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Nimes Airport customer review :  30 October 2012 by J Wallis    (UK)

Rating : 0/10





I've been using Nimes Airport on and off for 12 years, and never found anyone working there particularly friendly or helpful, maybe it's because most of the interior is painted black! During my last visit (26 Oct 2012) I was subject to a new rip off they have devised. They advertise parking deals which have to be purchased in advance, so I asked to buy the 6 month deal for the advertised tariff of 340 euros. The guy took my money, wrote out my receipt and prepared a little plastic 'credit card' for me to use for entry and exit. When I asked why my expiry date was shown as '31st March 2013' he explained that all parking contracts have to start on the first day of the month, so despite the date of purchase being 26th Oct my pass had to start on 1st October. Furthermore, there was an additional 20 euro fee to issue the card! My other memory of Nimes is the airport restaurant. Service there was so sloppy and slow that despite having nearly two hours available, it was never possible to eat all of your rather poor quality overpriced 3 course meal without missing your flight. Other gripes - The little newspaper / book shop closed in 2010 and has only recently reopened, I would say in summary that I only use Nimes Airport if I have to. Nearby Beziers is a much better option if you have a choice.

Nimes Airport by John Barefoot

21 August 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

A very small, quiet airport, and with only a few flights a day, check-in is very quick and hassle- free. Probably one of the easiest airports I have ever used, as long as transport to and from the airport is planned in advance or is directly connected to your flight. Between flights, a great silence descends on the place. In the main hall, there are several car hire desks, one cafe stand (offering good quality hot sandwiches) and a small restaurant upstairs for those needing a traditional large French lunch. There are no shopping opportunities, either in the main hall, or in the departure lounge (a small cafe stand there). The main point is that, because there are so few flights, passengers are easily organised and you are unlikely to spend much time at the airport, and what could be better! When arriving, you need to rent a car, OR pick up the ONE shuttle bus service linked to the flight that will take you into Nimes city, OR have a friend collect you. There is a taxi rank if you need to leave at a time not linked to a flight, but taxis seem very infrequent, we once needed to leave the airport at a time not connected with a flight and waited half an hour for a chance taxi to arrive, as there is so little activity apart from the few flights a day. The rent-a-car car park is directly across the road from the airport main exit, just a few steps. Most customers seem to use Hertz because it is advertised with Ryanair, but there are several other car desks and it would pay to plan ahead and find the best deal regarding rates and maybe avoid the problematic and hefty supplementary insurance fee that Hertz offer unsuspecting customers on arrival. Going back to the airport after a stay in Nimes, there is just one shuttle bus per flight. Don't miss it. There are four points in Nimes city centre where the shuttle can be picked up, and the main hotels have the timetable. The hours on the hotel timetable were slightly different from the times displayed on the bus stop, but the hotel timetable seemed to be the correct one. The time allowed between shuttle arrival at the airport and last check-in time seemed too close for comfort but in fact it was fine, just right, and things work smoothly because there are so few flights. Going back with a hire car, the airport is very close to exit 2 on the A54 autoroute, very easy access. Hertz (and perhaps the other companies) also have a base in Nimes at the railway station where a car can be collected or left as an alternative to the airport.

Nimes Airport by Philip Sudron

19 February 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Nimes is one of the most pleasant airports I've experienced. It's quite small, is a favourable alternative to Montpellier for those of us whose eventual destination is in the Herault area, not least because of its close proximity to the motorway and (current) absence of major roadworks. It is a place to relax and stroll about while waiting to meet incoming friends and carparking is a doddle. The flight to and from Liverpool with Ryanair is direct.

Nimes Airport by John Hartley

2 January 2006

There is also an excellent restaurant on the mezzanine floor, overlooking the runway. It opens at noon, which gives adequate time for a good lunch before the departure of the Luton flight at 1435. Information on bus transportation to (and within) Nimes is at: http://www.tcn.fr

Nimes Airport by Julian Davies

11 March 2005

Great Little Airport easy to find, just off the motorway. Departure Lounge only has seats, toilets & 1 drinks machine but allows own food. Reception is again sparse of amenities but has small cafe. souvenir shop of camargue items at a hefty price. Car park is literally opposite. Disabled passengers have 1 toilet & share toilet with baby changing. No disabled lift to & from aircraft, local fire crew manhandle wheelchairs down stairs - very scary!




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