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Harare Airport customer review :  25 February 2013 by John Coffin    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





The international arrivals and departure section at Harare, Zimbabwe, airport is a revelation. On arrival all the staff including Immigration and Customs were friendly and welcoming and this contributed to an excellent first impression and a speedy processing. Possibly helped by having obtained visas before flying. On departure, check in was efficient and again the friendly staff were most helpful. There is a full range of facilities airside and clean toilets. At present there are not too many international flights but the experience was excellent.

Harare Airport by Charlotte Humphrey

9 May 2004   Customer Rating : n/a

Harare International Airport is fantastic. I found it to be relaxing and I could watch the children running around without worrying about losing them in the crowd. Coming from Zimbabwe (a third world country) to Abu Dhabi (through Dubai), I was amazed to see how first class the Harare airport is in comparison. I had the misconception that everything was better outside of Zimbabwe, I was proven wrong. The immigration officials were kind and even cracked a joke on the way out and the shop that stocked local items was interesting to look around. The children enjoyed watching the plane land right by the window and then watching people disembark. It was a pleasant experience all in all.


Harare Airport by Gary Lloyd

6 April 2004

I recently flew into and out of HRE. I arrived on a Kenya Airways flight from LHR via NBO, and we were the only aircraft there, hence arrivals were completed in record time. A very pleasant experience after the bustle of Heathrow and heaving masses at a hot Nairobi airport. Staff courteous and polite both at customs and check-in on way out. What a pity such excellent facilities so very under-utilised!


Harare Airport by Charles E Waterbury

4 February 2004

Recently flew through Harare International and found the airport to be very nice, organized, clean and very very empty. The duty free area after customs is limited though nice. Several of the shops only used half of their lights to save costs. Interestingly while you are not allowed to take any Zim Dollars out of the country as a tourist and only $50,000.00 as a resident (between $8 and $12 US depending on the going rate) all the shops are priced in Zim Dollars and only give the official exchange rate (Zim$824 to $US1.00) which is ridiculous. Fortunately the customs officers could not have cared less that I had thousands of Zim Dollars left over which had been obtained on the black market making the costs at the airport in US Dollar terms very low. The people at the airport were quite friendly and helpful even going so far as to put the stamps on the post card for me. All in all a good airport just waiting to service increased tourism once Mugabe goes.


Harare Airport by Bryan Morton

14 May 2003

Flew through Harare International several times during a recent trip to Zimbabwe, using both the Domestic & International terminals. The current Domestic terminal was the International one until a few years ago - no updating has been done since, as the customs & immigration desks are all still there. It was quick to pass through and pleasantly decorated, however there was a distinct lack of facilities (only a few domestic flights each day so it probably hasn't been worth their while putting shops etc in), and the toilets were in dismal condition - to be avoided at all costs. International terminal was a much better experience. Opened only a few years ago and built for a much larger number of flights than it currently handles, it seemed very spacious. Facilities were all well-maintained with a good range of shops. Food in the only restaurant was also good. Customs and immigration checks both arriving and departing were quick & courteous. Overall, a very pleasant airport for international flights, but let down by their poorly-maintained domestic facilities.




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