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Gdansk Airport
6.6 out of 10  6.6 out of 10
14 reviews




GDANSK AIRPORT customer review :  1 December 2014 by H Oberbeckmann    (Germany)

Rating : 10/10





Have been flying in and out here on Air Berlin from and to Berlin Tegel and I was very impressed by this small but very modern Terminal. Big Check-In Area, good connection to the city center either by bus or taxi and fast luggage dispatch. After the security checks there are different cafes, restaurants and a duty free shops to bridge the time till your flight. There's also Wi-Fi availability in the security area.

GDANSK AIRPORT customer review :  30 January 2013 by Nick Cooper    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





Very impressed with new terminal, having used the old terminal a few years ago. No queue for passport control on arrival, all lanes open was through in a couple of minutes. On departure security was quick , terminal building very pleasant, not many shops or places to eat, but it is still a regional airport. Look forward to passing through again.

GDANSK AIRPORT customer review :  12 July 2012 by Daniel Winters-McAppion    (Australia)

Rating : 9/10





Arrived into old terminal, which appears to be for LCC airlines now. Distinctive new girder and glass new terminal. Easy check in, quick and friendly security. Several shops and a pricey cafe airside. Used air bridge.

GDANSK AIRPORT customer review :  6 June 2012 by Mickael Chia    (Malaysia)

Rating : 7/10





I departed from Gdansk airport in June 2012. The departure wing is new (arrival is still old). On the land side, only two places to eat, no main meals. At Coffee Corner, the staff ranged from ok to rude, they seemed to disappear into the back room very often. My check-in at Wizz Air was fast since I had already done web check-in. Security check queue was long, but fast - now there are 6 lanes, I think. The usual check everything including taking of your belt. Airside, one restaurant, expensive (to be expected) but quite fast service. Departure gate was changed at the last minute, which annoyed some people. No aerobridge, we all walked to the plane. Fortunately whether was OK.

GDANSK AIRPORT customer review : 19 August 2010 by P McWilliam

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

A very small regional type airport, trying, unsuccessfully to perform the role of an international airport. On arrival, there is a very small check in area, totally inadequate when more than one flight is being checked in at the same time, as happens every Sunday morning when Wizz air flights to London Luton and Liverpool are being checked in together along with a flight to somewhere in Scandinavia. Having checked in, you must then go upstairs and join the Queue, to pass through Security. Once again this is totally inadequate, there is only one body scanner for everyone to pass through and because the security people insist on you removing your belt and shoes this can take an age, when more than one flight is leaving at the same time from the 2 gates beyond ! Once through Security, you will find yourself in a small departure area, again totally inadequate for the amount of people waiting there to go onto 2 different flights. In the Winter it is at best unbearable. In the Summer it's horrendous as the sun penetrates the glass and the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, with no air! In this waiting area, there is a small expensive duty free shop and a very small cafe bar. The seating area is once again inadequate.

GDANSK AIRPORT customer review : 12 November 2009 by G Barnes

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

A nice simple no frills airport, I returned to London Heathrow via openhagen so used the International side for departures. Fast security, small area after security with a small but adequate business lounge. Free wifi, comfortable seat, drinks and nibbles freely available.

GDANSK AIRPORT review : 21 September 2009 by Robert Szocik

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Domestic flight to WAW, evening departure with LOT. Check-in fast and efficient, but when multiple departures are called together, the check-in area simply cannot cope with the queues, as the ground floor level just doesn't have enough floor space to deal with hundreds of passengers and cases. Most of the airport's facilities are on the first floor. Main criticism is the lack of seating before security, which probably explains why everyone seems to crowd around the windows to watch take-offs & landings! Security is quick, efficient, and stress- free. There are several cafes/bars/shops before and after security; nothing spectacular, but adequate for the average passenger's needs (prices weren't hugely elevated either, which makes a nice change). Avoid the taxis and buy a bus ticket for 2.50 PLN, which gets you to or from the city centre in 30 minutes (bus 210, which runs 1/2 hourly, and stops near the main bus/rail station). A small regional airport with friendly, courteous staff, and an excellent gateway to a great city.

Gdansk Airport review by Marion Jeynes

17 February 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

There are insufficient toilets for the number of people that pass through the airport. There were only two separate toilets far apart from each other; one was not usable because there was no light and it was pitch black inside. They both had a huge washbasin to pass around to reach the cubicle so people had to queue outside as it was not easy to pass in front of the basin when leaving or entering the toilet. It is a stupid design for an airport where generally one needs to make a quick entry and exit. There is no space to tidy ones hair or to cream your lips and no consideration given to the fact that passengers with an emergency call to a toilet have very little chance of getting relief in time. This is an important oversight as passengers need to be comfortable before a flight or before continuing their journey which may be some distance. Also there is little if any ventilation in the toilet area.

Gdansk Airport review by Peter Ledermann

7 February 2008   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

Very nice, small airport, friendly staff, modern terminal. We flew to Gdansk from Munich, the bagage claim went fast and within 20 minutes of landing we were sitting in a taxi on the way to the city. Our departure from Gdansk went just as well. No problems with check-in or passport control.

Gdansk Airport review by Elliot Hutchinson-Cox

17 July 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Great little airport, used for flights to and from Luton, no problems regarding check-in, passport control at all. Good little departure lounge, tidy and modern.

Gdansk Airport review by Martin Brown

17 October 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Interesting Airport. Very small, about 4 gates. You'll see a lot of people waiting around one gate, but suddenly a flight will be called and half will get on the flight and the other half will wait behind for the next flight. Can be confusing so you need to listen to announcements. Airside in international departures there are 3 shops, one selling cigarettes, another selling alcohol and the other selling perfume and there is also a bar. Smoking is banned in the terminal so be warned. There are no airbridges and as the airport is so small no need for coaches. It was interesting seeing aircraft going down the runway, then turning round and coming back to take off. It was a nice airport and cosy and checkin queues were not too bad. Would happily fly from there again.

Gdansk Airport review by Adam Potrykus

26 June 2003

Gdansk is indeed a very nice airport. Its tiny, but it suits its purpose. The bright set up with a panoramic view of the tarmac is great. I would say that a b-class lounge ala SAS style would make this new airport terminal even better. Lack of proper transport and the small road into town is a bit of a hassle though. You get easily ripped off by cab drivers.  Never take a cab outside the terminal, make sure to order one via the phone. The LOT staff will help you. Otherwise the LOT buss is a good alternative.

Gdansk Airport review by Thomas Zukowski

9 May 2003

I agree Gdansk does give off a soothing environment especially because of the new high tech terminal. I remember when British Airways would fly there but stopped because not many people would fly from Gatwick. The only international connection now is LOT connections to Germany and SAS who fly  in to all Poland's major airports, from Stockholm.

Gdansk Airport review by Mike Gore

10 February 2003

A very pleasant airport with friendly LOT-Airline Services in Gdansk staff. As a frequent flyer I consider this airport one of the friendliest in the world. Always found everybody very helpful, signs are well displayed in English, there's even a guy playing the piano on Floor 1 creating a unique and healing atmosphere. The only down point would be the few international connections going out of there.





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