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Holguin Airport customer review :  8 December 2012 by D Tony    (Canada)

Rating : 5/10





This airport is getting busier and busier as more international flights come and go daily-but the facilities are not enough to handle the high volume of passengers. As a result, one has to stay in the queue for a long period of time for everything-immigration, check-in, security check up, luggage pick-up.

Holguin Airport customer review :  17 April 2011 by T McKay   (Canada)

Customer Rating :  1/5

1 Star Rating   






On arrival at the airport three hours in advance of the flight time I went inside and immediately noticed two things. Incredibly long lines for check in and an unbearable smell. I waited in line for one hour and twelve minutes to check in and headed for the washrooms. Every flush in the terminal was full to overflowing and there was no water with to flush or even wash ones hands. Disgusting! On arrival at the booth to pay my departure tax,all I had were a 20 peso note and a 10 peso note. I gave these to the man at the desk and he took them,put them somewhere under the counter and folded his arms and refused to look at me again.I got no change. I went to the cadeca to change my remaining 30 pesos to Canadian and I received $22cdn. On questioning the lady she screeched "no change,no coin"! I am totally disgusted with this airport. I loved my stay in Cuba,but my experience at Holguin will in all probability keep me from returning.

HOLGUIN AIRPORT review : 3 March 2009 : by William Read

Customer Rating :  3/5

3 Star Rating

The national terminal used this time for a flight to Havana (unexpectedly via Cayo Coco) with Aerocaribbean. Everything as before, but two tips for travellers. I had purchased my ticket in Havana earlier in the week; it was en e-ticket, and so I was surprised at the delay, 25 minutes at check in, whilst the official went to a back office and wrote out a paper ticket! I queried this. and was told that the worldwide disappearance of paper tickets had not yet taken effect in Holguin! In the departure lounge was a small counter selling drinks and basic refreshments; it accepts only CUP Cuban pesos, the national currency, as opposed to the CUC convertible peso. Therefore, foreign travellers returning to Havana on an internal flight requiring refreshments, need to obtain some CUP in advance of their flight. I would not recommend unofficial currency exchange with fellow Cuban passengers within the departure lounge.

Holguin Airport review by William Read

9 April 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Frank Pais International Airport at Hologuin has two terminals; one (modern) deals with international charter and scheduled services, and the other (older) deals with flights to and from Havana. My comments relate to the older, national terminal. The tone is set when passengers see the huge portrait of former President Fidel Castro on the airport terminal, plus the slogan on the perimeter wall "Socialism or Death". This sets the tone for what is usually a pleasant visit to the city of Holguin. Incoming passengers walk to the terminal, where an excellently designed baggage conveyor promptly brings the luggage to be reclaimed. The design of this conveyor, requiring passengers simply to reach their suitcases off the belt, is in contrast to those at much newer, larger UK airports. On arrival for your return flight check in is swift and simple, and the waiting lounge has somewhat noisy Cuban TV playing loud music all the time.

Holguin Airport review by L Crowe

6 November 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

If in a group, have someone get off the plane asap, get right through and head for the Cambio (Exchange counter). Otherwise you may be queued up for a while. The rates are fair. There is a small drinks stand down an "alleyway" between Arrivals & Departures. Assuming you were smart enough to bring back some CUC or got a small amount in the airport, the beers & pop are cold & cheap. Still only .80 for a Crystal or Buccanero, but oddly enough it's 1 Peso for a Tucola. Cheaper than on the bus, if offered. Back in March 2007, there was extensive work being done to bring more A/C to the upper level and close in the open outside balcony on the upper level. I guess the crowding factor made them notice. The duty free is the best deal in town. Not being computerized for check-in does have it's drawbacks when it comes to seat selection, etc. Especially when HOG is a stop on the way and others have already boarded. Found no difference between Cubana & SkyService, it's the airport running the show. The Customs / Immigration staff always seem to be polite but not too friendly, after all, they do have a job to do protecting Cuba. Once we left and nobody wanted my cigar documents, another time, they were all over the boxes. A few pleasantries en Espanol goes a long way. Be a gracious tourist and learn some of the lingo. Note that liquids in carry-ons is not the concern as in most other countries. Full bottles of rum? No problem. Bottles of lotion? No problem. And this is for goods packed before Security screening, not after like with duty free stuff.

Holguin Airport review by Andy Reeley

24 July 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Do Book the First Class lounge as soon as you arrive ready for your return. I didn't and sat jealously sweltering and being zapped by mozzies as I waited for my inevitably late flight. Otherwise if there is only one flight due, there seems to be enough room and seats, probably get too crowded if more than one flight waiting to depart. Arrival and getting through customs is a fuss and very slow, although the security people are friendly, I got my passport stamped as well as the visa when I asked (nice free souvenir). Toilets were a bit smelly and not totally functioning but did have toilet paper (Gents). Stuff is sold in both duty free shop and kiosks around the departure lounge. Note, as expected, the duty free shop is much cheaper. You can only pay in CUC's - or at an exorbitant markup, by credit card. Good views of the apron from the lounge and the only downside is if you are a fervent anti-smoker. This is cuba, they sell cigars, you can work it out! Tip, a few people had stuff confiscated from their hand luggage, tobacco and spirits - I think it was all stuff that the proper export tax hadn't been paid on. Keep a few CUC's to slip the staff at the airport, and they also really apreciated a drink or two. As everywhere the porters are quite bullish. Don't get upset at being asked for a tip just for loading the suitcase into the coach, Look how much you earn and then realise how much 1 is worth to them.

Holguin Airport review by Douglas Yates

2 September 2005

Holguin is a small airport, not used to more than 5 movements a day, so when things go wrong, they simply don't have the staff to sort out the problems. I experienced delays in both my inbound and outbound flights, so I got to see a lot of the airport. Immigration is a major hold up, since they are very thorough at checking, and have few staff. I went through the gates 6 times, and each time spent over an hour in the queue. The departure lounge is small. but with plenty of seating, and an excellent view of the apron and runways from the observation balcony upstairs. There are a few shops, and a money exchange kiosk that changes money at the exact rate, ie. it doesn't charge commission. There are two bars serving food and drink but, this being Cuba, the food selection is limited. I was there for 3 days and all they had was cheese and ham rolls for the entire time. Overall it's a pleasant enough place for normal transfers, but you wouldn't want to spend a lot of time there. Expect to get wet if it's raining, as the covered airstairs, the busses and the terminal building all leak during heavy downpours.




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