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MALMO AIRPORT review : 15 April 2009 : by James Burke

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Arrived at MMX midday. No long trip taxiing to the gate, and as this is a pretty quiet airport, it is a short walk to arrivals. Washrooms are neat and tidy. Bus to city centre is reasonably priced and is a 40 minute trip. I flew to MMX after missing my flight to CPH, and was pleasantly surprised by this smaller regional airport. It was refreshing to have shoulder space as I walked, and not be bombarded with stores. that said, it is still probably quicker to get to Malmo city centre from CPH via train than from MMX via bus.

Malmo Sturup Airport by Yevheniy Kahanovych

22 August 2008   Customer Rating : n/a

The airport is very convenient, originally designed (I liked passenger area lifted to the high level to allow vehicles to move under). It's spacious, bright and efficient. Location is what makes this airport live hard. Having such a competition as Copenhagen located much closer to the city and better linked via railway, this small regional airport survives serving discounters despite having top class facilities. Bus link to the city is neither quick nor frequent.

Malmo Sturup Airport by Paul Jacobsen

7 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Although painted in a horrible orange colour, Sturup is a quiet regional airport, with nice staff and large seating areas but a very limited number of shops. Surprisingly it is located quite far from Malmo city centre. From the airport it took me almost 45 mins. Beware that Malmo taxi drivers have the reputation of cheating people, so always ask for the price before. There should be a fixed price between the airport and the city, around 400 SEK.

Malmo Sturup Airport by Steve Ward

16 September 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

A quiet and relaxing airport which means that it is too large for the number of passengers and there are very limited shopping and food outlets. On several occasions when I have been there the shops and cafe have been closed. Last time I was here they changed the boarding gate several times, leading to much confusion. Good point is good hire car access straight outside terminal.

Malmo Sturup Airport by Janne Petersson

15 February 2006

I have used Malmö-Sturup Airport several times during the last year and I am usually satisfied. It is a small airport with nothing to do and not much to see, but you can still find almost everything you need (including a hotel). As an answer to Mr. Ellisī comment below, there is in fact also a small café also in the non security area of the airport but it is hard to find it (it is "hidden" to the left of the Forex exchange office so if you donīt visit Forex you will probably miss it). However, beyond security control you canīt find much to do to help waiting time pass by - there is a combined bookstall and café (but I donīt think they serve full meals, just refreshments, sandwiches and the like) and a not-so-interesting duty free shop. But if you arrive to the airport early enough to complete the formalities without hurry, you will find it a calm, stress-free airport - and, after all, thatīs not too bad.

Malmo Sturup Airport by Thilo Tetzlaff

21 March 2005

Finally an airport which is a bit too spacious for the small number of flight operating from there. With the design a bit 70ties there is not much to complain; there choreography of boarding passengers and those going through immigration after arrival could be improved.

Malmo Sturup Airport by Sidney Ellis

11 June 2004

I arrived early evening at Sturup for a flight and could not find anywhere to take a coffee etc without going through a security area. At least I could not find anything. Is there no facility in the non security area of the airport?

Malmo Sturup Airport by Tania Dodd

6 June 2004

It's good for a small airport. The airport's always clean and the staff friendly. The duty free area is an average size for a small airport. The best thing is the airport coach (operated by Flygbussarna) which operates in time with the main airline that flies in, Ryanair. The travel time between the airport and Malmo is 40 mins and costs 180SEK for a return.




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