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Ljubljana Airport customer review :  21 November 2013 by Sasun Vartanyan    (USA)

Rating : 7/10





A small facility, yet very modern and efficient, although the arrivals/luggage pick-up could be a bit crowded if more than one flight arrives at the same time.

Ljubljana Airport customer review :  14 November 2013 by T Hodge    (Australia)

Rating : 9/10





Great little airport. Flew through security. I mistakenly left a bottle of water in my backpack which was well and truly over the 100ml liquid limit however the man was very polite in asking me to remove it. There was no line for passport control however there is only a small cafe and a duty free shop about a quarter of the size as the main one after the passport checks.

Ljubljana Airport customer review :  29 August 2013 by Azlan Hashim    (Malaysia)

Rating : 7/10





I was using this airport for my late evening departure flight to Istanbul on 28th of August. The airport was nearly empty and everything went smoothly. The airport is conveniently reached by the airport shuttle from Central Bus Station which costs 4.10 Euro. It is a clean and easy to navigate airport due to its size. Staff at the check- in counter, security officers and immigration officer were really friendly and kind. There are limited numbers of restaurants and duty free outlets. However, the free Wi-Fi is very much appreciated.

Ljubljana Airport customer review :  17 January 2011 by Yevheniy Kahanovych   (Ukraine)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






I used LJU twice last week for arrival and departure. The airport is small as well as amount of flights and passenger volumes. So it easily gets crowded when two planes arrive one after another. In my case everything was ok. No wait at immigration, somewhat longish wait for bags to arrive, clean toilets, shuttle buses were simple to find, nice staff and ok cafes. On departure effective and polite security staff, fast immigration, no wait at check in. Nothing spectacular, but just fine. Free wifi across the building is a huge plus! Highly recommended.

LJUBLJANA AIRPORT customer review : 13 December 2009 by R Skopac

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Quite pleasant small airport. Too small check-in area, which makes a crowd. Toilets clean, cafe decent, security check mostly fast. New departure area (gates 1-8) modern, spacious, enough seats. Arrival area small and efficient, baggage arrives quickly on one of 2 conveyor belts. Airport connection with Ljubljana is a hassle.

LJUBLJANA AIRPORT customer review : 5 June 2009 : by Alexander Stare

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

The airport needs a facelift. Means a complete new departure and arrival building has to be built (planned since years, but again postponed). The transport from the airport to the city or surrounding areas is still a hassle. The only plus is the new area with the 4 jetbridges which has plenty of seating available, however no stores or restaurant.

Ljubljana Airport by Simon Summers

5 October 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Not much to add to my previous posting other than the new airport extension is attractive, very light and open with plenty of seating. Getting to and from the airport is still a hassle - passengers wanting to get to Ljubljana have a choice between an overpriced taxi, an irregular city bus and an erratic private shuttle service. All of which cost more than at a comparative western European airport!

Ljubljana Airport by David Smith

5 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Brnik is currently in the process of major development to increase capacity and comply with EU Schengen requirements. The departure lounge size is currently reduced while this work takes place. Once complete, then direct access to aircraft will be possible but in the meantime all flights require a bus - even though the plane is only 50m away from the gate! Nevertheless, the airport remains one of the easiest to get through, both for departure and arrivals, and the facilities are perfectly adequate in terms of duty free, snack bar etc.

Ljubljana Airport by Xuess Wee

10 October 2006

Actually it should be called Brnik Airport since it is nearer to the nearest town of Kranj than Ljubljana itself. 27km from Ljubljana. Very small compact airport. Hardly looking the part as the "National" airport of Slovenia. Clearing customs is breezy and efficient though and everybody speaks English. There aren't a lot of shops inside Departure (2 I think, plus a section selling drinks) and certainly no currency exchange booth. Don't come here expecting fantastic shopping while you wait. There were no connecting bridges so everyone board the planes on the tarmac via buses from the gates.

Ljubljana Airport by Simon Summers

5 October 2006

Quite a good little airport, quick arrival, swift departure but I have a few gripes. The terminal is currently being renovated and there are no airbridges so you are bussed in from/out to the aircraft. There is not very much to do airside and not enough seating when you've five flights leaving at the same time! Connections to the city also appear to be quite irregular and relatively expensive - the municpal bus leaves only hourly, takes fifty minutes and costs 4euros (twice as much as the train in Brussels or four times as much as the bus in Krakow), and the Adria Airways coach leaves every hour and half, takes thirty minutes and costs 5 euros! Do they understand that people fly to LJU not to visit Brnik but Ljubljana?

Ljubljana Airport by Graham Brack

2 April 2006

I like Ljubljana and have used it quite often. There has been some recent development so some of the older comments here would probably be revised. It's small, and when a lot of flights arrive at once it can get quite crowded, but for EU travellers immigration has added more gates and generally we're outside the airport within 20 minutes of landing, complete with baggage. I've never had any problems with public transport - the drivers usually speak English and the fares are very reasonable - around €5 to Bled, for example. Departures are relaxed in the sense that they allow check-in very late. In fact, when we tried to book a taxi to get us there two hours before our flight they refused to come and insisted an hour would be more than enough - and they were right. For quite a few flights they walk you to the plane, which may be only a short stroll from the terminal building. All in all, one of my favourite little airports.

Ljubljana Airport by Angus Johnson

9 August 2004

My family and I caught an 8:30 flight from Ljubljana Airport in July. We found a very pleasant and inexpensive hotel near the airport having driven from Bled the afternoon before. We checked out of the hotel at 7:40am, arrived at the airport at 7:43am (no kidding), checked in by 7:50am, returned keys to Avis by 7:52am, got to departure gate at 7:58am. Flight left on time! Best airport experience on the entire holiday.

Ljubljana Airport by Alex Stare

18 March 2004

Minus: High airport taxes, almost no public transportation to Ljubljana and surrounding cities, expensive taxi, no jetbridges, slow border control and security check Plus: short walking distances from check in to boarding, duty free shop at arrival.

Ljubljana Airport by Annette MacDonald

15 December 2003

Arrivals at Ljubljana is a pleasant and efficient experience, but Departures is a hassle. The check-in hall is so small that queues for desks intermingle and you can never be sure you're in the right line. Staff could be more helpful in these circumstances.

Ljubljana Airport by Matjaz Jerman

17 March 2003

The airport is situated some 30km from the city center. There are busses and of course taxis. Two bus companies are available. First one is state-owned LPP which will take you (via small villages) in 45 minutes and you'll pay some 3.5$. If you are not in hurry this could be quite nice ride as scenery is great. Busses are leaving from the main bus station. Busses are not anyhow linked to the flights. The other possibility is small family owned company "Markun prevozi" which has contract with Slovenian national carrier and leaves Ljubljana central bus station 1,5 hours before departure. It takes cca. 30 minutes and you'll pay 4.6$. It will be ride in a van and it'll be ride on highway. If you are late for your flight don't worry. As the airport is so small you'll be normally admitted to check in even only 10 minutes before flight departure. There are both short stay and long stay car parks. Price for an hour is cca. 1.4$ and per a day cca. 6$. Don't expect to much. Airport is really, really small and it reminds more on bus station than on airport. But despite small it's quite nice. Currently there are a few airlines serving Ljubljana airport. National carrier Adria Airways, Swiss Air, Yugoslav Airlines, CSA and Aeroflot. When entering the airport building you'll se how small it is. From the enterance you can see the whole building. On both left and right sides there are check-in desks, some airliners offices are directly opposite to desks. There is restaurant, cafe shop, mini market and news stand. There are some car rental offices, post office but it is all so small. There are only international flights as Slovenia is to small for domestic ones. Security check, passport check and customs are all put in 10m2. Departure lounge is big enough but without any decor or imagination. Duty free shop is small but offers quite wide range of products. There is only one lounge and it is for business class costumers and Diners Credit Card holders no matter which class they are flying. There is no any partition wall or anything like it between departure lounge and gates. To get to the plane you can be taken by bus or walk, depends on where your plane is parked. Arrivals - really small room for passport control, baggage claim and customs (all put together). There is tiny arrival hall with cafee bar and exchange machine for foreign currency. Staff-depends on day, weather... anything... from really nice and helpful staff to quite arrogant and ignorant ones. There is also nice cafe bar on the terrace where you can sit down and watch those 15 planes which lands daily. Despite it is small, I have to say I like Ljubljana airport as it is really cosy, no any pressure, with check-in 10 minutes before departure. On the second hand there are almost no cheap flights to Ljubljana - but this is whole another story, isn't it?


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