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Karachi Airport
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19 reviews




KARACHI AIRPORT customer review :  15 April 2015 by Zeeshan Shah    (USA)

Rating : 7/10





Jinnah International Airport still holds up pretty well after 23 years, but some renovation is probably needed to brighten and spruce the terminal up as the colors are just too dull and dark. The speed of luggage coming out is still pretty slow, and the second security checkpoint should probably be move before the shopping for convenience. On the bright side the airport now has free wifi which is a godsend.

KARACHI AIRPORT customer review :  15 March 2013 by A Syed    (Australia)

Rating : 5/10





Visited this airport so many times and it just looks very old now, staff should consider renovating it now! Still a good airport, nothing special. It just looks very tired now!

KARACHI AIRPORT customer review :  28 February 2013 by A Gulzar    (Canada)

Rating : 9/10





Jinnah Airport was clean. Gulf Air staff didn't consider my request to check in my hand luggage on flight GF751 even though I was unable to lift the cabin bag due to health reasons and despite flying business class on Feb 16, 2013. The porters are great with reasonable rates for International travellers. CIP lounge very small but sandwiches were great.

KARACHI AIRPORT customer review :  10 February 2012 by Farooq Azam    (Pakistan)

Rating : 9/10





Arrived early morning from Doha. Walked 10 minutes for immigration and cleared in 5 minutes although there was another flight from Dubai too. Waited 10 minutes for my luggage and I was out through the green channel around at 5.25.

Karachi Airport customer review :  4 September 2011 by N Hassan   (UAE)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






Spacious Building and courteous staff, all basic amenities available, pricing of goods and shops acceptable. Immigration Queues are cleared quite quickly and baggage claim fast. Airport becomes chaotic when several flights arrive/depart at the same time.

Karachi Airport customer review :  25 July 2010 by B Khan

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

My flight arrived from Colombo at 6pm. Disembarking through air bridge, walking the concourse passing through Immigration all smooth, took 15 mins. Waiting for the Luggage another 10 mins. I like the fact that Immigration is considerate towards elderly and female passengers, they get priority and don’t have to wait in long queues. I have also arrived KHI International at 4 am. The situation is completely opposite. No airbridge added half an hour to terminal using the bus. Long Immigration queues then an hour wait for our bags. Staff, building, shops, cleanliness - all good.

KARACHI AIRPORT review : 28 October 2008 : by Kurt Müller

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Arrived at 0300am by TK. With no other aircraft in sight at the terminal, I was looking forward to moving through immigration swiftly. I could not have been more wrong. There was one queue for foreign passport holders, staffed by a tired-looking man who seemed to have seen a computer for the first time earlier that day. He was later joined by a second officer with similar prowess. I was sixth in line and had still not made it to the immigration desk by the time the three neighbouring queues for Pakistani passport holders had been cleared! Once through, I attempted to draw cash from one of the ATM machines in the baggage hall. The RBS machine indicated a "general failure", the Citibank machine had an illegible, flickering screen, and I decided to give the Barclay machine a miss and went to a bank counter instead to change cash, thinking I would waste less time. But there my stash of Turkish lira was not welcome for reasons no one was able to explain. I used to think Indian airports were a nightmare, but Karachi has definitely taken the top spot now.

KARACHI AIRPORT review : 27 June 2008 : by O Ahsan

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I find Karachi airport actually quite good - only blemish (as most reports point out) is immigration particularly when a number of flights land close together. Jinnah international is is not really geared for many flights. There is a heavy security presence but staff are polite and professional. Check in is easy particularly in business. Distances to walk are manageable and the duty free not bad.

Karachi Airport by O Ahsan

27 June 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

I find Karachi airport actually quite good - only blemish (as most reports point out) is immigration particularly when a number of flights land close together. Jinnah international is is not really geared for many flights. There is a heavy security presence but staff are polite and professional. Check in is easy particularly in business. Distances to walk are manageable and the duty free not bad.

Karachi Airport by Kurt Mueller

1 July 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Arrived on 23 June 2006 by EK at 4.30 a.m. All passport desks were manned, but the number of arriving flights was such that all booths had a queue of some 50+ people lining up. What made things worse was the total absence of any semblance of organisation. There are separate and clearly marked channels for foreign and Pakistani passports, respectively, but clearly, this day had been declared "zoo day". Finally got to the baggage hall after 1h 30 min, where the chaotic scenes just kept coming. The luggage from my flight was either on the stopped belt, beside the belt or had dropped behind it. My bag with a priority label was found underneath some other stuff on the floor. When approached about this mess, the EK ground staff reacted with great amusement. What are passengers paying for nowadays in terms of air fares and - in the case of KHI airport - a Rs 700 "service" charge?

Karachi Airport by Moyene Najmi

27 January 2006

Karachi airport is pretty run-down from the last few years that I have been visiting the place both for international and domestic travel. While the terminal building was originally inaugrated around 1993 and constructed by a french company, its a basic airport. There is a duty free, a shopping arcade for Pakistani handicrafts and a McDonalds Kiosk for those who just have to have a Big Mac. However, while the airport may be maintained to some extent, its not neccesary that everythng will be spank. Lightning can be an "occasional" issue and the local authorities have put in these hideous looking black glass enclosures everywhere which are not coherent with the original airport design. A welcome addition is the Citigroup ATM kiosk right there at International Arrivals which adds a colourful touch to a rather mundane airport. The best part is that the terminal has lots of space for developing passenger facilities including new restaurants, bookshops and coffee shops etc. Heck, on the street level, Pakistan has every conceivable food franchise including McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Costa Coffee and Papa Johns. The airport has none other than a McDonalds kiosk which is not open 24 hours. The duty free also needs a brush up as the current operator is not allowed to sell alcohol. All in all, the airport is modern and the size of the terminal manageable unlike other asian and western airports which overwhelm passengers with their long walks and distant parking lots. Also, the huge underground parking which has not ever been opened since the airport came into existence in 1993 needs to be opened up.... whats the use of having it in the first place!

Karachi Airport by Asif Aslam

15 November 2004

Karachi airport is modern. It is not very well designed to handle multiple flight arrival or departure. Specially immigration counter is the bottle neck in the whole process. Duty free can always be improved. Given Karachi is one of the largest cities in Pakistan. I would expect a world class airport. Immigration is the first impression a visitor gets about a country - if they can help improve it with more efficient and courteous staff, it will help improve image of the country.

Karachi Airport by Asad Ali

18 May  2004

Karachi Airport is well designed and everything goes in well manner. The civil aviation staff are cooperative with a separate visible counter made for any kind of travel related emergency. The only thing which irritated me when i visited the airport in 2003 was the behaviour of porters and taxi drivers outside the airport. They used to rushed around you. But in recent visit in 2004 it made me feel good and that a separate counter has been made to assigned porters in serial. Also 2 counters of Taxis has been made. One is of the local taxi drivers and other is of the exellent conditioned private taxis. Same like in the porter case, you will be given a taxi on the booking on their counters.

Karachi Airport by K Müller

2 May  2004

On the positive side, this is a well laid-out airport with surprisingly few hassles in the check-in area (domestic or international). Baggage is brought onto the carousels quite fast, too. The main gripe is with immigration - I lined up for more than one hour when arriving on EK at 4.30 am on 20 April. When departing with the same airline a week later and passing immigration at around 4.45 am, I was surprised at how surly the only passport controller available was - unable or unwilling to stretch her arms to the counter to pick up my passport (she waited for me to stretch across and place it into her hand). Her colleagues (six of them) were congregating at another desk and turned away passengers who wanted to use that particular lane as the passport guys were "taking their break". Goes to show that a nice building is not enough.

Karachi Airport by Madni Mansoor

4 April  2004

The Quaid-e-Azam International Terminal is a beautifully designed airport. It is well designed from the inner side of building. A stranger can also pass its time by enjoying its surrounds. Everything is efficient. It is a well restricted airport from any illegal persons. The staff is friendly and cooperative.

Karachi Airport by J Molin

12 February 2004

Karachi airport is a very nice with a modern architecture and it is easy to use. Although my first experience of arriving there was quite shocking. The staff at the airport is friendly and has good English skills but there are so many armed guards. The first thing I saw after leaving the aircraft and entering the terminal building via the passenger bridge was three guards with machine guns more or less ready to shoot you at any time. I appreciate the security but for me being quite young at that time thought it was scary. It is not the kind of persons you stop and have a chat with. Otherwise I have a very positive image of the airport. Many security checks but everything works very efficiently including check-in, boarding and baggage handling. There was also a duty-free shop in the transit hall with "international prices".

Karachi Airport by Karl Uebanks

11 September 2003

KHI was built about 6-7 years ago, and is still a clean, well run and manageable airport. Arriving passengers are quickly processed through immigration, and there is a separate line for foreigners, which is quite short. Baggage arrives quickly, and trolleys actually work. All bags are x-rayed and then passengers can leave the airport. Since no one but employees and ticketed passengers are allowed inside the terminal, the breezeway outside is where the Asian experience truly begins. Touts, taxi drivers, and a myriad of people with no discernible purpose mill about. Hopefully you have a hotel meet-and-greet and you can leave quite easily. For departing passengers, once you enter the terminal, things are quite civilized, as only passengers are allowed inside. All bags are x-rayed and there are several additional security screenings. Check-in is usually quick, although outbound immigration queues can be longish. There are shops selling duty free, but I would suspect that prices are fairly inflated. CIP lounges are sub-standard, with limited food and beverage selections. Without fail, staff are polite and helpful. Even security personnel, though armed to the teeth, are professional and courteous. Bathrooms are spotless and each has a fulltime attendee present. There are even free Internet kiosks around the departure terminal. The airport design is nice, with Islamic touches, and copious amounts of marble.

Karachi Airport by Sadiq Hassan

22 June 2003

Karachi airport has the the things that actually matter in an airport, you can check in 25mins before your flight and your bags will definItely be on the flight. Plus on most airlines they wrap your bags for free (in the US it is around $3). The main reason Karachi airport is so good, is that it is small and doesn't have too much traffic, so everything runs smoothly. The only things is the immigration lines are very long and generally take about 30-45mins because of a lack of them. (Normally 1 desk is open).

Karachi Airport by Steve Dale

19 May 2003

New Quaid-e-Azam Terminal is spacious and beautifully designed. Plenty of shops and a couple of restaurants, and you are able to board your flight by covered walkway. I remember the old airport which resembled a motley collection of old huts and you had to go by bus from the building to the aircraft.



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