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Kabul Airport
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Kabul Airport customer review :  11 June 2014 by Dave Stanley    (UK)

Rating : 8/10





Just like winning the lottery, there are some things that you just do not expect to do. Giving Kabul airport a good review is one of them. But here it is. I have been travelling to Kabul for many years and have always hated the airport battle. But the new airport is different. If all you want to do is got on and off of a flight quickly and efficiently, Kabul airport does that very well. The 2 hour queues at immigration are gone. More like 2 minutes now. Baggage reclaim is as good as anywhere else in he world. It took about half an hour from landing to being out of the airport. No problems with check in either. My Turkish flight left exactly on time. Don't expect too much in the way of shops or business lounge in the departures area, but it is adequate. Wifi Internet is working well and free. There are lots of security checks on the way into the airport. Expect 4 lots of X-ray checks and various vehicle and body searches. That is just a part of life in Kabul these days. Overall a good and efficient experience and a big change from the old Afghan way.

Kabul Airport customer review : 19 August 2010 by O Schmidt

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

The new airport building is in operation. However, the interior looks worn out already. Parts of the equipment (baggage scanners, trolleys, furniture) seem to have been brought in from the old building. Immigration procedures upon arrival are fast, efficient and modern, including automated biodata scan. Numerous security checks with long queues require lots of patience when departing. Duty free shops are expensive and offer limited choice. Business class lounge means just separated, softer seating - no entrance control, no food or drinks offered. Boarding for all aircraft started 30 minutes after scheduled departure time; at least for SAFI Airline, this seemed to be considered in the schedule as outbound flights generally have longer travel times than inbound.

Kabul Airport customer review : 7 May 2009 by Dave Stanley

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Dubai-Kabul-Dubai. The chaos at Kabul airport continues. Still the old terminal is used. However, for those travelling to UAE, just as you think the hassle is over and you are in the departure lounge, you are told that you are boarding. Great. You see the aircraft, barely 20m from the gate. But does the bus take you there? No, it takes you to the new terminal. In fact, to a room in the bottom of the terminal, where you are searched again. You have already been searched at least three times already. This whole procedure delays you be 3/4 hour because of the long queues. Meanwhile the aircraft which was ready to go on time is sitting there waiting. Finally, you leave at least half an hour late. At least we saw a bit of the new terminal. However, it does not appear to be built to the high standard that had been promised.

Kabul Airport customer review : 27 March 2009 : by M Fazly

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

I agree with Dave's comment. Passengers still use the old terminal. Officials say that they do not have trained staff to run the new terminal, this is indeed a big shame!

Kabul Airport customer review : 29 January 2009 : by Dave Stanley

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

The new terminal may well have been inaugurated, but it is not being used. Maybe it is just for visiting heads of state etc. We were pushed through the old terminal, which has had some limited refurbishment. However, do not expect any food to be available inside the airport (apart from nuts or Pringles). That and the staff continue to be the airports biggest problem.

Kabul Airport review by M Fazly

18 November 2008  Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

A new terminal has been inaugrated to the west of the old terminal. The new terminal has built with international standards. Japan funded the construction of this terminal. The facilities in the new terminal are far more better compared with the old one. From 12 November 2008, the old terminal is used for domestic flights only.

Kabul Airport review by I Miakhil

25 March 2008  Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Too much to expect the same standards as they have in Dubai or in the west. Over the last two years too much had been done and is still going on. The existing terminal has been refurbished and looks better then any airports in Pakistan.A new one will be completed by the end of 2008 for international flights.The existing one will be for domestic flights.

Kabul Airport review by Dave Stanley

24 December 2007  Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

There has been some effort to improve the airport. Some refurbishment of the ceiling has got rid of the bullet holes and mess of wiring. There are also a few less opportunities for the staff to collect 'tips'. The upstairs depatrure lounge toilets no longer require breathing apparatus. The new terminal has some of the concrete superstructure complete, so there is a chance it will open in 2008.

Kabul Airport review by Terry Crocker

29 March 2007  Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

Very poor conditions, no heat, light bulbs burnt out, luggage conveyor belt was broken, exposed wires hanging from the cieling. People including staff very pushy and unorganized all wanted money for accomplishing simple tasks such as retrieving luggage. In short the worst airport I have been in.

Kabul Airport review by Hikmat Karamy

7 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

It goes without saying that Kabul airport is a very basic, outdated and irritating. Every sound minded traveller should not expect the type of services of Changi, KLIA or Chek Lap Kok from this airport which has been through 30 years of wars.

Kabul Airport review by Mike Ratcliffe

12 September 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

I arrived at Kabul on 21 Aug 2006, actually it didn't seem so bad, its very small and it only has one conveyer belt, so some guy had to take off the luggage to keep it getting swamped. Its a long way to the car park on dirt roads but it works. Problem arriving at the airport to depart to Dubai, stopped at a checkpoint 100 yards from the airport, stopped again 50 yds from the airport,, got frisked and told to go to get my luggage checked. Went into a shed and they insisted in opening every bag, one guy took forever, then went to the actual airport. Every bag goes through a metal detector and every person, then the checked bags go to security for a tag. Check in was OK, then through another metal detector, get passports checked, another metal detector then frisked again then another metal detector, go to departure lounge. The flight is called get frisked again, get to the plane they check my passport s again, get on the plane. In total I was checked 6 times, this is a complete joke of an international airport, they haven't got a clue. The departure lounge is terrible, flies everywhere.

Kabul Airport review by Dave Stanley

29 January 2006

Back again in November and January. As usual there is not much positive to report. One good thing, the extreme cold in the building has killed all the flies. They have introduced an airport tax. 500 Afghani (10$) for international departures and 50 Afghani for local. I did ask the man collecting it whether they could buy some cleaning materials. I'm not sure if he did not understand me or the concept of cleaning.

Kabul Airport review by Dave Stanley

14 October 2005

I travelled through in September. The last couple of visits they have been forcing people to use the waiting area on the first floor. This is as dirty as the rest of the airport and is infested with flies. It is also too hot in warm weather as the new air-conditioners stopped working soon after they were installed. Do not use the toilets unless you take your own paper, disinfectant and breathing apparatus. It is best to argue with the security people and hopefully get access to the downstairs waiting area. It is still not nice but there are less flies and it is cooler.

Kabul Airport review by Derek Sansbury

9 October 2005

I agree with Dave Stanley. I flew out from Kabul only a week ago and the security police asked for money to fast track me through the airport the next time I arrive in Kabul to enter the city. It's a pity really because the people are overdue some happiness and need all this corruption to stop.

Kabul Airport review by Dave Stanley

19 July 2005

Back again during July. There has been no improvement. The airport is filthy and smells bad. This time there were long queues at immigration on the way in and out. We watched the transport police taking bribes to 'fast track' some passengers. The Japanese are going to build a new terminal. I hope they employ new staff and can find someone that knows what a mop is for. Security changes mean that unless you are military you will not get a vehicle close to the terminal building.

Kabul Airport review by Dave Stanley

29 May 2005

To be fair, the luggage conveyor belt does still work. However, the airport shows little sign of having been cleaned for a long time. There were not any queues at immigration or check in. I think I was lucky though. The upstairs restaurant is no longer available from airside. Just a little stall selling crisps and other snacks.

Kabul Airport review by John Charlesworth

21 April 2005

Like Dave Stanley, found lack of hassle for bribes, touts for taxis and porters by the dozen per case, a pleasant change from African Airports. Advice to embarking passengers: Go to toilet before arriving at airport. Bring a book. Bring a sense of humour.

Kabul Airport review by Dave Stanley

10 October 2004

I have used Kabul airport frequently since the fall of the Taleban. It was originally built by the Russians many years ago. It is difficult to find any thing positive to say about it. It might have been better if it was destroyed in the war. The moment you arrive you will be greeted by long queues at immigration - the do like to do things very slowly in Afghanistan. You then have the chaos of baggage reclaim. The Afghans have no idea about waiting and there will usually be a mad rush for the hole in the wall where the baggage eventually comes out. The conveyor belt had been repaired last time I was there, but will probably have broken by now. You are quite safe in the airport, at least as far as security goes. Check in can also be painfully slow. Even African airports are more efficient. The waiting area is not very clean and will be smoke filled. OK, a couple of positive things. I have never been hassled for bribes by airport officials and the restaurant upstairs is not too bad if it is open. There were new toilets upstairs also, but it is possible they will not have been cleaned since they were installed. One of the features of the airport is the large number of destroyed aircraft. Both around the runway and outside the airport on the right as you leave. This last one is where Ariana, the Afghan airline have all there old destroyed planes and many believe is what they have used to build their current fleet of 727's.





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