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DURHAM/TEES VALLEY AIRPORT customer review :  4 April 2012 by Leo Enticknap    (UK)

Rating : 3/10





Customer service has deteriorated significantly since my last trip in Jan. I arrived to catch KL1534 on 27 March 2012. Check-in agent said she could not tag my suitcase through to my final destination, claiming that a routing of 4 flights cannot be printed on a single tag. I have taken many 4 flight journeys in the past with a single bag tag printed at the starting airport. I suspect that the real reason is that doing so involves some complication, and that she just couldn't be bothered. The airside gents' toilet stank of sewage so badly it was impossible to set foot in there. Finally, there was no priority boarding for Skyteam Elite members on the KLM flights: boarding was done by everyone stampeding for the gate queue as soon as the flight was called. If this airport wants to survive, let alone continue charging passengers a £6 departure fee which its rivals in the region do not, it needs to start running a much more professional operation.

DURHAM/TEES VALLEY AIRPORT review : 29 June 2010 by Leo Enticknap

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I flew from MME for the first time in almost a year, largely because the cost of KLM tickets to a long haul destination have for some reason become more expensive than their equivalents from MAN. This time however there was only about a £60 difference between the MME-AMS-SEA-BUR flight compared to going from MAN, and I thought that was worth paying for the convenience and absence of queues that MME offers. On the outward trip at least it was. Apart from the KLM flight I boarded there was almost no traffic at all (I get the impression the loss of charter and holiday flights due to the recession must have hit MME hard), and it remains one of the most stress-free airports I've ever used. There was one irritation. The Iceland volcano business started while I was away, as a result of which my return was delayed by four days. While I was away I emailed MME telling them that my car would overstay its paid-in-advance booking in the airport car park, asking them not to clamp it or have it towed away, and asking if I'd be liable for any extra charge. Don't worry, your car is safe and no extra charge, came a very quick reply. However, when I did return, there were no airport staff around anywhere to get my ticket validated and I had to pay an extra £38 in the machine to get out of the car park. I later wrote to the airport enclosing the receipt and asking if they'd consider refunding me. It's now two months later and I've had no reply. Admittedly this is a very minor problem compared to the volcano disruption some people experienced, but given that MME must be having real problems retaining routes and passengers (not surprising given how much the cost of KLM flights from the airport have gone up), I didn't find that very impressive; especially given that the volcano disruption would have meant fewer departing passengers and thus my car was not taking up a space that someone else would have wanted and been willing to pay for.

DURHAM/TEES VALLEY AIRPORT review : 9 November 2008 by Andrew Bennett

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I should report good news. On a recent flight to AMS, my pre-printed boarding pass could not be read by the scanner at security and I was dealt with (as were other passengers in a similar situation) very brusquely and rudely by a couldn't-care-less, it's-everybody-else's-fault-but-mine attendant. On my return, I wrote a letter of complaint to the airport manager, received an immediate acknowledgement and, within a few days, a detailed and thoughtful apology, not just a standard, half-hearted general fob-off. Excellent PR, which I applaud.

Durham/Tees Valley Airport by Andrew Bennett

17 October 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

I have used this airport much more regularly since my previous comment and cannot fault it as a quick departure/arrival point. I flew in from AMS on Saturday afternoon and, even with hold luggage to collect, was driving away in my car just 12 minutes after touching down. There aren't many facilities, and the staff are willing in a slightly amateurish way rather than polished in PR techniques, but who cares when progress through the terminal is so quick and easy? Let's hope it doesn't grow too quickly for its own good!

Durham/Tees Valley Airport by Alan Davies

21 June 2006

First time used MME for a holiday charter flight, (to Paphos), though used MME many times before as feeder to either AMS or LHR. All very efficient, though agree with previous comment about making use of shops and cafe/bar before going thru security. On return, baggages arrived in arrivals hall before we did, even though B737 800 series plane was full with about 190 pax. At Paphos, airport departures still called in Teeside (sic), as do most people me thinks. Signposting at airport could be better during current refurbishments, though overall experience superior to NCL.

Durham/Tees Valley Airport by Andrew Bennett

10 June 2006

I agree with both previous comments. Although my most local airport, I used it for the first time only this week to fly out to LUX via AMS (with KLM) then back from BRU via LHR (with BMI). I was on the road barely 10 minutes after landing on my return (hand baggage only) but had some trouble checking in at Brussels, where the staff still referred to the airport as Teesside, then again passing through passport control at Heathrow, when I gave Teesside as my destination and was told somewhat sharply (and lacking any humour in tone or body language) by the man on the desk that there was no such place! Seriously, road signs must be a real pain for strangers to the area - why on earth can't quick, stick-on amendments have been made by now? Overall, however, a pleasantly small and efficient operation - although, like Leeds/Bradford (of which in many ways, this is a smaller version) passengers will need to be prepared to get very wet and/or cold when joining or leaving aircraft in poor weather.

Durham/Tees Valley Airport by Dave Booth

25 May 2006

I use this little airport for flights between northern England and SE Asia via AMS on KLM. I find it a very convenient feeder airport to the AMS hub and the small size of the terminal ensures that arrivals are swift and painless - I'm on the road within 15 mins of hitting the tarmac in most cases. Staff are generally friendly and helpful. By contrast, nearby NCL - which used to be very quick and efficient - is much more hassle with some of the most miserable ground staff in Europe.

Durham/Tees Valley Airport by Leo Enticknap

13 May 2006

Finding this airport can be confusing, because it recently changed its name from Teesside to Durham/Tees Valley. Signs on the main feeder roads (i.e. the A19, A66 and A1M) have not all been updated, so look out for either. There is a free bus to and from Darlington rail station, but it takes a while and is only hourly outside peak times. At the time of writing (12 May 2006), a new terminal building is under construction. The temporary entrance is on the west side of the existing terminal, and again is not well signposted. This airport's major strength is that because there are only one or two flights coming and going at any time, there are never any massive queues. You'll get through security and (for incoming international passengers) customs and immigration a lot quicker than at NCL or LBA. The long-term car park is significantly cheaper, too. There are self-service check in machines for BMI flights to Heathrow, and desks for all other flights. If you want something to eat before your flight, I suggest getting it at the pub or café BEFORE going through security, as the only airside food outlet does pretty grim, reheated sandwiches and not much else. Ditto for newspapers/books/magazines - there is a W.H. Smith in the check-in area, but not the departure lounge (but it does have a bar and a duty free shop). If there's nothing in it price-wise, I would always fly from MME in preference to LBA or NCL because it's a very quick airport to get in and out of; but the facilities are more limited.




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