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GUADALAJARA AIRPORT review : 15 April 2009: by Dan Landis

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Guadalajara Airport is one of the nicer airports I've been in. We were in transit and had no experience with check in. But there are a number of good restaurants (Wings, Chilis to Go_ shops, ATMS, and 2 Starbucks. Plus they have a massage salon - nothing beats a 15 minute massage after a long flight for 190 pesos (US$15). All in all, a fine terminal.

GUADALAJARA AIRPORT review : 14 January 2009: by Joe Green

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

This airport gets better every year, though the previous reviewer makes a good point with regard to international flights and the extra time required to take the slow bus from the airplane to the terminal. This is really annoying, particularly when arriving at GDL, because it sometimes takes them thirty minutes to load all the passengers onto the bus following an uncomfortable flight from the US. The food options have increased significantly for those who pass security and have some time before they board. Aeromexico and Mexicana always seem to have slow, chaotic lines for check in, while Aviacsa, Contentintal and American are much, much shorter. There are always enough taxis, which usually charge about 16 dollars to get to town. (Its about 15 miles).

Guadalajara Airport by J Campos

9 January 2009   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

GDL - seems to have completed the main phase of its cosmetic renovations but still lacks some of the structural improvements to provide more spacious check-in counters, space in the waiting lounge, and more jet bridges. Latest development witnessed many international flights still on the tarmac awaiting pax to arrive via caterpillar-like buses. Simply unacceptable for Mexico's second largest city and third most enplaned airport in the country.

Guadalajara Airport by A Gimblett

2 August 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Guadalajara Airport main terminal is quite modern however the check in area seems slightly small for the amount of passengers and airlines. Check-in queues were not very good. We waited just under 1 hour to get through the queue for a Delta flight to Atlanta. There were about 3 or 4 desks open and only one MD-80 flight being checked in so it seems as though the service is very inefficient. Security queues were also very long as well. The airport seems to be in urgent need for more contact gates as our plane was on a remote stand and so were many other planes. The car park was appalling- it's obviously far too small and queues to leave were very long and time consuming. You also pay when you get to the end of the queue therefore you end up paying for the 30 minutes + that you spend in the queue. Overall, Guadalajara airport needs to be expanded quickly!

Guadalajara Airport by Kwong Chang

19 August 2005   Customer Rating : n/a

I used GDL back in January 2005 during my first trip into Mexico. I flew Mexicana Airlines and upon landing you are taken from the plane to the airport via a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus drops you off on the first level where you are immediately routed to the customs area. There are the typical long lines and wait as you are processed through customs. I was a little intimidated at first because my Spanish is lacking, but the customs officer was efficient and spoke English. After you are processed you go to the "stoplight". There is an area where you are literally presented with a small red/green stop light sort of device and are instructed by the security personnel to press a button on the device. If it lights up green you are free to go. If it lights up red you are required to undergo further baggage search. My friend, who is from Guadalajara, told me about this before I went down there, but seeing it really gave me a good chuckle. He also gave me a tip; give the button a good, firm and long press. Usually, nervous individuals will press the button quickly and so it is more likely light up red. This entire customs and "stop-light" area is probably no bigger than the average high school gym. Outside in the terminal lobby area there are plenty of kiosks and shops. There is also a "taxi booth", where you pay for your cab ride and someone will come out to help you hail a cab. Departing GDL I was very surprised and pleased with the abundance of space, comfort, and amenities in the international departures area. You can get anything from souveniers to CD's to clothes to food. There are also a couple of full service restaurants.

Guadalajara Airport by Tony Lai
5 July 2005

GDL can be a bit chaotic. Had booked an AA-codeshare flight with Mexicana. Fortunately, they recognize AA elites, so checking in was no problem. What the airport lacks in facilities, they make up in service. The airport staff are very friendly and are willing to go out of their way. One drawback was the lack of announcements in English. Fortunately, I'm able to understand Spanish, but it can be difficult for someone that is a non-Spanish speaker.


Guadalajara Airport by Jan C Eggers

6 May 2005

Departing from GDL for ORD on April 30 was a truly poor experience. MX do the check-in for code- share flights with AA (AA flights 8000-series) which necessarily seems to entail an entirely disproportionate wait. Boarding is even worse: nobody except AVIACSA seems to use the finger gangways, so there's a bus transfer, preceded by a long wait in a chaotically overcrowded lounge in the terminal. This is far from well-organised. The good things: staff friendly and helpful, including those in the shops who provided free Margaritas.


Guadalajara Airport by W Jackson

27 May 2004

Guadalajara Airport is far from the city centre which means a long taxi ride and a bit of planning. The small terminal is poorly signposted so you might end up following the crowd, hoping that everyone else is getting on the same plane as you. The staff are very helpful though so don't be intimidated.




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