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Centrair Nagoya Airport
8 out of 10  8 out of 10
16 reviews




CENTRAIR NAGOYA AIRPORT customer review :  10 February 2014 by M Rosener    (USA)

Rating : 7/10





Connected through this airport with Delta. It seems slightly older and smaller than Narita. Passing through security was quick and painless. The place is clean and has an open and bright feeling. There are standard airport shopping opportunities if you are interested. The meal options seemed severely limited, which would be my only real complaint, however I believe it is a large complaint because airplane food is awful.

CENTRAIR NAGOYA AIRPORT customer review :  4 April 2013 by M Mejia    (Philippines)

Rating : 8/10





Good, small airport for a short transit. Not as big as NRT, which makes it not as daunting. Small shopping selection but pretty good food. Efficient staff and quick security measures makes transit quite painless.

CENTRAIR NAGOYA AIRPORT customer review :  28 January 2012 by S Hedden    (USA)

Rating : 8/10





I used Nagoya as a transit airport between Indonesia and USA. Quick arrival procedures. Everything was well signed in Japanese and English. Transfer desk was unmanned, but I bypassed as I already had boarding pass for connecting flight. Security was fast and polite. Terminal was clean and orderly. My flight was delayed by 10 hours. Terminal has high ceilings and big windows looking out over ramp, providing an open feeling. Clean restrooms. Only 1 restaurant which only takes Japanese Yen and a Starbucks, but there are several money exchange booths. I did not find an ATM anywhere. Lots of duty-free and high-end shops but only one very poorly stocked news stand. Free Internet throughout airport, both via wifi and several laptop stations with Ethernet, power plugs, chair, and light. Lots of vending machines throughout but only take Yen.

CENTRAIR NAGOYA AIRPORT customer review : 9 October 2010 by D McKay

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

We flew into Nagoya Airport with the intent of catching the bullet train to Tokyo. Definitely need more english signs in the transportation areas. We went on the train into Nagoya first, went to the front, nice and plenty of seats, lots of smokers though; only to have one of the attendants come by and tell us to move as our tickets were the 'back of the train' areas. Wish we had known what to buy at the counter. By the time we walked all the way back through the moving train with all our luggage, there were no seats so we had to split up. If we had known about the different seating sections, we would have had seats in the beginning. Planning to go to Nagoya again in a few weeks, so know from experience now what to do. Get the day train passes rather than try to figure out the 'yen' for each train ride. Get your yen changed in Japan, not mainland as we know it is very low right now to the US dollar. Other than that, we were a party of 3 and timed our train riding to when it wasn't rush hour.

CENTRAIR NAGOYA AIRPORT customer review : 9 March 2010 by A Hopper

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Nagoya Airport is an impressive building, with a nice selection of shops and restaurants. However be prepared for excessive immigration queues, fairly rude check-in staff and exceptionally brusque (indifferent, at best) customs officers. Perhaps I just passed through on 2 occasions when everyone was having a bad day! Just don't expect much from the staff!

CENTRAIR NAGOYA AIRPORT review : 9 June 2009 : by Andres Rodriguez

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

If you have the benefit of arriving there, you'll be pleased with the smooth flow of passport control and customs. Plenty of staff on hand to assist, even some volunteers to help you when you come out of customs if you don't speak much Japanese. The local impeccable train network is a 5 min walk from customs, where you can connect right into Nagoya city within 30minutes. Departing out of Centrair the fourth floor is full of interesting places to shop and eat. So much space in the airport it's spotless. Skydeck is a treat, and favorite is the sento (Japanese public bath) right up there on the fourth floor.

Nagoya Centrair Airport by Michael Henry

2 July 2008   Customer Rating : n/a

I have been though the new Nagoya Airport a handful of times which took over from the old and tired Komaki airport. Overall it is much better than the old airport, being clean, and relatively spacious. There is a small food court with a limited selection of food (western and Japanese) as well as high brand stores. Staff are very polite and my experience through customs and immigration has been excellent. We did sometimes have to wait a while but we were treated very well by staff, which is a highlight of customer service in Japan. The airport has frequent connections (every 15 mins) to Nagoya city via the dedicated Meitetsu airport train which is wonderful. Cost (one way) for the Limited Express (25 mins) is 1100 yen / $11 and the Express (35 mins) is 830 yen / $8. You have both premium cars and standard cars, I would go for the premium, since there are less people and the interior is very nice but the standard is fine though often crowded. A decent airport.

Nagoya Centrair Airport by T Neyrinck

8 May 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Nagoya Centrair (Chubu) has one fantastic characteristic that we almost never ever see anymore today: a great open-air rooftop deck allowing for great views on the tarmac and runways. The airport building itself is pleasant and has many food courts before security, but only a handful of (very expensive) shops and one disappointing restaurant beyond security. The departure gates area is very clean and relaxing, but boring except for the big windows to watch planes and enjoy the view of the bay . It takes about 45min (and 110 USD) by taxi from the airport to downtown Nagoya.

Nagoya Centrair Airport by Leigh Wighton

14 August 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

The new Centrair airport is a vast improvement on the old Komaki airport which had all the charm of a bus-stop. However, it's newness seems to be the only thing it has over the previous airport. It's design is almost exactly the same as Komaki's. The check-in and arrival areas are not that much bigger than Komaki's except there is a small shopping area and foodcourt upstairs. The shops in this area tend to be mostly high-end brand name vendors and the foodcourt is so small you can hardly ever get a seat there. In fact, seating seems to be an issue in centrair. In the check-in area also there really aren't that many places to sit down and wait. This is different when you proceed through passport control and enter the departure area. It's huge and spacious. A lot of room here which is nice, but it's also very empty. There are very few places to get food, drinks or duty-free shopping. I had the over-all impression that perhaps the departure area of centrair is a bit too big. I was there during the christmas/new-year period yet there were hardly any flights leaving. Overall centrair is a good, clean and spacious(on the departure side) airport. No problems with check-in, arrival and baggage claim. It still feels a bit utilitarian though. Despite being new it's only a slight improvement. After using Komaki several times I was looking forward to a new and improved Nagoya airport. Centrair is an improvement but not much of one I'm afraid. I've never used Kansai yet but all the airports I've used in Japan to date tend to be no more than a place to check-in and simply just wait for your flight. Nothing more, nothing less. Centrair is no different really. In the future I'll stick to Narita as it 's a similar distance for me to travel to.

Centrair Airport by Justin Dart
12 October 2005

Centrair is an amazing airport and far better than the old Nagoya airport. The airport's access to downtown is very efficient and convenient but lacks enough foreign language staff to help foreigners in need. Centrair's top floor is divided into a Japanese and Western areas. the Japanese side sells local foods and products. The Western side has a wide variety of restaurants ranging from French to Korean. Shops range from last minute to luxury. One of its great options is a Japanese Hot Spring bath - but the wait time is close to 1.5 hours. The departure area is very clean and relaxing but lacks small shops or cafes for getting that last minute thing. The DFS is all luxury goods and lacks local products. Luckily it has nice big windows to watch planes come and go and enjoy the view of the bay. The departure area has multiple internet connection tables but require users to be members of certain providers. Several locations are wireless and free for everyone. Transfering between International and Domestic is a simple walk after going through customs. Chubu International Airport is a great place and in my opinion better than Narita for convenience to a downtown area, and better than Kansai for ease of use and shopping. This airport is a destination all its own.

Nagoya Airport by Car Pieper
12 May 2005

Nagoya Airport NGO is on an island with crammed train services from the Central train station and on the return flight only 25 minutes from deplaning till boarding the last ferry of the day. Don't get stranded ! Japan closes early (and opens late). Clean, modern, extremely polite, safe! Long hallways - no pushcarts for hand-luggage (inside) and few carriers, if any, from the ferry for your check-in baggage. All Japan uses UPS for its travelling stuff - to/fro the airport. Remember that! It's cheap enough and a must with its public transport.

Nagoya Airport by Jeff Levitt

8 May 2005

I traveled to Nagoya in late April 2005. Centrair opened about 60 days ago. It is clean and somewhat utilitarian. The international terminal has only a few duty free shops, mostly top end luxury goods stores like Bulgari. Very little in the way of restaurants. In the gate area (19 and higher), I saw only one restaurant, and it was set up as a small food court, with a few choices of meals. Not much to do in the terminal if you are waiting for a departing flight. The gate area is very spacious with a fabulous view of the runway. I found the immigration areas, arriving and departing to be very expedient. The main concourse has easy access to public transportation. From immigration to the train station is a 5 minute walk. The train station could use a lot more English signs. The trains are precisely on schedule, and there are limited (stop) express and local service trains to Nagoya station. I like Centrair because it is new, and clean, and it has a world class outdoor observation deck, on the roof of the terminal. It should add more restaurants and stores on the international terminal. I didn't see the domestic side.

Nagoya Airport by Jose Poleon

15 January 2005

Nagoya Airport - there is nothing much about it. It is a small airport with not much available in terms of restaurants and other amenities. Nevertheless, I find the staff to be quite friendly. I had some problems with my immigration forms, and the immigration officer was quite gracious to help me through and the female gate attendants were all standing in a gracious line with patient smiles on their faces. But it can be a pain sometimes to check in during "rush hour" because the place is so small. The great thing about the airport is the flight observation deck where one can see the flights landing and taking off from a fairly good vantage point, with video games for kids.

Nagoya Airport by Kenneth Cheng

24 September 2004

I have just been to Nagoya Komaki International on September 14. It was quite clean. Check-in staff were friendly and smartly dressed. When I reached the departure hall, I was shocked! There were many people queuing up for security checks as there were only 2 security checkpoints. I think the management should set up a few more checkpoints to ease the queue. The same thing was to the immigration, no proper queues and lots of people. Nagoya's airport is rather stuffy and I feel had not enough arrival gates as I had to take a bus to the SIA aircraft. Generally, Nagoya Airport is average. Lousy efficiency but nice and friendly ground staff.

Nagoya Airport by Jerry Burns

10 August 2004

Despite begin a foreigner with limited Japanese language skills, I have found Nagoya Airport to be one of the best places I have travelled. The best part is the small size. I have gone through immigration and customs many times at Nagoya with no problems. The baggage comes out fairly quickly (it takes awhile to unload a 747!) and the baggage carts are free. When departing I always eat at the upstairs Meitetsu restaurant where you can watch planes land and take off as you eat. The security check in is quick but thorough. The shops have a good selection of souvenirs - actually the best in Nagoya. My only complaint is that they do not sell English language magazines. Maybe I would have more to complain about if I spoke more Japanese!

Nagoya Airport by Keiko Yamada

26 July 2004

Current Nagoya Airport is just clean. That's all. All of facilities, shops and staffs are filled with so many problems. I am Japanese, so it's no problem. But, as for passengers from outside countries, it is big PROBLEM and big HEADACHE. The first, when you get off the airplane, immigration tests your patience. (almost every "foreigner" looks like complaint obviously) they immigration staffs speak worse English with grumpy face. The second, when you go out of airport for transportation, Far less English signs are waiting for you. Mentioning to departure, in the common area, there are few food shops and shopping stores - bad and expensive. Besides, All goods of them is for Japanese. According to the government and Nagoya local government, Next year 2005, they will complete to architect "New Nagoya Airport (We call 'New Chubu Int'l Airport') " at the seashore in Tokoname town. To be physically far from the Nagoya center - it is no doubt. Probably, as the same as Narita and Kansai, new airport will put facilities, food, shops and immigration staffs who speak worse English. This is the very nightmare. Awful. Terrible.




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