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Kahului International Airport
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Kahului International Airport customer review :  7 September 2014 by J Cathers    (Canada)

Rating : 1/10





No free internet. Chairs ripping, very dated, carpet and area unclean. Had to wait here 3+ hours, good thing there is a Starbucks, California pizza, and had a good book.

Kahului International Airport customer review :  2 April 2013 by S Koenig    (USA)

Rating : 7/10





Small but decent airport. Baggage area completely open, so anyone could walk off with bags. The airport hotel we stayed at the first night did not send its shuttle bus on a regular schedule, and there were no phones to call hotels, so we asked staff at the information desk if we could use theirs. When checking in to depart, the check-in area was rather chaotic, especially due to those flying out of Hawaii needing to go through agricultural inspection. TSA inspection was normal. Got a decent meal at a sit-down restaurant in the departure area.

Kahului International Airport customer review :  19 February 2011 by S Denny (USA)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






It is easy to navigate, airy and open, staff friendly and helpful. Security was quick and as easy as it gets. There are inter-island connections to the other islands, which was the only advantage HNL once had. If you want to shop, go to one of the stores on Maui, not the airport. As for the shuttle to car rentals, that is so common these days I don't give it a second thought. The wait for rental shuttle is none to minutes.

Kahului International Airport customer review : 2 September 2010 by Steve Conroy

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

An average airport. Queues for immigration are the usual TSA story - too many passengers being screened by understaffed security check points. One large food court provides a choice of 4 restaurants, and the Starbucks does a roaring trade (it's the only decent coffee outlet). The rest of the terminal is spacious and clean.

Kahului International Airport customer review : 4 March 2009 by S Mulvey

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Decent for a smaller airport. After trying to navigate through larger airports for years, I have learned to appreciate smallness in an airport. True, not much selection for shopping but I don't go to an airport to shop. I really love the fact that its easy to get from one part of the terminal to the other. Once you clear customs, you are right on the street where you can easily hail a taxi to take you into town. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for this place.

Kahului Int'l Airport by Neill Bell

8 January 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

The baggage handling here is a joke. Arriving from Denver, Dec 23, we waited for any indication of where the cases would arrive. No details were given. After over an hour, I finally saw our bright green case arrive. The rest of the place is a little tired & not so well laid out but then, it is only really a tourist airport so I suppose it does it's job. Not a shade on HNL mind.

Kahului Int'l Airport by Ron Villagracia

29 January 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

I feel that this airport's biggest drawback is having to take a shuttle to and from a rental car facility down the road. Hilo (which sees less tourist traffic) has on-site car rental and return, why not Kahului? Even at busy Honolulu you can walk from the terminal to most of the rental car offices, though you have to return the car at a facility further away and take a shuttle bus back (or take a long walk across the rental car lots).

Kahului Int'l Airport by W Brummel

4 June 2005

Maybe I caught this airport at its worst, but I'd have to say this was one of my least favorite airport experiences and I travel fairly often for work. Upon our arrival it took 40 minutes to receive our luggage on the baggage carousel with each piece arriving at a snails pace. Actually we were one of the luckier ones as probably half the 200+ passengers on our plane were still waiting when I left and this was in the middle of the day. The open air concept fits here and was a nice change although walking past "smokers row" on the way to your gate may bother some. The restaurants and stores were fine and adequate and since every place in Maui is expensive I thought the prices to be average. And they don't close any earlier here than most airports I've traveled through. The airport employees were friendly and helpful although they did not handle our delayed flight back well at all. There was massive check-in confusion amongst passengers and staff with no attempt by airport staff to inform us as to what was happening. Again we were lucky and because we were early only waited an hour to check-in our bags. I later heard some folks waited in line for 3 hours! Because of the 8 hour long delay, had there been storage lockers for our carry on items we could have left the airport for a while. But we found that lockers were removed... another side affect of 9-11. Absolutely loved Maui.. but not too thrilled with Kahului airport.

Kahului Int'l Airport by Bill Fitzpatrick

5 March 2005

Maui International Airport is one of my favorites, but so is Maui! Curbside unloading is easy, parking is close by, check-in is usually very quick, baggage retrieval is very easy with just a short walk to shuttles and taxi cabs. All of the shuttle buses to the rental car agencies are well marked and easy to locate outside the airport. A better selection of restaurants would be great, especially those that feature Hawaiian cuisine. Employees are always very friendly and willing to help with any question.

Kahului Int'l Airport by N Fitzgearl

25 January 2005

Maui has a very pretty airport, the decor and scenery are just fine. And once you leave, it's very easy to get around the parking or get to downtown Kahului. Problems? The bathrooms seem small and sparse for an international airport and the place seems too spread-out, I had to do a lot more walking than I expected.

Kahului Int'l Airport, Maui by M Devor

22 December 2003

Maui Airport. It is one of my favorites. It has the wonderful Hawaiian/Pacific style of outdoor areas mixed with a modern terminal, good shops, and extremely friendly staff. The check in staff are kind and lines move quickly. Remember, you have the US Agricultural check and then the TSA check, which is a pain. The TSA security staff were too slow and only had 2 security stations open, which is not acceptable. 9/11 has passed long enough that we need to get security clearance up to speed or it will discourage travel. The shops are good although they close too early. There is a bank of flights heading out to the Mainland around 10pm and most of the stores were closed by then. The one airport bar/self-service restaurant is terribly overpriced and the quality is low. With no meals on many US flights now there need to be opportunities to buy food/drinks before flights. It is a great airport. I would love to see a better highway out to West Maui/ Kapalua.





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