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LONG BEACH AIRPORT customer review :  21 November 2011 by Tom Sappington    (USA)

Rating : 7/10





I've always enjoyed flying in and out of Long Beach Airport, but this time was a big disappointment. They used to have remote lots for long-term parking at a reasonable price, but now those have been shut down. At this point the only option is the short-term parking which is a bit of a walk from the terminal, with a cost of $2/hour, maxing out at $17/day or $19/day, depending on which building you use. That really adds up!

Long Beach Airport customer review : 1 July 2010 by W Burke

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

At first I was concerned seeing the long lines at JetBlue's curbside check-in and at the check-in counter on my way to the upstairs restaurant to eat dinner before my flight. Restaurant is good but not cheap, but not outrageously priced considering portions and food quality. Was through security with minimal wait, less than 10 minutes. No jetways here so you have to walk on the tarmac to board your plane via stairs. Only complaint is terminal building is too small considering the number of people that pass through. Still I would continue to use LGB to avoid LAX every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Long Beach Airport customer review : 10 March 2009 by Mike Rosenzweig

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

This is such a convenient airport. Reminds me of a small mid-west airport where you park close by, check in, and at the gate so quickly. While not a lot of fancy amenities like the larger international airports, this airport is such a breeze.

LONG BEACH AIRPORT review : 15 September 2008 : by Michael Parker

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

It is simply an airport and not trying to be a shopping mall or anything else. Very quick passage through the airport if you're only dropping off bags; TSA efficient but thorough; bit of a crowd in the north portakabin as JetBlue, DL and AS had simultaneous departures, but as you can turn up so close to departure it's not a long wait. Restaurant upstairs is good as well, though not cheap, and it would be good to have more of the balcony given to non-eaters (maybe it's busier midweek than on a Sunday afternoon).

Long Beach Airport by W Donovan

27 June 2007  Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Long Beach is a great little airport. It has the most efficient TSA checkpoint I have ever seen with the longest line ever being about three minutes, and I fly through here quite often. While the south concourse is the only gate area I have used, I am sure the airport is the same throughout the terminal. The staff is great and friendly and you can chat with everyone. The gate numbering can be a bit confusing, but so long as you don't immediately exit the terminal to the left, you should be fine. They even give you an umbrella when it rains to walk onto the plane.

Long Beach Airport by J Griffis

24 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

I'm not entirely sure you can call LGB an "airport". It's sort of like a few runways with some temporary-cum-permanent trailers (aka "gates") parked on the side, strung together by covered chain-link fencing mazes for crowd control. All of that having been said, it's enormously better than LAX, and JetBlue does what it can to make your (hopefully) short wait at LGB pleasant (free wireless Internet is a nice little perk). My only suggestion would be to bring an umbrella... There are no airwalks from the plane to the gate, just a stairway down to the tarmac. In the occasional event of rain in Long Beach, it helps on the short jaunt from the plane to the "gate/terminal".




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