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Kerry Airport
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Kerry Airport customer review :  6 October 2014 by M Hussey    (Ireland)

Rating : 10/10





Often use these airport as it is my local. Very small and very nice. Celebrating it's 25th year of commercial services this year. Restaurant is conveniently placed close to check-ins and staff are young and very helpful. Everything is very smooth, and thanks to its small nature very quick to get from check-in, through security and to the gate. No long lines. However if a normal Ryanair 738 on a flight is boarding for London, usually the waiting area becomes extremely busy, with no seats left forcing people to sit on ground and on windowsills. Toilets are also not exactly very clean, but still at standard. Overall excellent airport.

Kerry Airport customer review : 6 September 2010 by T Noonan

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

No traffic problems getting there. The long term car park is but 20 mtrs from the main entrance. The check in is 5 mtrs from the gate. The security checks are a breeze, especially when those passengers approaching the scanners have remembered to remove the required articles-their scanners are the most sensitive of any I have ever encountered. There is a very nice restaurant area cum bar. The area is generally clean and well kept. The security staff should appear more friendly, accepting that they have a very important job to do.

Kerry Airport customer review : 28 April 2006 by Brian Murphy

Customer Rating : 0/5

0 Star Rating

Recently travelled from Kerry airport to Dublin on Aer Arann. It was my first time using this airport. The airport itself is a short ride from Killarney. However, the road signage could be improved, especially in Killarney itself. The airport is a nice, small airport in design, complete with a self-service restaurant land-side and a small shop, where one can buy Irish gifts airside. The main comment I would make however refers to the overall cleanliness of the airport. The check-in area is next to the restaurant and the wafting smell of dinner can be off-putting for passengers. In addition, the floors and toliets are not shining, which is a pity as with a small airport like this, it should be very easy for the authorities to maintain this image. I recently was in Pau in France and although somewhat bigger I was really impressed by the ultra-cleanliness of the airport. First impressions last, and I think the airport managers should carefully look into upgrading the overall airport image. This can only help tourism! Finally, I found the check-in staff somewhat indifferent!




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