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Skavsta Airport
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Stockholm-Skavsta Airport customer review :  8 April 2014 by Krister Eskali    (Sweden)

Rating : 0/10





This is the worst airport I have been to. Not once have I got a smile from the staff in about 100 trips. Security is super slow, queue for 70mins. The "new built terminal" has steps to enter and exit making it very hard for elderly. You even have to pay if you want to stop and drop off a passenger. I have been to lots of airports but this takes the price!

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport customer review :  5 May 2011 by Jose Lopez   (UK)

Customer Rating :  2/5

2 Star Rating   






This airport is nowhere near Stockholm. I was charged 1300SEK (About £110) to get a taxi into central Stockholm as it's 105 kms away. There are no taxis available on the rank outside and calling for one on the phone on the wall took forever, and when they arrive they park up across the road and it's up to you to go and ask each driver and they arrive it they are there for you. The bags did come out very quickly but this is a very small plus considering the distance the airport is from the real Stockholm. I will be flying with SAS next time as I will save a small fortune for getting to and from Stansted and to and from Stockholm airport.

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport review by Nathan Fotheringill

27 March 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

As has been noted, Skavsta Airport is really Nykoping airport under another name but as long as you factor in the 80 minute bus ride into central Stockholm, it is a viable alternative for getting to the Swedish capital. As these 'peripheral' airports go, it isn't that bad. On arrival the bags arrive fairly quickly and it was a short walk to the bus. These run frequently and apparently wait for the incoming flights which is important of you are scheduled to arrive late. Three buses an hour leave Stockholm's central bus station for the journey back to Skavsta. Returning to the airport, check-in is a bit of a slap-dash affair. There are a number of check-in machines which print boarding passes and baggage tags for both Ryanair and Wizzair flights. However, if you have luggage you have to join the bag drop queue which is just about as long as the conventional chaeck-in queue. Most of the machines were unservicable when we arrived anyway. There is catering both landside and airside. Remember that this is Sweden - prices are very steep. There is a small duty free shop and, well, that's about it really. There are five gates, two of which require passing through passport control and are used by flights to the UK. There is nothing the other side apart from a few chairs so you are probably better waiting to go to your gate for as long as you are comfortable in doing so. Overall, it might not win any awards but it does the job.

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport review by R Heelas

20 June 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Nice small airport, but another airport which stretches the truth somewhat in regard to location, not really in or near Stockholm at all. but a 1hour 20minute bus ride or $200 taxi ride will get you to center of town. Flights are quick to load and unload. while checkin is anything but quick. Friendly staff and for its size reasonable shop and cafe

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport review by Paul Jacobsen

13 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Stockholm-Skavsta is a nice regional airport but it is suffering from Ryanair's success. Fortunately my flights usually leave early in the afternoon so that everything is smooth: No queue at security check, the boarding area is nearly empty. However it is quite crowded early morning and evening, with people sitting virtually everywhere. There should be more toilets at the airport : only one toilet landside and one toilet airside!

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport review by Daniel Mori
18 March 2006

Nykoping - now Stockholm Skavsta - is yet another airport that flourished thanks to Ryanair's trendsetting policy of operating from small, peripheral facilities to improve turn around times and reduce airport expenses. It is far, not discouragingly far, from Stockholm. Clean, basic, simple, it really isn't a bad airport. When I was there I noticed a bunch of unattended bags sitting by the toilets for over thirty minutes without anybody worrying about it. Other than that, everything was smooth. The gate area looks just like any other airport where airlines with no seating assignment operate: a lot of people standing for a long time waiting to board and grab the best seats on board. (something they never actually do, always leaving Ryanair's "business class" seats - i.e. the emergency exit rows in the middle of the plane - to the last passengers). The result is a chaotic atmosphere, but that doesn't really affect the performance of the airport.

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport review by Keith Sullivan
30 November 2005

Skavsta airport has made great strides in the last 2 years but if it wants to increase its capacity it has to remedy the free for all at boarding time and get some order of a queuing system to avoid frustration for those who have waited patiently.It would also be nice if the chairs in the cafe could have "silencers " on the legs and so avoid that scraping noise every time they are moved.

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport review by Jon Worth
19 July 2005

Skavsta is a small airport that is getting close to capacity - it is now the regional hub for Ryanair and SweFly, but if you are sensible, it can be a very decent airport to fly to/from. When arriving at Skavsta, make sure you get a seat on the plane at the front or the back, and not in the middle. Steps are almost without exception put at front and back doors of planes. Getting out of the plane quickly means you are among the first to reach the passport controls (very thorough, and hence slow), and bags are normally already waiting on the baggage carousel before most of the passengers are through passport control! Bus tickets for the shuttle to Stockholm can be bought from automatic machines next to the baggage carousels. Use the machines as this saves you time later - buses to Stockholm leave when they are full (as well as according to the timetable). I have saved more than half an hour by using these techniques at Skavsta. For such a small airport, the quality of the cafe is good, and it's close to the check-in desks. It's worth sitting for a coffee to wait for the queues to clear at the check-in desks. Don't always try to check in as soon as you can. The seating areas outside check-in are almost always more empty than the ones inside check-in, especially as many flights are often scheduled for take-off at the same time.

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport review by P Banker

27 August 2004

Skavsta is not really a Sockholm airport It takes 1 hour 20 minutes by bus from the central station in Stockholm which cost around 100sek each way. I found the airport to be confusing even if smallish but that is due to the ongoing reconstruction. There were 3 flights leaving at the same time, with passengers boarding the wrong plane. Big surprise to end up in Hamburg instead of London. Coming back there was a tiresome wait through an understaffed passport control. I would rather use the Arlanda Airport considering the transfer time and wait.

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport review by Max Tanis

28 November 2003

Stockholm-Stavsta Airport is a small airport about one hours drive from Stockholm. It is a regional base for Ryanair and has had to expand rapidly to keep up with increasing traffic although it is a bit of a building site at the moment it is a nice enough place with a few shops ,self service restaurant and a bar .The bus service to Stockholm is timed to meet all Ryanair flights. Check in facilities are good with enough staff to keep queues down to a minimum. This is not a city airport but then neither is Arlanda. The departure lounge is bright and airy ,not enough women's toilets though




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