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ANKARA AIRPORT customer review :  25 January 2013 by Mehmet Arca    (Turkey)

Rating : 10/10





I have used it many times. New Esenboga Airport is excellent. Comfortable, clean, helpful staff. Duty free is small but can find everything. During the evening times its very busy for domestic arrivals (nearly 40 flights land in 90 minutes). International arrivals are also fair enough! Great airport.

ANKARA AIRPORT customer review :  19 April 2011 by D Turkalj   (Croatia)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






Very nice airport however just a few international airlines operating. Domestic always full due to Istanbul flights. Very expensive food and expect to pay around 30 EUR to taxi from city centre to airport. Clean, easy airport but simply getting old without being used.

Ankara Airport by Guy Senior

1 November 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Flew out on 23 October. No queues and the place is clean and all but empty, no doubt because there is less than one international flight an hour. CIP lounge is comfortable and has nice views but a limited range of food. Expect to pay at least 25 for a taxi into or out from the centre.

Ankara Airport by Frank Epple

24 April 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

The new Ankara Esenboga airport terminal is now operational - still way outside of Ankara, maybe one hour from the city centre! Attention for passengers who changed plane in Istanbul with luggage checked through, your flight will show as national arrival but you will be taken to international arrival to pick up your luggage, clear customs, and exit!

Ankara Airport by O Iner
30 July 2006

Horrible drive from downtown to airport. There is a major construction in the route and new terminal. It could easily take hour and half. So give extra 30 minutes in case road is blocked. Current terminal is old, dark and ugly.

Ankara Airport by Phil Read
24 July 2006

Ankara and Istanbul airports must be the most expensive in the world. Food is poor and expensive and beer is an absolute rip off. Expect to pay 5 or 7.5 Euro for a beer. Coffee which can only be described as dish water is 2.50 a cup. In Munich on the same day I payed 2 euro for a far better beer.

Ankara Airport by M Gunduz
8 July 2006

Ankara Esenboga Airport is a small airport and looks and feels tired. Terminal area is small, and check in can be problematic when there are many flights. However TAV (company that built Istanbul Intl. Terminal) is building a new modern terminal which will probably enter into service before the end of 2006. I had to endure 8 hours there waiting for a delayed charter and the wait was extremely unpleasant. In summer, the high season for air travel, and three full planes delayed, the departure hall was extremely crowded with very few seats available. The food was way overpriced, with no coupons from the airline. For transport into the city I always use Havas buses, which depart almost immediately and their seats are more comfortable than taxis, also much cheaper. I have used it in May and June 2006, and the road to the airport is under maintenance, detour is through dusty and bumpy stabilized dirtroads, making the travel 1/2 hour longer and uncomfortable, probably for the whole summer.

Ankara Airport by Lawrie Hall
25 July 2005

Domestic departures a bit cramped if there are lots of flights in a short period of time. THY check in very speedy and efficient. The real blight is the prices at the bars and restaurants, which are simply scandalous. 15 lire for a grolsch (6/$10) or 10.50 for the local EFES beer. Food prices similar. I thought all airports had stopped ripping people off at these kind of rates, but not here. Is it because they have a high level of European business customers on expenses, and locals bring their own refreshments? Anyway, highly irritating.

Ankara Airport by Takaya Ikezawa
8 July 2005

This airport is quite unpleasant and kind of shabby looking for an airport of capital city. No place to kill time until boarding time except simple bar and restaurant, which over-price everything. There is no boarding bridge and all passengers are conveyed by buses to aircrafts. Turkish airline's domestic flights delay often, it could be because of Istanbul Ataturk airport's traffic control thought. It is quite far away from the city. If it is not the rush for you, taking Havas (limousine bus) is the cheapest. 8.5 New Turkish Lira. Taxi will cost 45-55 from the airport to the city center. (usually 55 to Cankaya) From the city to the airport, you may have a chance to negotiate with drivers for discounts, if you speak Turkish language. From my experience, 35 from Cankaya was the best.

Ankara Airport by J Yap

29 May 2005

Ankara Esenboga Airport is a surprisingly small airport considering the size of the city, although a much larger terminal appears to be under construction next door to the current building. It is also lacking in amenities. That being said, its small size makes it very easy to negotiate, and I whisked through both arrival and departure formalities (although passengers on outbound flights have to pass through security twice - upon arrival at the airport and after check-in). The airport's only serious inconvenience is its location 25 miles outside of the city.




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