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HAMBURG LUBEK AIRPORT review : 28 June 2008 : by A Hazemi

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Been flying through LBC several times, with destinations such as Dublin and London Stansted. I have encountered only once uncomfortable experience with Ryanair flight to Dublin being delayed for almost 6 hours. Thanks to the Eu new regulation, I received a voucher for a small meal at the LBC restaurant. LBC is easily accessible from Hamburg City with the direct bus service. The airport condition improved somehow. A new duty free zone has been up and provides wide selection of goods, especially perfumes. Unfortunately it is located in the departure hall, just behind the security control.

HAMBURG LUBEK AIRPORT review : 21 June 2008 : by Sabina Sanziot

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Walked off plane, straight through passport control and my baggage was already waiting for me! Really dont understand how they managed to offload the baggage so quickly! Tiny little airport. No frills. Car park right outside main entrance of airport. Very short drive out on motorway.

Lübek Airport by Martin Faulkner

21 December 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

I've flown to and from Hamburg-Lübeck with Ryanair on many occasions (Skavsta and Stansted), and as long as you know what you're getting yourself into when you book, it's fine. This is a very much a basic flat-pack airport , but the bus to Hamburg takes about an hour for €8 a pop and deposits you right next to the main railway station, so frankly - especially as Ryanair airports go - it's perfectly reasonable. If something goes wrong and you're stranded here all day then naturally you'll start to tear your hair out after a while, but - occasional expansions and temporary chipboard flooring aside - it's hard to argue with the place when you're paying beer money for your flight.

Lübek Airport by Rainer Kaduk

19 August 2005

If the airport would not be used by Ryanair, this place would be as dead as a doornail. Highly unpleasant are the terminal facilities which were situated under a tent construction. If hot, bring water or suffer. Bring also a good read otherwise you will bore stiff. The restaurant facilities are okay and adequately priced. Transfer to and fro the airport is pretty easy from town - the bus terminal is in walking distance from the station (even if loaded which is not advisable with regard to Ryanair's regulations). Security could be a bit more relaxed, the hired people are overdoing it.

Lübek Airport by Scott Allison

14 March 2005

I agree with the other comments, the airport is fine. Small and compact but with a reasonable range of facilities. However the contracted-out airport security staff are extremely strict in enforcing Ryanair's maximum baggage weights and dimensions - no leeway whatsoever!! There were a lot of very angry passengers who were told after they had already checked in their hold baggage they would have to check in their hand baggage into the hold as well - for example because the wheels of the bag took it over the permitted dimensions. It's maybe because these security staff are working for a private company, instead of the airport or the airline they are so strict. Wireless LAN internet access available at 5 EURO per hour in the departure lounge.

Lübek Airport by Chris Licht

30 October 2003

Travelling recently from Lübeck on a Ryanair service to Stansted was a pleasant surprise. This small regional airport, placed in a residential suburb south of Lübeck, had five check-in counters open for one departure - the staff even smiled regularly - and the new (temporary?) departure lounge is roomy. The walk to the aircraft isn't long so Stansted is beaten in every category!




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