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MANAGUA AIRPORT customer review :  7 November 2013 by Brad Naksuthin    (USA)

Rating : 8/10





The airport is small. Only 6 gates I think. When you arrive from overseas there is a ten dollar fee per tourist for a visa. They scan your luggage with a scanner. If you have anything that they need to take a look at they will pull you over but didn't hassle me a lot. When you leave, in the pre-boarding area there is a food court which has free wifi. But I didn't find free wifi in the terminals. Lots of places to plug in along the walls to charge your laptop or iphone.

MANAGUA AIRPORT customer review :  13 August 2012 by Max Heathcote-Smith    (UK)

Rating : 9/10





Small but perfectly adequate airport. On arrival we were through the airport within 20 minutes of touch down, though don't forget the US $10 tax taken at passport control. On departure, we found the airport was shut and locked with lights off until 4.30 am - for departures that started at 06.45, however, it is modern enough, with self service check in, quick but thorough security, with plenty of space in a light and an airy atmosphere. There are now screens for departure information as well as the usual unintelligible tannoy calls and the only downsides were the exorbitant prices for snacks and drinks. Duty free was a bit better, but not particularly cheap either. US $3 for a coffee was 3 times the price in the Best Western Hotel across the road.

MANAGUA AIRPORT customer review :  11 May 2012 by A Franca    (Brazil)

Rating : 7/10





I was very surprised to see how this airport works, everything is clean and well kept, but as people said here, there's lack of technology, no departure boards or wifi available, immigration is a breeze, come with changed money because you need to purchase a tourist card on arrival, taxis will demand from 20 to 30 usd, 10 usd is the market price.

MANAGUA AIRPORT review : 9 March 2010 : by Peter Harrison

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Both arrival and departure from MGA was problem free. No crowds. The only short queue was immigration on arrival. If not included in the air fare there is an entry charge of $5 (US) and a departure charge of $35 (US). The facility is modern and clean. Shopping here is not cheap - but the quality and variety of merchandise is excellent. Eating is much more expensive than outside the airport - but prices compare favourably with European equivalents. The waiting areas have ample seating and are cool. Unlike many other airports there is a lack of electronic information boards. But it has the charm of some of the once small manageable airports we once had in Europe!

MANAGUA AIRPORT review : 27 May 2009 : by Charles Wilson

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

It is a nice and small airport for a poor country. The airport itself is not ugly at all, but it still needs to get a little bit more modernized. After the 2006 renovation the airport looks much more modern than it used to be, but still they could work a little bit more on it.

MANAGUA AIRPORT review : 18 September 2008 : by J Vasconcelos

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Very friendly, clean and organized. Still in need of more modern technology, but above all, for being in a poor country it delivers a good service, nice food court and souvenir shops although the latter are pricey. It has something for everyone.

Managua Airport by Rick Davitt

5 July 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

The rum and pretty well everything in the duty free stores costs double what it costs in a grocery store in Managua. Rum is about US$5 in a grocery and $9 in the "duty free" in the airport. A pound of Case de Cafe coffee is about $8 vs. about $3 in the grocery store. However the duty free shops are the only place to buy legitimate Nicaraguan cigars as total production in the country is for export. They are very good and very high quality but to be honest at times in the USA they cost less. Random luggage searches on departure are almost always for locals, rarely tourists. The airport is really quite advanced for Central America, currently departures are a bit of a hassle with the construction of that area, arrivals are a breeze and rarely does it take more than 5 minutes with immigration and customs both, especially for tourists vs. visiting/returning Nicaraguans. Taxis to the city are clean and controlled if a bit slow vs. a regular taxista, and cost US$15 with the drivers in the red shirts. However if you walk to the street, about 100 feet the fare is around $7. If you can negotiate in Spanish that is.

Managua Airport by Eric Villavicencio

1 July 2006

A modern and nice airport that has been recently renovated (some works are still going on). It will be finished very soon, has some good duty free shops on the upper level and some shops with souvenirs and craftwork at the entrance. Food court is still being constructed. Once it is finished it will have 6 jet bridges (currently it has only 3 operational due to the works going on there). It's a small airport with not much traffic. But anyway, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Continental Airlines, Taca and Copa operate into this airport.

Managua Airport by Matthew Blackett

24 April 2006

Lovely modern airport, quite a surprise! The bureaucracy seems a little intense with 'random' searches of luggage. Spectacular view of the nearby steaming Massaya Volcano from the departure lounge. Good selection of shops too.

Managua Airport by Javier Urra

29 June 2005

A little airport in a poor but lovely country. So things have to been judge in this particular framework. They are now improving the terminal, even if it is currently very poor. However, as soon as you pass immigration control, duty free shops are good (e.g. the excellent nicaraguan rum is cheap and available!) and things are clean and easy. Little airport may also mean flights on time and a more 'human' approach: you know you will take your plane. As soon as it lands from the previous flight. So look at the sky!. Excellent and friendly local people will help you too.




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