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Newcastle Airport by Ron West

22 May 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

The terminal has now been renovated, meaning that prices have gone up, for instance, I saved $6 on a tank of petrol by re-fuelling my mid size rental car 10 km before I got to the airport - both airport service stations were charging maximum price, presumably on the assumption that customers had nowhere else to go. There's a Hungry Jack's burger outlet which provides standard fast food fare - probably the best food value in the airport, because their prices are the same as any other Hungry Jack's outlet, and not inflated by the airport location. The "Insomnia" coffee bar was charging between $3.50 and $5 for a long black coffee - not cheap in my opinion. There's a water fountain right next to the entrance to the toilets, so most people would probably pay $3 to a vendor for a bottle, but to be fair - there is a water fountain. The check in desks only specify the airline, and don't have details of flights. So it's possible to wait 20 minutes in line only to be told "We're not checking in that flight yet, come back at 4.40 pm" (but that's after no effort has previously been made to communicate this information to people in the line). The airline makes a lot of fuss about its free wireless hotspots, but I haven't tried it so can't attest to its speed or quality. It's a small country airport, as has been said previously in this forum, so it's a matter of walking on the tarmac out to the aircraft. And I would agree it's reasonably friendly, although after being singled out for an explosives check for the umpteenth time, I'm beginning to wonder what the criteria are for selecting someone for this process. There are no airline lounges but the seats provided are reasonably comfortable and the ambience is OK.

Newcastle Airport by Greg McPherson

19 May 2005   Customer Rating : n/a

Right now (May 2005) it's going through renovations, so the Arrivals are via temporary structures. Departures are functional but very simple. If you are hungry, there's just a small kiosk with sandwiches and pies and soft drinks. If you want a serious meal before leaving then get it elsewhere. It's just a small country airport. Staff are pleasant enough.

Newcastle Airport by Jim Dombrowski

15 December 2003

Small but only a regional airport. Staff are pleasant, as they are in all of Australia, I find. Security a little lax as if they believe nothing could happen in their part of the World. All in all, nice experience, decent little cafe and convenient if you're in the area.




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