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GUATEMALA AIRPORT customer review :  19 November 2012 by E Fischer    (USA)

Rating : 3/10





The airport itself is nice, as others have commented. I travel through here about once a month, and the new terminal is very comfortable and pleasant. However, the local security is capricious at best. They seem to give security agents very little guidance but a huge amount of leeway. I have had toothpaste confiscated (no pastes, they said), a bar of soap (no soaps, they said) and the list goes on and on. I am all for reasonable and tight security, but it seems like every trip I have a random item confiscated. And it is not just me, I see it happen to others all the time too.

GUATEMALA AIRPORT customer review :  4 May 2012 by Johann Schwank    (Guatemala)

Rating : 10/10





Very nice modern airport since it has been recently renovated. The terminal is huge. Good duty free shops and good air-conditioning. Nice staff, everything is very clean. Fast and easy security screening.

GUATEMALA AIRPORT customer review :  6 April 2011 by David Stein   (USA)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






Guatemala Airport is a clean well maintained airport. Decent choice of food vendors, easy check. At the time I was departing, the departure and arrivals board was malfunctioning.

Guatemala Airport customer review : 19 June 2010 by M Graham

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Guatemala's new airport is now a very pleasant experience, especially when I consider how it was twenty years ago. Agents, security, and all support staff are friendly and helpful. Clean. Simple but adequate eating options. Spacious and comfortable. Still short-handed on personnel in most every area which makes for long waits if several flights arrive at the same time. Customs recently has gone into overdrive searching for anything they can tax.

Guatemala Airport by B Scott

28 March 2010   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Changed planes at GUA enroute from ORD to SJO and return in March 2010, so cannot address check-in, customs or security, but it was an easy place to change planes. The airport was spacious with plenty of seating and shopping. Duty free was reasonable ($9 for liter of Stoli) and staff friendly. There were a few places to eat and prices were reasonable by airport standards ($1 for water, as opposed to $3 in SJO). The bathrooms were clean, although the toilets in the men's room didn't seem to have seats. Otherwise, a very pleasant place to spend 90 minutes.

Guatemala Airport by V Morgan

18 February 2009   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Guatemala City's airport has improved greatly from when I was younger. There are more check-in counters and more gates available. Everything clean and well-maintained. Bathrooms, which used to be a gamble, are now clean. The airport is small, so everything is close together and easy to navigate. The new duty free and other boutiques are a welcome change from the "mercado central" feel the shopping area used to have. Customs and migration are simple and the staff are easy to deal with. The only issue I have with this airport is the security personnel. While I understand that all airports have slightly different security measures (Buenos Aires airport doesn't let you take water on the plane even if you bought it after the security checkpoint - ridiculous!), Guatemala's seem particularly arbitrary and not enforced in an even-handed manner. For example, the rule is liquids must be in containers holding less than three ounces, and in a plastic bag. I forgot the plastic bag detail this time around. After opening the bag and seeing its contents, they insisted on the plastic bag. I didn't have one, and unlike other airports, they didn't offer one and couldn't tell me where to find one. Plus, I was running to catch an AA flight (the time had been changed without informing passengers), so I couldn't conduct a search. I resigned myself to having to leave the two oils and cream behind. The security guy took the cream, but not the oils, as well as a deodorant, which of course is technically a solid and should have been left with me. My lesson is learned: pack toiletries in their plastic bags, and carry extras in case security is not placated. But I will never know exactly what version of TSA rules Guatemala uses. personnel could stand to be nicer as well. Even the security staff in Miami are nicer.

Guatemala Airport by Michael Haugh

9 February 2009   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Just back from Guatemala I was very impressed with the airport. It was spacious, clean, and well organised. It has a small volume of passengers but is perfectly adequate with friendly helpful staff. A very positive experience!

Guatemala Airport by A Argueta

30 August 2007   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

The newly built North Finger has 14 new gates, great shopping/eating and a very modern atmosphere. The original terminal building has been upgraded and expanded, restoring much of the appeal it had lost since its construction in the 1960s. It is a beautiful piece of architecture. Overcrowding has been eliminated at check-in thanks to 100 new check-in counters. The remodeling is ongoing and will be complete in November 2007. A new Central Finger (under construction) will add 6 more gates for medium- sized jets or 4 gates for 747s and Airbus A340s.

Guatemala Airport by Eric Schuchardt

7 February 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Overall, it is a nice airport with some things to offer. Upon arrival, we normally are to our ground transportation within an hour of landing. Immigration takes less than 20 minutes and our luggage has always arrived quickly thereafter. Departing, there are some very nice and inexpensive little shops just below the main terminal. My wife and I always save a few quatzales to spend here because we tend to find some unique items. The food is limited, but there are some good pastries and excellent coffee for that early morning flight. Yes, some updating and general housekeeping may be needed, but a good experience overall.

Guatemala Airport by Daniel Cohanim

6 January 2006

This is a really nice airport. It is not the cleanest in the world but it has things that you will not find in other airports and is in the process of a major overhaul. Instead of being filled with trendy fast food restaurants it has some very nice shops from duty free to typical arts and crafts. Great for the last minute item you did not have time to shop before hand. The customs lines are fast moving and operated by very friendly agents. The biggest problem is trying to leave the airport on a departing flight. There is a trick though. You can actually check in to your flight the day before at a customer service center run by each airline. For specifics call your airline for the closest location. When you get to the airport there is a special line for pre-checked passengers and it can cut your time in line by half. Of course this gives you more to shop at the great 'tiendas'.

Guatemala Airport by Sergio Bucovich

1 September 2005

I flew to Guatemala city three times this year and I found the airport to be quite adequate. Although it definitely needs some renovations, as you can see the wear and tear, the airport makes up for it's run down appearance thanks to the people. I found the various staff to be very helpful and courteous. The facility is kept very clean. The shops and food are quite good for a small airport (especially the crepes). My only complaint is that the check in hall becomes very crowded for early morning flights and the lines from each airline start to blend into each other. It becomes a bit chaotic despite the airline staff's attempt to keep people in the right line up. Overall, no complaints.

Guatemala Airport by Ian Ford

25 August 2005

I was in Guatemala Airport at the beginning of 08/05. The airport from the outside is certainly an interesting '60s building if not well maintained. Arrivals is good, the lines are quick, but the taxi/bus/hire car/hotel desks are before you leave the building, and you have to beg and plead to be allowed back in again (without taking luggage)! Departures are good, the lines quick, people friendly, lots of shops to buy last minute tourist tat, duty free and Guatemalan fast food (well worth it when you are flying AA to BOS via MIA without even a chance of buying food!). Overall a reasonable experience for a poor country! I especially liked the No dogs and No guns notices on the entrance doors!

Guatemala Airport by A Argueta

29 December 2004

A new international airport has become a necessity. Built in 1968, La Aurora is simply obsolete and overcrowded. It has not been remodeled since it opened. The local press has recently highlighted a long list of deficiencies, ranging from the shortness of its runway, flanked on one side with buildings and a ravine on the other, to filthy and oftentimes inoperable restroom facilities. La Aurora is rated as a category 2 airport under international civil aviation safety classifications. The new airport is not expected to be completed until 2010, at the earliest, if opposition from groups wanting to keep the airport in Guatemala City doesn't sabotage the government's plans. In the meantime, management of La Aurora has been handed over to a joint public/private sector group in the hopes of completing extensive renovations and expansion in the near future.

Guatemala Airport by Norman Clark

31 May 2004

I go through Guatemala City's La Aurora airport several times each year, and am always discovering shops, services, and other pleasant surprises tucked throughout the terminal, which I had overlooked on my previous visits. The only major drawback to La Aurora is that passenger traffic has outgrown available space. During the peak hours -- especially in the early morning -- there is simply nowhere to put the additional staff that could handle the passengers. This can produce a badly overcrowded and somewhat confusing check in area and long lines. Having to go to a separate (and somewhat obscurely located) line to pay a $3 airport security tax produces yet another line, but it moves very quickly. These problems can usually be avoided by avoiding an early morning departure and taking a late morning or early afternoon flight. Once you get checked in and have found where to pay your security tax, you will be in for a most welcome surprise. The terminal has some of the best shopping in Latin America, ranging from tiny shops packed with local crafts at very low prices to the more typical upscale duty free merchandise. There are coffee bars and snack bars throughout -- both before and after passport control.

Guatemala Airport by Jose Passarelli

25 May 2004

Relatively small but efficient and clean. General facilities are good, good duty free shopping. Some gates are much nicer that others, especially toilets. Can be crowded at peak hours, but not really a problem to move around or get in or out of it. The government has announced a new, larger international airport will be built 60 km. South, leaving La Aurora only for local flights and non commercial civil aviation. Eventually, both airports are to be connected by a fast rail service.




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