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Gothenburg Airport
6.5 out of 10  6.5 out of 10
14 reviews




Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport customer review :  21 July 2014 by F Nilsson    (Sweden)

Rating : 10/10





A compact, but fresh airport. Recently renovated with many more shops and a more modern interior. Security-checks are extremely fast as usual, it only takes a couple of minutes to get through the security check even when there are big lines. The rising passenger number is noticed though, in the slightly longer waiting lines for the manual bag-drops. If you use the Check-in machines it'll go much faster though. For an airport of this size, it actually is starting to feel like an international airport. Added shops and dining, bigger facilities and more flexibility makes this an excellent small international airport.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport customer review :  8 August 2013 by R Nixon    (Sweden)

Rating : 9/10





A small international airport. Very clean and modern, but still pretty basic. Not a lot of shops and restaurants, but I've heard they're planning to expand. The Check-in service is really fast, especially with SAS/Star Alliance who have their own check-in machines and quick baggage drop. Going through the passport control and security control doesn't take a lot of time thanks to the competent and well-organized staff working there. The baggage is also handled very fast by them, faster than any other airport I've been to.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport customer review :  4 February 2013 by Tim Mannion    (Sweden)

Rating : 9/10





Feels more like a provincial airport than the more international style that the management want to convey. But it has all the appropriate facilities that a travel needs in the minimum amount of space.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport customer review :  12 August 2011 by Thomas Hoeh   (Germany)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






Compact airport with pleasant atmosphere. Speedy self check-in at Star-Alliance/SAS quick baggage drop. Friendly staff at security check, no queues. Well stocked duty-free and some shops with Swedish specialities. Few toilets, probably due to ongoing construction. When arriving quick baggage service and good coach connections to city of Gotenburg.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport customer review :  8 June 2011 by Paul Van Alsten   (France)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






AMS-GOT and satisfied with this regional airport. Upon arrival short walk to luggage delivery area. The airport bus connects to GĂteborg central station every 20-30 mins - reliable service at SEK80 one-way, travel time half an hour. Upon departure self-service check-in not working properly - very slow machine. Security check well-organised with friendly staff. Airside areas have a lot of shops but quite limited seating facilities - do not go in too early. Public areas and toilets spotlessly clean.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport review : 23 September 2010 by J Aberg

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

I have been through this airport about five times in the past year. Today, my flight was four hours delayed, so I had plenty of time to try some of the airport facilities. One thing is for sure, do not ever arrive here hungry, unless you have a thing for shrimp sandwiches. I have never been to an airport of this size with such an appallingly poor range of restaurants and cafes. There are about three dining options airside, and another two or three air-side, and they all serve shrimp sandwiches and that is pretty much it! Is it too much to ask for some proper hot food? The airport is doing well when it comes to passenger flows through security, waiting time at passport control and at the luggage belt.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport by Paul Jacobsen

17 July 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

GOT is a nice and very clean airport, although with limited shops and eating facilities. Using the airport bus, connections to the city centre are easy and take about half an hour. However, during off-peak hours - e.g. Sunday morning -, busses run every 30min only, meaning they can be quite full. Departing GOT is a little tricky if you are on a domestic flight: check-in counters are located in the main (international) terminal, but you then have to walk to the domestic area, where security screening and boarding take place.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport by Matt Ray

17 May 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Basic, sort of non descript airport, not a lot going on, however, the internet is a saving grace. The internet kiosks are all about and very cheap and help the time fly by. We used them in both Gothenburg and Stockholm and it made all the difference.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport by Daren Stubbs

12 April 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

I liked Gothenburg's main airport not to be confused with City Airport its smaller local rival. The main airport has shops, staff friendly and the seats are plenty and staff kept me fully informed. The baggage was handled very quickly, on both occasions by the time i got arrivals the baggage was on the belt, amazing. The shops had plenty of novelty items and plenty of food which kept me entertained and full.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport by Warren Rose

26 February 2007

Ryanair into Gothenburg City airport. The airport is small, clean modern but very basic. Having said that they processed passengers quickly and efficiently through the airport. It has a clean reasonably priced cafe offering hot meals. The airport is situated in a green field site 15km north of Gothenburg. I am not sure how easy it is get to and from town by public transport especially for the late flights.

Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport by Alex Taylor

29 June 2005

Well I liked Landvetter, very spacious and airy, lots of pine and funky furniture straight from Ikea make it a very comfortable, if a little unexciting, airport. Arrived on an internal flight and was confused by the baggage claim - just followed the signs found the exit door and a single carousel next to it.


Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport by Tanya Gibson

1 April 2005

A little boring to wait at. The shop is smaller than my wardrobe. However, staff where friendly and there it was a convenient location with good transport into the city centre. Agree it won't win any design awards but it does the job.


Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport by J Bruneel

20 February 2004

Very competent staff. This airport is small but comfortable. Easy to get in and out of the airport and into the city. Well serviced to other European destinations. I also had trouble using ATM machines in the terminal. But otherwise a user friendly regional/international airport.


Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport by Christopher McMahon

17 November 2003

Gothenburg has a relatively newer airport terminal and is efficient to use. In fact, the terminal building itself seems way to big, almost like an airplane hangar. But this is not a problem, per se. It will not however, win any architectural awards with its standard space frame structure. Arriving by air one is greeted by multilingual signage and the baggage claim is easy to find and fast. There are at least two currency exchange booths but a definite shortage of ATMs, the only one I found did not accept "PLUS" or "CIRRUS" bank cards. There was little in the shopping and food amenities as this is a destination airport and rarely a connection one. Transport in the city center was uneventful but efficient in a modern airport bus with plenty of luggage space. Overall, GOT is an easy to use, quiet airport that works well for this city of 500,000.




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