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Nassau International Airport customer review :  2 May 2013 by James Alexander    (USA)

Rating : 1/10





Arriving: Lines for immigration lasted 45 minutes; US$18 charge for 4 minute (no exaggeration) cab ride that the hotel had said would cost no more than $10. Departing: airport merchants ready, willing, and able to rip you off if your guard is down for a minute.

Nassau International Airport customer review :  19 March 2013 by D Hananel    (USA)

Rating : 8/10





This review is for International arrivals and US Departures. I've used this airport in December 2009 and then again in March 2013. In general, a much better experience this time around. On arrival, sufficient immigration desks were staffed, and customs was quick enough, so that I was in my hotel within 25 minutes of touching down. On departure, the new US Departures terminal is much improved from the older version. Check in and security is quick and efficient. The only place where there are lines is the US immigration pre- clearance. Airside, the terminal is quite pleasant with lots of shops, restaurants, etc. While the main restaurant (Kafe Kalik I think is pleasant with outdoor seating, I would not recommend ordering food there unless you want to risk missing your flight - they took 45 minutes to bring our food.

Nassau International Airport customer review : 8 August 2010 by D Wagerman

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

My children ages 16 and 11 and I went to the Bahamas in June 2010. The airport was not bad at all. Yes the airport is smaller but it got me to where I was going! I did not run into one rude airport employee. Some were quite nice actually. 3 hours doesn't seem to be necessary but why chance it? There are a few places where you can get something to eat. One small restaurant, dunkin doughnuts and subway. Also there are some local wares you can purchase and a convenience store. The bathroom is large enough and clean.The screening process went easily and quickly. Just be prepared. You know they want all of your documents out and ready so, do just that. You know that you have to put everything through the xray machine so make it simple. Wear flip flops and keep your bags to a minimum. We didn't even check in any bags and had no problems. No different then any other airport.

Nassau International Airport customer review : 8 June 2010 by R Stewart

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

We arrived at the airport on June 5 at 11:30 am. There was no line for Delta so we checked in with the agent in less than 5 minutes. The next stop was security a security agent checking IDs. There was no line and we were through in another 5 minutes. You drop your checked luggage off on a conveyer belt and go through screening. They emptied our carry on as we had our scuba regulators in the bag but we were still through in 10 minutes. The last stop was US customs which was another 5 minutes. Bottom line was we went from the cab to the gate in 25 minutes on a Saturday at noon. The airport is suggesting a 3 hour check in and the motel suggested 2.5hrs. Not sure why.

NASSAU AIRPORT review : 1 March 2010 by Susan Knapp

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Things have changed. Due to a storm, my Sky Bahamas flight was delayed getting me to Nassau and that gave me only an hour and a half before my flight to the states. I did my best to cultivate a Zen-like acceptance to prepare for a bad travel day - but I didn't need it. I picked up my checked Sky Bahamas bag in 5 minutes, found the international departure terminal in 8 minutes, got myself checked in at American Airlines in 5 minutes and about 20 minutes later was standing in line at Dunkin Dounts in the departure lounge. There was a lot of security it's true, but it went quickly (even when the bag searcher opened my cribbage board and spilled out the pegs). Note this was on a Thursday, and that might have helped, but it wasn't the horror I'd been led to believe by some of the older posts.

NASSAU AIRPORT review : 27 June 2009 by R Phillips

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

First off, Nassau Airport is not on the same level as airports in the US or Europe. That should be news enough for people expecting a 5-Star Airport. The recent growth on New Providence and at Paradise Island (i.e., Atlantis, Cable Beach, etc.) is almost a world away from Lynden Pindling International Airport. My experience last week seems to be better than some of the good folks who have come before me, but by no means is NAS a 5-Star Airport and the unexpected should be expected Inbound pax deplane and enter the Bahamian Customs facility. I arrived at about 2:30, and most of the lanes were open. Next comes the bag claim. Word of caution- try not to check any luggage. This will only slow you down, and bag handling at NAS is disastrous. A Customs officer will ask you about the contents of your bags, and most of the time will let you through without any checks. Taxis and Car Hire is outside of the bag area. Departures: I flew out on USAirways at around noon. If you are flying to the USA from NAS, arrive at least 3 hrs early. Flights within the Bahamas, Caribbean, and to Canada & the UK leave from another terminal, and usually need 2-3 hours lead time. USAirways opened their check-in desks at 9, so my group was checked in first. 3 hours may seem excessive for a Caribbean airport, but it really helps here. After check-in, you walk around and behind the check-in desks to the first security checkpoint. This has a metal detector and the whole works, so be prepared to do everything you would at TSA/CATSA. Next comes US Customs & Border Protection Preclearance, where a US (not Bahamian) officer checks your documents. Make sure to fill out the proper forms before you arrive at the airport. Not filling out the forms until the last second will only delay you further. After CBP you proceed up an escalator to a SECOND security facility. This also has a metal detector and more stringent security checks. My laptop was checked for explosives and had to be taken out of its TSA-approved case (not recognized in the Bahamas). The reasoning behind 2 checkpoints is hard to fathom, but is probably to create a few more jobs for Bahamians. After all 3 of these checks you finally enter the departure lounge. Thanks to new ownership by Vancouver Airport Group (who is responsible for YVR, Gatwick, and the new Montego Bay Airport terminal), there are new shops, such as Dunkin' Donuts, Hard Rock Cafe (Souvenirs Only, no food!) and Harley-Davidson. Prices are extremely high ($2.50 for a candy bar), so buy only if you need to. Also, sit near your airline's boarding door. The jetways are still several hundred feet away, but each airline has one set of double-doors where they conduct boarding. The PA is impossible to hear thanks to the massive echo in the building, but you should be fine if you pay attention and sit near your gate. Finally, at the jetway security personnel conduct random hand checks of luggage. They seem to pick the first person who walks towards the door, so mix yourself in the pack to lessen the chance of being stopped. All in all, NAS is changing. Vancouver Airport Group will steer the airport in the right direction down the road, but it can't be fixed overnight. Just remember: get the earliest flight possible to your destination to avoid the 11am-2pm security rush for 1pm-4pm departures, and get there 3 hours early (or more, if desired). It takes 30-45 minutes to reach the airport from Atlantis/Downtown Nassau, so plan for that, too. This should help to make your departure from Nassau a bit less stressful. As many others have said, NAS is below expectations for the capital and toruism hub of the Bahamas. A week spent in the luxury of the Atlantis seems lightyears away from the old, hot Nassau Airport.

Nassau Airport review by J Scheufler

6 January 2009   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

I have just returned from a trip the to Bahamas flying back from Nassau International Airport to Detroit. We arrived to the airport 2 hours 45 minutes before our flight, and would have missed our flight if our flight had not been delayed. None of the workers knew what was going on and we were continually told to be in one line and then got yelled at once we got to the front that we were in the wrong line. We were standing in a line after we received our tickets and had to take our luggage to another line for it to be loaded. We were standing in this line (where we were told to go) for 15 minutes, a worker then came over and said this was not a line and that we needed to go to the end of the line outside. We told her that we were told to stand here and her response was "and now Im telling you that you are not supposed to be here and to go outside". I have never been treated so rudely. We then proceeded to a line outside of the airport that took us 45 minutes to get through, merely to place our luggage on a conveyer belt. We then continued through line after line and two different security stops, one of which seemed pointless considering they did not make you remove your phones, computers, jackets or shoes. We still do not understand the point of us standing their and being searched if it was not a true security point. Before we went to our gate, we went through customs in the Bahamas. The workers here were beyond rude. A foreign family was told by another worker to go to the front of the line because their earlier flight was late so they were running close in getting their connecting flight. One of the workers at the front of the line legitimately yelled at the family and everyone else in the line said it was ok for them to go in front of us but he made them go to the back of the line. We all felt horrible, it was not their fault that their connecting flight arrived late! If I ever travel to Nassau again I will fly to another airport in the Bahamas and take a boat to Nassau. There is no reason for workers to act this rudely to customers.

Nassau Airport review by J Hagen

10 March 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

The vast majority of problems with this airport pertain to the delays of having to travel back to the US. If you are travelling to any other country (international), security is a breeze. For example, travelling to Toronto, Montreal, or London: simply check-in with the agent, walk down 40 feet to the right to the security area and walk through the detector. After this quick security screening, you have reached the "international lounge area," where you just sit and wait to board. It takes about 20 minutes in total if there isn't a big line up at check in. Just be there an hour early to make sure your bags get on the plane, but they should since NAS is a small airport. The BIG problem is travel to the US. If this is your case, you should be at the airport at least 2.5 hours in advance due to all the TSA regulations. The Bahamians are just following protocol, but they sometimes exagerrate when they confiscate possessions (eg golfballs were taken from me), and they are rude and brush you off when you ask why. Expect at least 3 security checkpoints, a carry-on search (1 on 2 chance of having that done), and for the unlucky, a random spot check (1 on 6 chance of having that done). These are all measures the TSA has enforced in the Bahamas, and have to be followed by Bahamian security personnel. The US Customs line can be really long and slow, especially during lunch hour, when the bulk of the flights are leaving. You would think they could have more agents out at that hour, and save the lunch for 2 PM when things calm down. During Christmas break and spring break, the Bahamian Customs area for arriving passengers can be packed and lines can take over an hour, if 4-5 flights arrive at once. Otherwise, it is extremely smooth. The biggest problem with the airport is the fact that it is just SO old and in dire need of renovation. The restaurant in the US departures lounge is way overpriced and the food is horrible. Ultimately, the image the airport conveys is that of a tiny island airport you'd see at a Bahamian island like Long Island-- this is not an airport suited for the capital, Nassau. Also, the baggage area has no security, and lost bags are thrown everywhere. It is a mess to see for tourists. But, the baggage people who can be paid to place your bags on a chariot and wheeled out are helpful and informative. They are worth the $5 tip, since they'll also get you a taxi/limo. Overall, this airport is a 5/10, but people should not base coming to the Bahamas because of the airport. It is a great country with much to offer, simply a little slow as the expressions go.

Nassau Airport review by T Benton

30 November 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

We have traveled to Nassau/Paradise Island from Wash, DC for 25 years so have seen many changes in the airport - mostly for the good. Since 9-11 security has been stronger in Nassau than anywhere we have been in the USA. Many metal detectors and pat downs and it takes a very long time to snake through the airport but I understand and am always up on the lastest TSA rules and prepared according to the rules. In Nov 2007 the last security check point in Nassau did me in. They took my carryon to search it and that was fine with me. They pulled out a bag of batteries and told me I had to check the bag or throw away the batteries. I was appalled because I did what TSA says to do and the batteries were worth over $60. I had meds in my carryon so told them to toss the batteries but I am still upset over this. Other batteries were okay to carry in camera, cell phone, etc but not alkaline even when in accordance with TSA rules? They had no right to do that and were rude about it.

Nassau Airport review by Bill Shepherd

3 July 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Beware of the laxity surrounding the baggage claim area in the event your luggage doesn't arrive on your flight. We traveled to Nassau from Ft Lauderdale on 6/23/07 and had three of five checked bags that didn't accompany us. Bags are left on carousels or dumped haphazardly on the floor. The Baggage agent did a good job of recording bag identity info and initiating a search. But that's the extent of it. Upon returning to the airport four hours later, I located the missing bags lying among approximately 200 other unclaimed bags. The agent was unaware the bags had arrived on a subsequent flight. Security is lax and no effort is evident of any airlines collecting and securing unclaimed luggage.

Nassau Airport review by Jim Courant

22 June 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Food, I go out to the parking lot and there's a truck out there selling hot food that's pretty good. Cheap too. The bar I wouldn't use, and there is a snack bar at the far end of the terminal that's not bad either. The liquor in the store in the terminal has some really good prices on some brands. Rum etc. You need to know what the prices are in the states, as some types of liquor are amazingly cheap, then others aren't so. The departure tax always left a bad taste in my mouth, and is probably the most irritating thing I've encountered there.

Nassau Airport review by Joe Hawkins

14 July 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

I travel to NAS at least once a year, and like any thing it is time for some upgrades. There are days when things go right and there are days when fate kick in and things just don't turn-out like you want. This little island in paradise has an airport that was built along time ago. The government is now realizing that they need attend to this venue now. A five star airport it may not be if judging it with the likes of Dulles IAD or Ronald Regan DCA where I'm from. But a three star for Island is fair to say.

Nassau Airport review by Greg Henning

5 March 2006

We found a nice airport that was air conditioned, clean, and with very pleasant and helpful Bahamians doing there best to be accommodating. It took a little while to get through security, but the line kept moving. I was pleased they were making security a high priority. As others have said - part of the delay is because you go through US Customs here - not at your US destination. I thought it went well. Thanks to the wonderful Bahamian people!

Nassau Airport review by John Frewen-Lord

14 February 2006

Arrival in NAS off a BA 767. Only about 50 PAX got off (the rest of a half full 767 were going on to Turks and Caicos). Customs and immigration very pleasant and quite fast - but then we were the only flight arriving at this time (4 pm on a Sunday). In spite of so few incoming passengers, it took nearly 45 minutes for our luggage to arrive. Hate to think what it would be like if things were really busy. Walk from the airbridge was through a new part of the terminal - which then ended as an open walled tent. Fine when the weather is nice, but on this day was bucketing it down with high winds and 13 C temperatures.

Nassau Airport review by Caryl Kells

12 January 2006

We arrived at Nassau International Airport 2.5 hours prior to our departure time. With the chaotic check in system this airport has, we were very lucky to make our scheduled flight. We checked in and then had to stand in a line for security which snaked around the inside, and in fact started outside the airport - with no visible personnel, or signs, to direct people on where to go. Other passengers, who felt they were too "important" to go through this procedure, were cutting into these lines that we stood in for close to two hours and there seemed to be no airport staff that cared. And in fact, those few we did encounter, were very rude. I do realize that this is a very small airport, but they need to improve this situation drastically before I will return.

Nassau Airport review by Jamal Wells

5 December 2005

Nassau airport is fully air conditioned and endures long lines because of The US pre-clearance facilities. Peak hours 11am - 2pm. Security will be stricter than most other airports in the world because your getting pre-cleared there. Many people don't fully understand that. There are multiple bathrooms and little snack shops downstairs at check-in. However only 1 restaurant, 1 bar, 1 gift shop and bathrooms upstairs. The air condition was i believed damaged during the passing of a hurricane and subsequently it malfunctioned 1 day. A new one has long since installed. The airport is airconditioned throughout every terminal and section. Departures - There are no Bahamian Customs or Immigration for departure. Any checks you stop to strictly involves the US Customs and Immigration. So complaining about long lines have nothing at all to do with the Country. If the agents feel it necessary, they will stop and further question you. Arrivals - Immigration is smooth with up to 10 stations opened. The problem - many people incorrectly or don't fill out the Immigration card causing hold ups on the lines. Customs is a breeze for any tourist. Once you have not brought any plant, animal etc into the country. They wave you right through.

Nassau Airport review by Robert Andrews

12 October 2005

After reading the reviews about Nassau Airport I was beginning to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into with a trip to Paradise Island in mid September of 2005. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Nassau Airport was air conditioned and very clean. The walk to immigration and then on to baggage claim was well marked and not unreasonable. The walk gave us the chance to get the “kinks” out from sitting on the plane. Once at baggage claim we only had to wait about 10 minutes for our luggage to arrive. Customs went smoothly with at least 5 stations open, processing passengers very quickly. The staff were very polite and helpful. Yes there is only one restaurant and one M and F restroom and one sundries/gift shop and one bar but this is a small airport. I can’t comment on the quality of the food or restrooms since we didn’t use either. The return trip went equally smooth. We did have to go through 3 security checks and I was selected for a random pat down. The security officer was very professional with her direction. It was almost comical since I had already put all my metal objects into the security basket and as I was searched she questioned what’s this?, what’s that? as I pulled out lifesavers, earplugs, comb and a fig Newton bar from my pockets. Admittedly, we went during the off season so I can’t comment on how it would have been packed with people during the prime season.

Nassau Airport review by Roland Rodriguez

13 September 2005

We recently went to Nassau for the Labor Day weekend. While the island of New Providence is generally in good shape - the airport is a mess. We got to the terminal two hours before departure and needed all but 20 minutes of it to snake through the terminal. We were searched 3 times, going through two sets of metal detectors. The lines are seemingly endless and snake up stairs and around corners. It's hot and unpleasant. My wife and I have plenty of choices for vacations, and next time Nassau is off the list - and they can thank the airport for that.

Nassau Airport review by Isabella Smith

15 August 2005

Recently flew into Nassau, and not as bad as I had expected. A fair warning there is no ac in the airport and the Bahamas can get very hot especially during the summer. Yes, there is only one shop, and one restaurant. But I would like to applaud the security, there was more security than some major airports in the US. We had to go through security 3 times, one before customs (yes flights to U.S go through customs before boarding the flight), then my luggage was searched by hand by a very polite individual who apologized for the inconvience and asked me about my trip. Then before going to the terminal more security and before boarding the plane, people are randomly selected for further security screening.

Nassau Airport review by Veronica Rabassa

8 May 2005

On April 24, myself and 12 other ladies hauled our luggage around the Nassau Airport for hours in lines that snaked outside and around the terminal. It was the most messed up chaotic situation that I have ever endured. The airport, has determined that we shall never return to Paradise Island ever again.

Nassau Airport review by Albert Vitale

21 October 2004

Avoid Nassau at all costs. I have started to fly into Paradise Island and avoid the rude staff, ancient surroundings and long expensive cab rides. Paradise Island Airport is across the bridge from downtown Nassau ($6 cab ride instead of $50) and the airport and staff are pleasant. Even customs and immigrations is a dream 5 mins. from plane to the street and a short walk instead of 90 mins of hell and a hike. I recommend bypassing NAS for PID if at all an option.

Nassau Airport review by Natalie Smith

8 October 2004

The staff at Nassau Airport are the rudest people I have come across anywhere in the world! My boyfriend and I flew from Nassau to Charlotte on 27th September. When I was going through the security point, the alarm beeped and a very large and very rude Bahamian woman demanded that I "get back" (without a please or thank you). She made me stand there for several minutes, while she let other passengers through and totally ignored me! During this time I tried to speak to her and ask her why I was standing there - but the only response I got was "get back"! Finally one of her colleagues asked me why I was standing there, so i told he that I didn't know - pointed to the woman and explained what had happened - her colleague then allowed me to go through. There are very few signs at this airport, so passengers are wandering around unsure of where to go and the staff are quite happy to sit and watch! I think that the money they make in tax should be used to send the whole airport staff on a customer training course!

Nassau Airport review by John Nolley

24 September 2004

You arrive at one end of the airport and have no signs directing you to baggage claim. Finally when you do locate your bags, you have to walk a half a mile or so with your bags to the international departures area--which lies in the opposite direction of where the large signs point. You have to go through security 3 times to board your flight (at the counter, at customs, and before heading to the gates). The international gates include ONE bathroom and ONE restaurant that serves overpriced, crappy food (much more so than the average airport) ... and every flight is inexplicably delayed for hours, with some boarding or being delayed with no notice other than on a small LED board. Batelco's wireless networking rarely works. If you're stuck flying Bahamasair, welcome to frustration central, as their whole staff seems clueless. Loads of fun, I tell you, loads of it.

Nassau Airport review by Paul Vernall

28 June 2004

I travel to The Bahamas many times a year and unfortunately have to endure Nassau International Airport. Their really is not other way to describe it as the worlds biggest dump ! It is hot, dirty, lacks practically every facility possible and is a nasty miserable place. There are not enough seats, filthy, old washrooms, no restaurant, no nothing ! The snack bar is disgusting, the building just needs to be demolished ! I can't fathom why a country that thrives on tourism has such a dump of a place to welcome visitors to the islands.

Nassau Airport review by Joe Stryvoke

26 June 2004

Nassau International (NAS) the airport that put the NAS in NASTY. Flight arrivals-departure screens in International Arrivals that haven't worked in years leaving people waiting for passengers to ask complete strangers upon arrival what flight they came in on to keep track of arrivals. Washrooms that have that overpowering odor of not being cleaned, ever. Airport Bar upstairs in US departures have to be the biggest rip off on the island going, and that is saying a lot from being in the Bahamas. Baggage collection is non-sensical, only to be matched by Customs and Immigration officials that bring new definition to "Service with a Snarl." Parking is terrible and parking out in more remote spots is something to be avoided if at all possible. If your plans include travelling to the Bahamas by air, you may want to reconsider saving your money and try elsewhere far more appeasing, Port a Prince, Haiti comes to mind,.

Nassau Airport review by Wiliam Read

30 March 2004

This is an airport to avoid if at all possible. Why? It lacks the facilities all international airports require in 2004, especially those that serve a capital city of a wealthy and advanced country. There is no left luggage facility. There is no restaurant. There is no lounge. Security arrangements are somewhat basic. The few shops that there are close down at 1630hrs on a weekday - although the airport remains open until the late evening. Some machines accept only US$, and reject the Bahamian $ even through it is the same value and banknote size. Having said all this, the staff I encountered were invariably helpful and friendly - the airport, built in 1956, just needs bringing up-to-date!




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