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Luxor Airport
4.8 out of 10  4.8 out of 10
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Luxor Airport customer review :  19 August 2014 by John Treacy    (UK)

Rating : 5/10





We flew into and out of Luxor as international passengers. Landing at the airport all flights are transferred to the terminal building by bus. Once stepping inside the terminal it is possible by get a visa at any of the banks before going to passport control where the visa is check and landing card (as previously issued and filled in on the plane) is taken. Immediately after this there is a staff member who checks your visa has been stamped. Never ceases to amaze the level of irrelevant check. From here to baggage collection/ customs and then out to face the scrum of touts. They seem to be keener as there are far few flights. The return trips was much the same but in reverse. Touts, scanning, checking/ bag drop, exit card (given at checking and need filling) in before getting to passport control. The lounge is quite large with four duty free shops, one on each corner, and in the centre a gloriously named 'food court' with quite a poor offering of food but expensive. To the gate. No announcements but numerous displays on screens but very slow security checks. As to why with 10 staff they didn't open a second channel to deal with hit is beyond me. Not many people there, only three international fights listed for departure that day. Previously used the same airport many years ago and it is a vast improvement on what it was. One really good thing is the authorities seem to have got rid of the toilet touts so more selling loo roll and trying to extort baksheesh.

Luxor Airport customer review : 28 December 2010 by M Doray

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Arrived at 3pm for a 6pm flight. Long queue for security (just as you walk in the door - before check in). I accidentally left more than 100ml liquids and my laptop in my bag but they didn't detect it in the chaos. My wife's belt set off the security metal detector alarm but the security staff were busy looking elsewhere in the chaos and didn't notice. Check in lines were another long wait. Passport control only had 2 staff on, so another 20 min wait there. My son wasn't visible to the passport control officer but that didn't stop his passport being stamped by an officer clearly in a hurry. The policeman/officer who checks that you have a passport stamp before moving to the next stage, couldn't find my stamp, but the queue was so long he just waved us through, not checking any of our 4 passports. There are more (duplicated) security checks to get to the gates, but this was equally lax and might as well not have been there. The fellow supposed to be watching the xray screen was talking to his mates. We had 15 minutes to rest at the gate before boarding. It looked like a modern airport, but in the chaos and queues we didn't get to see it. Tip: get there early, expect chaos and with that in mind you can't be disappointed.

Luxor Airport customer review : 28 October 2008 by K Jasmin

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

The airport building is much better maintained than Cairo, with shops and cafe. However like Cairo there are very bad touts, particularly on the forecourt. I haven't experienced the ones at check in, as others have, but this may be because of my flight time. Domestic check in is extremely chaotic and disorganised for departures, with conflicting information. Arrivals (international) is similarly chaotic for people who have no organised visas in advance, with long, poorly organised queues for both visas and immigration (both with a shortage of workers). I recommend international visitors get a visa in advance as this will save a lot of frustration at Luxor, as arrival is very disorientating with guides, touts and unhelpful staff giving conflicting information. Beware the taxi touts outside and be sure to have small denomination notes upon arrival for a bus into town.

LUXOR AIRPORT review : 3 August 2008 : by B Smith

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

We used Luxor airport both for internal flight to Cairo and international flight to UK. On both occasions it was clean and airy with plenty of space to sit. We were allowed to take our water with us so no problem in buying drinks. Yes, there was someone 'selling' us toilet paper despite the notices saying this was not allowed, but by then we knew their standard of living and if you can't spare the odd pound when we have spent so much on a holiday, what does that say about us? We were protected from harassment by 'helpers' by our rep. Altogether I thought using Luxor airport a pleasant experience

LUXOR AIRPORT review : 21 June 2008 : by J Catherall

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Arrived and fortunately did not have as much hassle from the porters having had a speedy passage through immigration. Arrival hall was clean and cool, direct to waiting coach to nile cruise ship. Return from Luxor started with a wait to pass through scanners before check in. Check in easy, remember to collect a form the check in desk which you have to fill in - it seems its another kind of boarding card. Upstairs to shops and refreshment opportunities, plenty of seats available, comfortable waiting time but you do need to check the info panels -voice messages are vague in indistinct. Toilets clean but there was a backsheesh man ready with paper towel and open hand in spite of the notice forbidding the practice. Roomy and cool departure gate / waiting area but the seats present a bit of a maze to get to the gate.

Luxor Airport by N Farrelly

14 June 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

When we arrived at Luxor airport & got off the coach, all I can say was what appeared like a pack of wolves were waiting to 'help' with bags. Now I'm a 6ft, 17.5 stone bloke so am well capable but even despite this, I ended up almost having to wrestle my bag away from a very eager 'helper' who all the time was whispering under his breath "drink please", interspersed with "something". It appeared as if there was a supervisor or someone that they didn't want to hear their 'requests' - if so - they were spectacularly unsuccessful in stamping out this sort of over-aggressive 'help'. Having managed to wrestle free of the initial wave of 'helpers' & get inside the building, once again there was another 'helper' to lift bags onto the x-ray belt. This time however as he didn't have any English phrases apparently, the 'helper' was saying something in Egyptian (again whispering) while showing me an Egyptian 10 Pound note folded in the palm of his hand as a 'prompt.' Having now managed to get through these 2 levels of 'assistance' there was of course another 'helper' at the other end of the x-ray machine who was equally 'helpful' in taking the bag off the belt & similarly looking for money! Next up was the check-in desk itself & yes - you have guessed it - there was yet another 'helper' at the head of the queue to again lift the bag onto the check-in conveyor. There is a sign on display at the desk stating that all baggage 'assistance' was free of charge but this was clearly not having any effect on the various 'helpers' that have to be negotiated/overcome. Finally - naturally there is the customary 'help' in the toilets where even though I am at 46 yrs of age well capable of washing & drying my hands, I was presented with some toilet paper with the by now customary demand for money. All in all - never again!

Luxor Airport by B Barry

21 June 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

I would agree with the above comments. The only smoking areas are the restaurants, where you are obliged to buy at least 1 beverage, and at E17 for a really rough coffee, we felt a bit ripped off. They were also charging E13 for a kids lollypop which would cost 25p in the UK. On check in, there was a guy lifting hand luggage onto the X-ray machine (you had no choice in this), then getting stroppy because all I had was a E10 - the equivalent of 1 Sterling for 2 seconds work!

Luxor Airport by Jenny Bentley

21 December 2005

I gather that Luxor airport is new: a resident told me that this was the 3rd airport building she'd used in the last 8 years. It certainly looked new and was quite impressive but possibly this was because I was on one of the first flights of the day. First appearances however were deceptive. Check in was a painless and efficient procedure but upstairs in departures, there's no pre-gate seating apart from restaurants and we were politely told to leave the area (although only about 5% of the seating capacity was occupied!) unless we ordered. I'd expected the toilets to be hassle-free (unlike the town!) but even there I was asked for baksheesh, and I'd provided my own paper! At the gate, everyone was asked for their ticket (not their boarding pass) which seemed unnecessarily officious.




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