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JIAMUSI AIRPORT review :  5 July 2009 by Nick Fortuna   (Australia)

Customer Rating :  3/5

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JMU is located in the far north-east of China, approx two hours' flying time from Beijing and three hours' flying time from Shanghai-Pudong. With a single runway doubling as the only taxiway, JMU doesn't see much traffic. One has to walk across the runway to the terminal building - no provisions of covered walkways in this single-storey terminal building. Ok in summer, but imagine in winter with -25 degrees. And it does get that cold up there - the Russian border is only a few hundred km away. The single belt means it can get crowded when a full China Southern 737 disgorges is complement of passengers. Trolleys are free, but in a poor state. As soon as the airport staff matches luggage tag against baggage receipt means you're fair game for the taxi touts. Which is meaningless since they all use the meter. The drive into Jiamusi city is uneventful and mercifully only 50 RMB away. Departing on Hainan Airlines was easy - though the ticket counter accepts cash only should you need to purchase the ticket at the airport like we did. The two check-in clerks went about their job quickly and efficiently. Security was equally quick. The single departure hall consisted of two gates, a souvenir shop selling Russian matrioshka dolls and manicure sets (!) and a smoking room. Again, boarding was by walking across the aircraft parking bay. My only gripe were the taxi touts, filthy toilets and lack of covered walkways.




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