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Muscle Shoals Airport by Vic Johnson

10 June 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

MSL is 30 minutes from my home instead an hour twenty to HSV. The staff is beyond exceptional up to and including the TSA employees. Over the years I have had less problems with connections in Memphis than any other hub in the southeast. Two years ago we dropped our 16 year old daughter off for a flight to her grandparents. We left for parts far and wide before the flight departed as we knew she was in good hands. This wound up being one of the occasions when mechanical problems caused a delay. The staff called me on my cell phone and explained the options to get my daughter to her destination. We chose to allow her to stay and wait for the next flight that afternoon as her arrival time would not have varied much had we turned around and put her on a flight out of HSV. I asked that they make sure she was fed since her wait would go over lunch time. Long story short, when we checked to see how she accomodated, the staff insisted my daughter accompany them to lunch and picked up the tab. She was provided vouchers for the 2 hour layover in Memphis and the staff explained in detail how to use them, where the eating places were located in Memphis airport etc. She was treated exceptionally well and other than the long day actually enjoyed learning about the pitfalls that face air travelers at times first hand. The same smiling faces that helped my daughter two years ago are the same ones that greet you at the counter today. My only complaint is the limited flights don't allow me to fly out of the shoals as often as I would like.

Muscle Shoals Airport by Fred Foulks

19 February 2006

MSL continues to be a good alternative to larger nearby airports. Flew to see family in Late Nov. and Early Dec. of 2005. NWA continues to have 2 flights a day to its Memphis Hub. As with my previous experiences traveling through MSL the NWA and Airport Staff did a great job in taking care of their passengers. Again a job well done by the MSL Airport and Airline Staff. Also the New Marriot Hotel and Spa has opened, the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course is also open for the avid golfer both of which are just minutes from the airport. My round trip flights were flawless and running at or ahead of schedule outbound and inbound from the North West Alabama Airport.

Muscle Shoals Airport by Richard Mitchell

7 July 2005

Being a resident of Muscle Shoals, the Muscle Shoals airport (MSL) is very convenient; I can walk there from my house. However, my experiences with MSL have almost always been unsatisfactory. In June 2005, I flew round-trip from MSL to Houston, TX, (IAH). The pilot would not land at MSL on the return trip because of a problem at the airport, so he flew over the airport, turned around, and flew back to Memphis. The problem was that the VOR was not working and, claimed the pilot, it was too hazy to land using VFR (Visual Flight Rules). The pilot told us, seven passengers all on business, that he would not have left Memphis had he known about the problem at MSL. The MSL staff said that the VOR had been out for a month and that other pilots had been landing without it. The MSL staff told my wife, who relayed the information to me, that if my plane, the first of the day, could not land, then the second plane, last of the day, would probably not be able to land either. None of the passengers, including myself, was willing to take a chance on Northwest Airlink (NWA) being able to land the second plane. I rented a car from Avis at a cost of over $170, plus gas, for the two and half hour drive from Memphis to Muscle Shoals. This is not the first time I have had to rent a car to get home because of NWA and MSL, but it will be the last.

Muscle Shoals Airport by Fred Foulks

29 June 2005

Flew out of MSL for a trip last month. (June 2005) Booked on the morning flight and was scheduled to arrive at my destination in the early afternoon on Northwest Airlink. However due a mechanical issue the morning flight was canceled. Northwest Airlink(Operated by MESABA) called me at home and already had me booked on the late afternoon flight to Memphis getting into Arkansas that evening. When time came to catch the connecting flight, we had a gate hold due to severe weather over the airport in Memphis. Finally arrived at my destination about 40 minutes late. I have to give the MSL Northwest crew a Job Well Done. They showed excellent customer service and did everything they could to make my flight out as pleasant as possible. Mechanical issues come up from time to time and the weather tends to throw a curve ball at us causing one to adjust travel plans. This is to be expected. The return flights operated on- time from gear up to gear down from Arkansas back to Memphis on into Muscle shoals. Weather: Clear skys and mild temps during the trip home. We even arrived in Muscle Shoals about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. As Mentioned in my previous comments MSL is a good alternative to other nearby airports. Parking is just 2.00 a day and if you book 2-3 weeks ahead you can get fares lower than at the other larger nearby airports. Granted flights are limited and experienced some challenges on my last two trips out of MSL. Will continue to utilize the airport for future trips. One additional fact: Avis Rental Car does have a Rental center adjacent to the airport terminal building. They Do Not have a counter inside the Terminal only Enterprise Rental Car does. If North Alabama and Southern TN are in your plans check out MSL as an alternative to other nearby airports.

Muscle Shoals Airport by Fred Foulks

6 April 2005

Flew out of MSL in December of 2004. Small airport with 2 flights daily to Memphis on Northwest Airlink Saab 340 Aircraft. MSL is about 70 miles west of HSV International Airport. Experience was good. Saved about $ 90.00 in parking and airfare from MSL. The Saab aircraft was a pretty nice plane for a commuter. Drawbacks: Limited flights with 2 a day. Positives: Parking is $2.00 a day compared to 8-10 a day at HSV. Fares are usually lower if booked in advanced. I could have flown out of HSV but found MSL to be a better deal. Will try to contact the Airport and pass on my experience and ideas to improve air travel in the area. Finally, If your a Golfer MSL is 15 minutes from the New Robert Trent Golf Course their in Northwest Alabama. Also a new Convention Center and Hotel will open soon. If flying to North Alabama MSL is a alternative to HSV. Even though flights are limited. Enterprise R-Car is on sight.




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