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Leipzig/Halle Airport customer review :  4 December 2013 by J Tennant    (UK)

Rating : 8/10





Leipzig is a wonderful city, but difficult to reach from the UK. Flew from Manchester via Dusseldorf. The airport is huge, but seemingly deserted for much of the time, though most facilities are there. There is a long, but under cover, walk to the railway station to catch the hourly connection into the city. (6 euro) Here lies the problem. There was no indication as to which platform the train departed (it was No 2 ) nor were there any staff to ask. Eventually, with the help of several other bemused travellers we worked out the ticket machine and the train eventually arrived. A great little airport with friendly staff, but for international travellers, the rail connection into the city needs a bit more working out.

Leipzig/Halle Airport by Suhail Kazim

4 March 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Leipzig airport is a new modern airport but not very user friendly. A major advance is the direct train connection right underneath but the layout is an odd one. After check in , the passenger has to walk a long distance to the security and passport control. This can be a headache of you have to stamp your papers for VAT tax refund as you need to show it to customs. It is located at one end and the check in at the other end. Good facilities present and staff are very friendly and polite even though not very conversant in English.

Leipzig/Halle Airport by Evan Duerr

22 January 2008   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

Easy to get to with car from the Autobahn, or from Leipzig with the train. The airport is large, but not confusing or crowded. Security was a breeze. All the people seemed nice.

Leipzig/Halle Airport by Matthias Hermann

9 January 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Huge airport, serving the cities of Leipzig and Halle and good connections to Berlin as well (roughly 1 hour by express train). Oversized, shiny, modern. Due to its huge size, one has to walk quite far through the whole airport to reach the rail station (oversized as well), which is located at the opposite end of the arrivals / departure hall. Good and fast connection to the city centres of Halle and Leipzig, but very unfairly calculated fare - they let you cross several fare zones so you have to pay more than for comparable distances in that region. Because of new restrictions for landing and taking off after 11 pm - interestingly there are NO restrictions for cargo flights - many budget airlines have cancelled their services to this airport and now only few major European cities are still served by non-stop flights . Very sad, since the alternatives now are Altenburg Airport or one of the Berlin airports. However, having to go there first from Leipzig or Halle increases the overall time of your journey massively.

Leipzig/Halle Airport by Michael Stettel

24 May 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Leipzig/Halle (LEJ) is modern with shiny terminals and state-of-the-art information systems. Travellers might wonder why the whole facility is so grotesquely oversized. The answer is simple - after Reunification the German government spent billions on new infrastructure in the East and Leipzig got a huge share of this. Too bad in a way, for what could have been an efficient regional airport with sleek operations and short distances turned out more like a ghost town, leaving the traveller with long walks through deserted buildings and sitting lonely in ridiculously large lounges. Ground staff usually is very helpful – especially the check-in staff by GlobeGround is always friendly and pleasant.




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