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MANADO AIRPORT customer review :  6 August 2012 by Tia Traynor    (UK)

Rating : 4/10





I had to travel to this airport because I had no choice as it is the only airport in Manado. The queue for check-in was incredibly unorganised! There was hardly anything at the airport, and the worst thing is that there was no air-con, well if there was then you wouldn't feel it. I had to run and pay to wait at the airport lounge to avoid the busy waiting area.

MANADO AIRPORT review : 7 February 2009 : by B Sumuan

Customer Rating : 3/5

3-Star Ranking

A small airport with quite decent facilities. So many small shops, restaurants and cafetarias to be found with reasonable prices. However I was disappointed when I saw no escalator from arrival hall (1st floor) to baggage claim carousels on the ground floor of the terminal, instead we have to use the one and only stairway. Thankfully there was an elevator dedicated to person with disability. Plenty of metered-taxis available, however each taxi company seems to have different per kilo meter rates. The downside of the airport is the toilets. Departing area was good, 21 check in counters available, no long queue on check in desks, still lack of international flights. Garuda Indonesia has a very decent lounge here with wifi available for free. Overall the airport is considered above the average of the rest Indonesian international airports.

MANADO AIRPORT review : 10 December 2008 : by I Milono

Customer Rating : 4/5

4-Star Ranking

Sam Ratulangi Aiport is a small international airport at Manado, in the northern tip of Celebes Island (Sulawesi) Island, Indonesia. I was using this airport as the entry for my trip to Manado. I surprised to see a relative small airport in Indonesia (which currently only serves few international flights to Malaysia, Singapore and The Philippines) as a world-class airport with its modern facilities, efficient and friendly staffs, and spacious lounges (the VIP lounge is great and very comfortable place to spend some times before the flight). It deserves more international flights in the future, since some international destinations in the past such as Taiwan had been terminated.




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