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Hahn Airport customer review :  16 May 2013 by Robert Comans    (Netherlands)

Rating : 1/10





What a bad experience. Airport in the middle of nowhere. P4 also in the middle of nowhere. Shuttle service. No signs at parking lot which direction you have to go to catch the bus, so you walk in cold and rain about 1 km. If you have passed customs, there are no sanitary facilities, so no toilets or whatever. If we returned and we would like to catch a cup of coffee and some bread, payment with credit card or pin was not possible.

Hahn Airport customer review :  27 December 2010 by S Smith   (UK)

Customer Rating :  1/5

1 Star Rating   






Had the misfortune to be diverted here from Luxembourg. What a dump. We sat on the plane for 90 mins waiting for transport to the terminal only to eventually find there was no transport and that we could have walked the 100 metres to the terminal in about 2 minutes. Paid Eur12 for the bus, cash only of course. Bus left 45 mins late whilst the driver eat his lunch and waited for other flights. The whole place has a low cost feel to it from the humourless staff to the basic nature of the facilities. How it can be called "Frankfurt" Hahn when it is about 150km from the city is beyond me.

Hahn Airport customer review : 29 April 2010 : by Robin Jones

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Long drive which was totally unexpected, thought I was going somewhere near the Frankfurt airport, and rude staff, but once my problem was straightened out (in the long ticket line) I started to enjoy my time at the airport. I am of the mindset that you get what you pay for. My flight was so cheap that I was okay with putting up with the minor conveniences. My lessons learned, park in the cheapest parking lot (the closer you are to the terminal the more it costs) print out your ticket before you arrive at the airport (extra cost if you do not do so) and make sure your bags are not overweight. If they are, you must wait in a very long line, pay the extra costs, and then go back to the original line and check your bags in again. Thankfully, we got to the airport in plenty of time to handle these hiccups.

Hahn Airport customer review : 28 September 2009 : by A Hunter

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

I think this is typical of the budget airline approach. Once you accept that then it works well. It's a clean and functional airport and we found people friendly and helpful.

Hahn Airport customer review : 8 September 2009 : by Daniel Kreft

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

If you come to Frankfurt-Hahn airport and hire a car from there, make sure you know where the car-hire return parks are. I returned in the dark at 5am, using the sat-nav directions supplied by Hertz, and was told I had arrived when I was nowhere near anything recognisable. There are no signs directing you to the car-hire returns (certainly nothing easily seen at night) Hunting around in the dark, with a plane to catch, I decided to return the car to a long-stay car-park, which itself was over 600m from the terminal. There was no box in the airport desk to safely return the key, so I had to put it behind the desk, and hope the staff would find it when they arrived at 7am., which they did. Apart from that the airport is adequate!

Hahn Airport customer review : 7 May  2009 : by Francisco Andrade

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Avoid to fly to this so-called airport. Everything is mounted to pick additional money from passengers. You go to the check-in counter and they say you have to pay extra-weight first at another counter, you go there and you wait a long time to pay for it, when you come back you wit and the same person tells you have to go to another check-in counter, and it keeps going until someone tells you check-in is closed for your flight! Personnel is rude and won't help you solve any problem.

Hahn Airport customer review : 27 February 2009 : by Andy Green

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Yes, the airport is a long way from Frankfurt bur the bus service is frequent and reasonably priced at 12 euros. I find it a pleasure to use an airport without the crowds.

HAHN AIRPORT review : 24 January 2009 : by Lyle Almond

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

The airport in Hahn referred to as Frankfurt is indeed a marketing sham, made worse by the RyanAir ticket counter staff's insistence that misnaming an airport with that of a distant city is quite common. This is quite a shell game, charging 12 Euro to drive airline passengers who've made every provision to get to the Frankfurt Airport on time in order to be subjected to an unexpected 1-1/2 hour bus ride to a remote cow pasture somewhere near Luxembourg. Is there any sense or reason for this? As for RyanAir, a better attempt at customer service to alert passengers that their Frankfurt departure will actually take place at a remote and completely different airport. Why not simply call it the Hahn Airport? We could all live without the false advertising, especially when this confusion costs extra money in rebooking fees and much lost time waiting for another flight.

HAHN AIRPORT review : 28 December 2008 : by Linda Boddy

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I travel to and from the UK every couple of weeks, and cannot complain about Hahn airport in any way. If one makes correct provision for travel time, it can be a pleasant experience. One has to bear in mind that the flights themselves are usually cheap, with no frills, to a certain extent this applies to the airport too. There are no frills. Admittedly, things are not always 'cheap' but then which airport is? The staff are mostly friendly and when flying these days is akin to getting on a bus, I don't see what the fuss is about. Bus stations are hardly fun places and most times my flights have been cheaper than a bus fare! I will continue to use Hahn regularly and would recommend it to anyone. Make provision for onward travel, and for the budget conscious, Hahn is still a good option. The bus service into Frankfurt Main is frequent and reasonably cheap ar €12 for a single. No complaints. I would suggest that future travellers do more research before griping!

HAHN AIRPORT review : 18 September 2008 : by Shafqat Akanda

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

I agree with others that this airport is way too far from Frankfurt to be called a Frankfurt Airport. The bus service from FRA was on time - and journey was scenic. The airport reminded me of flying in the 70s, when most medium-sized airports were like that. It has what you need - rental car, cafes, telephone, internet, and clean toilets. Only problem was that there were not enough chairs to sit in the departure hall - and the Ryanair open boarding system makes you stand for a while in the halls.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Cristiano Justino

8 April 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

This should never be called Frankfurt Hahn, it's very far away from Frankfurt. I would say it is false marketing. There is no train, transfer can be with bus but we need around 2 hours to arrive in Frankfurt. The building itself is ok, it has services you need.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Benjamin Winch

9 December 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Departing or arriving from Hahn is a joke. It reminds me of a Russian soviet airport. Quite amazing experience, rude staff and rip off prices. Don't do this to yourself. Pay a little bit more and have a bit of comfort.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by J Fitzpatrick

11 October 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Where is Hahn - that is the question. Travelling from Weeze Dusseldorf (Ryanair) after flight cancelled, what a shambles. Told wrong info by ground staff at Weeze, told to go to Frankfurt Airport - yes folks, you have guessed it - after travelling 7 hours (via, Krefeld, Dusseldorf, Koln, by train) Finally arrived Hahn airport. Agree with other comments - this airport should be renamed - leaving out the Frankfurt bit - as mentioned there is no railway station link from Hahn town to Hahn airport. We had to take a shuttle bus from Koln to Hahn (2.5 hours) Finally getting to destination 20 minutes before check in. In between trains not turning up, different platforms, selective train strikes that day - great stuff!

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Dave Silverstone

4 October 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

An airport experience so miserable it almost made me long for being stuck with a layover in LaGuardia. The new terminal is actually rather nice, and has very comfortable chairs - but is almost totally unused, and devoid of shopping/services. As for the main (old) terminal - inadequate bathroom facilities, miserable climate control, lack of seating/space, and worst of all, smoking areas positioned nicely along all corridors so if you're a non-smoker, or allergic to smoke, it's almost impossible to avoid being permeated with the reek of tobacco. Further, as someone who enjoys bringing back a few bottles of wine from his European travels, I've noticed that only Frankfurt has been able to consistently break at least one bottle, no matter how carefully packed, on every attempt. Mind you, this isn't mere clumsy baggage handling - on one occasion, this was unpacking my bag, stuffing everything back in, breaking the zipper, and simply binding it up with duct tape for the flight back to New York. However, given the charm and skill of their customer service people, this sort of performance by baggage handling should come as no surprise.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by R Perry

15 July 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Why don't the airport authorities just drop the word 'Frankfurt'? Or rename the airport Mosel or Hunsruck, which better describes its location - and what a beautiful location! As an airport for accessing the Rhein, Mosel or Nahe valleys, or even Luxembourg, Hahn cannot be bettered. It is a breeze to get through formailities there and within 30 minutes of landing you can be driving out of the airport on quiet, excellent roads with a better feeling of well-being than if you had been 'processed' through Frankfurt main airport. Whilst the coach journey to Frankfurt itself is admittedly long, the bus connections to the Mosel Valley, Bingen (Rhein) and Mainz are excellent. Walking out to the plane on the tarmac is part of how flying was meant to be - ahh, breathe in the kerosene fumes and pretend you're boarding a Dakota!!

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by J Ludewig

12 July 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Lots of facilities that have not been there one year ago. Still it is an airport for low-cost carriers. Do not expect fancy things from other real airports. You still walk on the field, not in a covered gangway, to the plane. If it rains, well, take an umbrella or get wet. Little walking distances and reasonable airport-parking are a bonus. The location in the middle of 'nowhere' is a tribute to the fare you pay for flying from there. Cannot have everything.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Martin Faulkner

21 December 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Frankfurt-Hahn is perfectly adequate, serves the purpose it appears to have oriented itself towards - low-fare, shovel them in flights - and frankly can often be a joy compared with the sprawling chaos of Frankfurt proper, particularly if your ultimate destination is an intermediate city such as Mainz. Bus connections are improving and expanding all the time, and until an airport of the magnitude of Hamburg (for example) is finally connected to the rail network, I refuse to accept any criticism of little old Hahn for failing to provide the same.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by R Hopkins
27 October 2006

As at 16.10.06 Security has gone mad at this airport! Not only was I required to remove an unlined, zipper top (by no means an outdoor jacket) but, having done that, I even had to remove a light chiffon see- through neck scarf! I was so astonished that I thought my necklace was the problem initially and didn't see any men being asked to remove ties. I am a white, middle-aged woman, conventionally dressed. Are chiffon scarves the latest terrorist accessory? What's going on?

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Steve Ward
16 September 2006

This airport has grown from what used to a shed into a reasonable airport. However, it is a long way away from Frankfurt. Great access (but only via car or private transport) to Rhine and Mosel. Airside is ok but final departure gates are grim with very limited facilities and poor seating. Queues on arrival at passport control can be long, you may have to stand outside. This airport is high, so can be affected by snow in winter.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by D Keenan
12 August 2006

I have seen Hahn airport grow over several years. Looking back it has grown from a tiny little terminal which had only one little bistro to something that now looks more like an airport building. There are several places where you can now grab a bite to eat. Only drawback is that there is not enough adequate seating, not even at the gates. Parking at the airport will set you back around €7.00 per day. Still very cheap when compared to other airports. Some of the parking lots are situated quite a way from the terminal so allow some time to walk. There arent always trolleys so make sure you have a suitcase with wheels. Considering this was a former US Air Force Base, practically in the middle of nowhere, the airport has come a long way and there is still room for expansion and improvement but they are getting there. The airport is actually located nearer to Luxembourg than any other larger german city. There are plans for a train terminal to be built but for now there is only a bus service operating into several larger cities. Keeping this in mind that Hahn is NOT Frankfurt you can plan your trip much better. PS/ Pack an umbrella in your hand luggage! If its raining you will get soaked walking between terminal and plane and standing again to board or waiting at passport control.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Mohammad Taha
12 August 2006

You get what you pay I say If you're flying Ryanair. The airport is quiet good and fast, but it takes one and half hour by bus to get there and it costs 13 Euros also, that's 26 Euros if you are coming back. There is no railway station so you can't get there by train. The shops are also fine, and there are many nice hotels nearby.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Leon Richards
3 August 2006

Frankfurt-Hahn airport needs to get a proper identity, even the Sat Nav system in my hire car couldn't find the place. Putting in Frankfurt sent me miles out of the way and I had to revert to calling a friend to tell me places close by that were listed. Having flown into Stuttgart for the Grand Prix at Hockenheim and having decided that the flight times fitted better for the return home, would have been good. Only just got to Hahn for final check-in time. Do not intend on using this airport again. No links to anywhere

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Peter Dowling
1 July 2006

HHN is quite good if you're heading to Bonn (not as good as CGN), but hopeless if you're going to Frankfurt. Unless you want to spend an extra hour and a half on the road after you land. However, there are some very nice hotels in Sohren, about 5 km away from HHN (where I stayed), and the scenery is very nice.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Ian Webb
2 January 2006

Not only is Frankfurt Hahn miles away from Frankfurt, but in a country like Germany with an extremely good train system, this airport isn't on the rail network. I'll do my homework better next time, and I won't fly to Hahn again.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Frances Tonks
2 December 2005

You can't go wrong flying to Frankfurt Hahn airport if you want to enjoy either the Mosel or the Rhine regions. Within 1/2 hour you can be on the banks of the Rhine watching the steamers gliding along, or sipping wine in one of the old but beautiful villages in the Mosel valley. Hiring a car is no problem at the airport, but take time to enjoy a drink and a meal at one of the cafes first. Frankfurt Hahn airport will also benefit from the planned expansion of roads and railway in the next few years and the millions from Ryanair.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Nigel Hawkins
14 October 2005

Hahn airport is on the line between Luxemburg and Frankfurt, according to the Hahn Airport site map, but as it is nearer Luxemburg, Ryanair should really call it Luxemburg (Hahn).

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by John Charlesworth
1 August 2005

Booking in a hurry for a meeting in Eschborn near Frankfurt, I omitted to follow the golden rule with Ryanair and check the actual distance from airport to city - 90 miles this time! Made meeting as took evening flight and booked hotel but there was no way to make return flight. I appreciate that Ryan air is offering cheap flights on a caveat emptor basis, but a little warning about the distance to Frankfurt would have been appreciated. Lovely drive back to airport, having established that there was no earthly chance I was going to make the flight, I left the autobahn, enjoyed the Rhineland scenery and had a long lunch. Will use again but make time for the journey. Airport facilities not bad either, some interesting shops not normally found in an airport, but perhaps a consequence of the potential for missing flights and being stranded for a few hours.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by J Sullivan
25 July 2005

Having left Adelboden in Switzerland to go to Frankfurt-Hahn airport, it became quite obvious that somewhere between Frankfurt and Hahn we were lost. It was the middle of the night and quite worrying. This airport is the biggest kept secret in Germany. Although we found it eventually and in time for our flight, I am still not sure exactly where it is in relation to either Frankfurt or Hahn. I think Ryanair need to give passengers more of an inkling to its location, mystery tours can be fun, but not when you are trying to catch a flight and not in a strange country in the middle of the night.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by M Ritter

23 May 2005

This airport has always been neglecting and is now even making profit out of the fact that every passenger, if not living in Lautzenhausen (this being in fact the name of the adherent village. Hahn is situated not far from Bad Kreuznach which is also some 80 km away.) cannot get there without a car or private transport. In addition to the flights, you are constrained to pay bus fare or parking fees (parking in Lautzenhausen now forbidden really everywhere), and if you come by car, only by chance will you find a lonely trolley for your luggage in the vast parking space. Tip: the coiffeur is tremendous and very cheap. I got a cute haircut for 10 EUR and made up the bus fare from Frankfurt to Lautzenhausen.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by K Faryniasz

28 April 2005

Frankfurt-Hahn is not Frankfurt but Hahn. Once you realize this you can take advantage of some amazingly low tickets, even if you factor in a night in one of the local hotels beforehand. An example would be $1,100 to Stockholm vice $120 on Ryan. Yes, it is an inconvience and you should always check Frankfurt prices first, factor in the long bus rides at both ends and that cost. Then if you are still saving use Hahn.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by J Clark

5 January 2005

Frankfurt Hahn airport cannot be given that name simply due to the fact of the airport is miles away from Frankfurt. I booked a flight which was cheap, I thought I saved money, I could never have been more wrong! The overall cost was the same as a flight to Frankfurt Main and it took me hours to get there. I will never fly to Hahn airport (which should be its proper name!!) again.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Lionel Bell

23 November 2004

This one-time American airbase is situated about 80 miles from Frankfurt am Main and has nothing to do with Germany´s finance capital. Apart from the terminal building, the whole place is a filthy ruin. As a single person it is impossible to unload baggage and then park, and it is impossible to transfer baggage by hand from the parking lot , as there is nothing to move it with. The sight of small children pulling heavy luggage on the 20 minute walk through the dirt and to the terminal. Ryanair staff are OK, but the airport staff are little less than disgusting, requiring that complaints must be made in writing. As one offensive, ignorant woman at the information desk so coldly stated, after she had refused to contact the airport management: "if you haven´t missed your flight, what do you want to complain about?" A great example of typical German service at its arrogant best. Motto: if you can fly another route, do so.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Mike Flook

6 August 2004

Depends on what you are looking for. We went on vacation to the Mosel valley area around Traben and found this airport to be convenient as we only had 20 minutes to travel. You cannot get better than that. Great location for touring the Mosel valley area!

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by D Krishnan

10 March 2004

It is surprising that neither the Frankfurt Main Airport website nor the Frankfurt Hahn website openly admits to there being another Airport "in" Frankfurt! The Frankfurt city website also does not acknowledge the Hahn airport. Ryanair finds it unnecessary to inform passengers that they would be flying to an airport some 80 miles away from the city! I had to go to Strausberg - and after trying direct flights from London, I thought I would fly Ryanair and save money! I paid less to the airline industry, but my bank never noticed the difference!

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Sean Crookson

4 February 2004

Research showed me that this airport is far enough away from Frankfurt not to have the name associated with it. 12 Euros for a shuttle bus one-way is quite steep when flying on a budget airline. Ryanair dominates this small uncomfortable airport. Duty free is available in a tiny shop about the size of my bedroom. Prices are not competitive and stock is limited. Security staff are in league with the airline when it comes to baggage weight limits and I was cautioned for carrying too much hand luggage by the person x-raying bags. Its' rival, Frankfurt-Main airport, is only 3KM away from the city and is a far better prospect.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Alan Miller

28 January 2004

I have been using Hahn airport since April 2002 and have seen it grow quicker than I expected. But despite that it is still a pleasant terminal, the staff are friendly and helpful, and it is easy to reach. My only real criticism is the main entrance road layout - this needs improvement. I hope the airport service remains the way it is even as the site grows.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport by Fred Deltgen

22 January 2004

From Koblenz Hauptbahnhof take bus 610 to Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn Terminal, Hahn; one hour ride.




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