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HOBART AIRPORT customer review :  13 December 2011 by Paul Harvey    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





Flew in and out and had no problems despite the fact the airport is partly under reconstruction. On arrival, our plane parked close to the terminal and bags soon arrived on the single very small belt. Car Hire has moved across the road and is a short walk away. Plenty of buses and taxis were there to meet passengers. Departure check-in was quick, the lounge has enough seats for flights and there are adequate cafes and shops to keep most people content. This is a small rural airport which works well and gives a flying experience like it used to be in the old days.

Hobart Airport by Paul Harvey

9 May 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Airports do not come much smaller than this - easy to use both inbound and outbound. Currently undergoing some expansion work but there were no difficulties because of that. Airside there are refreshments, a bookshop, tourist junk and internet. Landside, not a lot.

Hobart Airport by Ron Villagracia

29 January 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

I've only flown into Hobart once (and out of Tasmania via Launceston) so my comments will be limited to the arrival side. Virgin Blue passengers now get to use a baggage carousel (basically a long conveyor belt) however the baggage pickup area is very small and quickly became crowded even though my Virgin Blue flight wasn't very full. It was rainy when I arrived so I wasn't too keen on the lack of jetways, but it did allow my flight to empty quite quickly as we had the use of two doors. I like Hobart's on-site car rental (unlike Launceston) but the separate rental car terminal shared by several companies was very small and was too quite crowded.

Hobart Airport by Edward Congdon

13 May 2006

Hobart Airport is much more user friendly now though the terminals have not been connected so Jetstar passengers are still relegated to the old botched "international" venture built for the old Ansett. The new catering in domestic is good but. It is shameful that there is no WiFi intenet access anywhere. It would cost a few hundred dollars at the most for the Tasmanian Government to give free WiFi access at Hobart Airport and so reinforce the image it is trying to give, as a progressive State. It is doubtful that a private company will ever do it and Tasmania would top all the other states in lateral thinking if it did it for free!

Hobart Airport by Graham Brown

16 August 2005

Hobart airport may have had a recent upgrade but I think Hobart deserves a much better building and facilities. It may not be one of Australia's major capital cities but a lot of domestic and overseas travellers pass through Hobart, just as we did on a recent trip south for the weekend. Tourism is a major earner for the state of Tasmania and brings in a lot of money, so use some of it to upgrade this airport even further. A modern terminal building with aerobridges would be nice. We had to run to the plane during a heavy rain storm, and its not pleasant sitting in a plane for a couple of hours feeling damp. The Qantas Club is pleasant but is tucked away in a little corner, before security. Not the best place to locate it considering the Qantas Club makes boarding calls after the flight has commenced boarding. Overall Hobart airport does not send out a positive message for our southern capital, which by accounts is going through a renaissance of interest from the northern capitals. Its all about appearances really.

Hobart Airport by Robert Noga : Mngr Comm & Corp Affairs (Hobart Intl Airport)

16 August 2005

In June 2005 a $5,000,000 Stage 1 reconstruction of the Domestic Terminal Building's commercial precinct, security screening point and departures lounges was completed, with expanded areas to cope with recent growth in passenger throughput, and to eliminate congestion in these areas. These works were accompanied by a much needed upgrade of car park facilities, and the relocation of car rental firms to a new purpose built facility outside the Domestic Terminal. Completion of Stage 1 brought with it modern and bright facilities, including new retail outlets operated by Australian Way and Delaware North, incorporating a separate news and book shop, gift shop, cafeteria ,and food and beverage bar. New personal care facilities were constructed, including toilets, disability facilities, and baby change facilities (airside and landside). It is anticipated that an internet cafe will be operating shortly, along with an additional airside ATM. Stage 2 of the project has commenced with a further $2,000,000 expansion of the departures lounges. Expected to be completed by October 2005. It is anticipated that Stage 3 of the project will commence in 2006, with reconstruction of the Qantas and Virgin ends of the Domestic Terminal Building, installation of contemporary "Check In" desks, facilities to accommodate "checked bag screening", and arrivals lounges. The nature of these exciting works, and their cost will be separately announced on our Web Page at: www.hobartairprt.com.au. Hobart International Airport will retain its international flight capabilities and looks to grow this business, particularly in support of Antarctic flights, and regional SE Asia and South Pacific routes. These routes do not require runway extensions and the Airport enjoys a 24 hour operations capability, without curfews and with significant capacity to cater for further aeronautical growth. After initial adverse comment, in relation to changed parking and traffic arrangements, the comments relating to completed works have been overwhelmingly positive.

Hobart Airport by Alasdair Brooks

13 May 2005

I travel to Hobart 2-3 times a year from Melbourne. Hobart may be the capital of Tasmania, but the airport's size and facilities reflect the fact that A) Hobart is fairly small and B) is not an airport you use to transit to somewhere else - there's nowhere else to go! Qantas has an actual luggage carousel, but with Virgin Blue arrivals, your luggage comes into the terminal on the back of a flatbed trailer, with a consequent mad scramble as everyone goes for their luggage at the same time. I do wish there were better food and shop services; the dreary cafe and drearier bar are inadequate, and the tiny shop is worse. There are no airside facilities - not even a toilet - but then it is a tiny airport, and not one you're ever likely to linger in waiting for your flight. Though if you're arriving and are trapped there for three hours waiting for your lift to turn up (as I once was), you're really, really stuck for entertainment. Last time I was there (Dec 2004), the old international terminal had been transformed into the new JetStar terminal, but I have no idea what the facilities are like there. I occasionally here mutters about reviving the Hobart - Christchurch link, and the occasional Singapore Airlines charter flight touches down (according to my local colleagues), but I can't imagine the international facilities were ever particularly extensive. In the end, this is a single runway with a couple of glorified sheds acting as the terminal at the southernmost commercial airport in Australia. It's entirely adequate for what it does, and realistically doesn't really need to be any fancier.

Hobart Airport by Edward Congdon

2 August 2004

The cafeteria cannot cope and needs more staff. The staff serving food are expected to sell souvenirs also and are testy, being stressed by splitting their responsibilities. No stamps yet sell postcards and any request re stamps is met gruffly. Airport currently being revamped to accommodate Jetstar. Hope that catering will also be enlarged.

Hobart Airport by Xuess Wee

31 March 2004

A small airport with only 2 opposing counters on each end of the domestic terminal serving only QANTASLINK and Virgin Blue with a common boarding gate and 2 cafes squashed in the middle. The airport is packed to the brim whenever there are several flights departing or arriving minutes apart. For a state capitol airport, Hobart International Airport looked pretty understated with its outdated architecture style and grim interior. The good thing is that it takes only 15 minutes via coach to reach the airport from Hobart. With the signing of open air treaties, it is expected that real International flights will descend into Hobart in months to come - and hopefully the largely vacant (and locked up) International terminal would be able to support adequately.




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