel.

PITTSBURGH AIRPORT customer review :  13 May 2013 by P Jenkins    (Australia)

Rating : 8/10





Pittsburgh International is a modern, well-kept airport, but it has been sad to its usage steadily decline over the last 15 years or so. The US Airways hub is no longer, and the airport has had a difficult time with the transition. Unfortunately, this has meant plenty of vacant gates and ticket counters. For the passenger, PIT offers free wifi, though the signal is really only active near the Skymall McDonald's right in the centre of the terminal. Security lines are well-organised. While I was joining the line, an employee suggested to a group of us that we use the "special annex screening gate" which had no waiting. That was really good advice which had all of us through and into the secure area in no time. Overall, it is still a clean, comfortable airport. I just really miss the days when so many more people used it on a daily basis.

PITTSBURGH AIRPORT review : 25 November 2009: by Paul Sanford

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

This airport is just sad. It is such a beautiful facility that goes largely unused. Largely abandoned by US Airways, most of the stores close early now so that any travellers coming into the airport in the evening find virtually all food establishments and other retailers closed. Many of the gates have been walled off as not necessary. It's all just very disappointing for the Pittsburgh area.

PITTSBURGH AIRPORT review : 13 October 2008 : by Sri Narayan

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

This airport is well organized. All arrivals and departures come to one common terminal. This has a lot of advantages in terms of dropping / picking up passengers. ANd it is very easy for anyone to find their way in this airport. Plenty of restrooms all over. Food court / shopping is very decent and neatly organized. And help-desks for visitors in airside and landside! You have to take a train between airside and landside. This adds a few minutes to your travel.

Pittsburgh International Airport by Vineet Bapat

18 March 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Agree with all the positive comments - only in transit at Pittsburgh International recently, and found it to be a very pleasnt experience, due in large part to the variety of shops and restaurants. An uncrowded, spacious lay-out adds to the comfort level. Also agree with a previous comment regarding the downside of this airport being the near monopoly of US Airways; a greater presence by competing carriers would be a real plus!

Pittsburgh International Airport by Jim Bowen

21 March 2005

When I compare the Pittsburgh Airport to my most frequented airports, (Denver, Chicago O'Hare, Washington Dulles, Orlando (MCO), LAX) Pittsburgh wins hands down. The airport itself has good signage to get you on and off Route 60. The terminal is also easy to navigate, although the security procedures are more intense than any other major airport that I've seen. Show your boarding pass and ID when you get in the security line. Show your boarding pass and ID before passing through the metal detector. Show your boarding pass and ID AGAIN before leaving the security area and getting on the train to the gates. Once off the train and up the escalators, there is ample shopping and many places to eat. The gates branch off of this main area like spokes on a wheel. There is an added bonus for computer users: FREE wireless internet access is available in the food court area. Get a bite to eat, check your email, catch up on the latest news. Other airports have wireless available but they use clients like T-Mobile or AT&T who charge $9.99 for a couple of hours use. I was able to pick up a mid to low wireless signal while sitting at my gate. Surfing the web made the time go by a lot faster. The major city airports like O'Hare, Dulles and LAX could learn a lot from Pittsburgh Intl.

Pittsburgh Airport by Stephen Mallinger

15 July 2004

I recently was in Pittsburgh and enjoyed the variety of shops but since the airlines have stopped providing meals on many flights there are now long lines at the food stalls. Prices are not outrageous. What was very annoying is the security procedures - the security set up was stricter in Pgh than at Dulles in DC. After check in you have to literally carry your bags over to another area, a complicated and clumsy method. I had to wait in line almost 30 minutes to get through to the gates passed 4 different security checkpoints.

Pittsburgh Airport by Z Flint

18 July 2003

Pittsburgh Intl. is a great airport, especially to spend long lay-overs in. A plethora of of shops and restaurants, and it is easy to see when and where you are going, and the place you are going to. The "local flights" terminal area is nice, with a central area with a few good shops, for the people stocking up on reading material for the last stretch home. I'd suggest Pittsburgh Intl. to any traveler.

Pittsburgh Airport by Mathieu Ahlstrom

21 November 2002

Pittsburgh International set the standard several years ago for airport pricing by stipulating that all retailers charge no more than the prevailing market price within a set radius of the airport. This, combined with an easy-to-navigate 4 spoke gate system and pleasant surroundings makes it a very comfortable and enjoyable departure and transfer point. Up until recently when Detroit unveiled its new facility, Pittsburgh was by far my favorite airport in the US - busy enough to be lively, spacious enough to be comfortable and friendly enough to want to come back. The only downside is the near-monopoly that US Airways has on the airport ... several carriers have tried to break into the market, but given the large amount of employment generated by the airline, true success has yet to be achieved.




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