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ERCAN AIRPORT customer review :  13 December 2012 by U Mustafa    (UK)

Rating : 8/10





Small but very clean airport, disembarking to exiting airport, 20 -30 mins, minimal duty free shops on arrival, but more extensive on departure area. Very security conscious on entry and exit. All in all a walk in the park, no hassle.

ERCAN AIRPORT customer review :  24 October 2011 by L Simpson    (UK)

Rating : 5/10





Arrived at 2040 on a Sat night along with 3 other flights and went into immigration hall only to find that whilst there were 8 booths only 2 of them were for EU passengers and the rest for Turks /Northern Cypriot people and as a result the queue was back to the door and then back out onto the apron area. Eventually an official told everyone to use all available booths but even then the immigration officials were extremely slow and scrutinised the passports to the point of overkill taking ages with each person. On return we had to go through two security screenings - why ? They told us that it was ok to take bottles of water through the second one. Also why are all the prices airside in Euros or nothing on them ? Surely a last chance to get rid of the Turkish lira.

Ercan Airport customer review : 15 June 2010 by Kevin Penfold

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Nice small airport, easy to manage. Reminds me of Luton airport circa 1975. Very cheap duty free shops, and security checks on entry to the terminal building, as well as the normal checks going thru to airside, which possibly only a small airport can deal with. But good security none the less.

Ercan Airport customer review : 29 September 2008 : by C Azim

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

It is clean, quick and efficient passport control. Landed at 20.10, was driving off at 20.25! My return leg was the same, 8 desks open for the 3 flights that were going to London around the same time with CTA. Very cheap cigarettes and alcohol, airport staff are friendly and helpful. The chap that said announcements were not made in English is wrong - all flights are announced in Turkish and English. You can hardly miss your flight as there are only 6 gates! A small airport with only around 120 flights coming and going in one week, but very efficient!

Ercan Airport by C Murray

11 January 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

A very clean airport but with often absent and very rude staff - a trait that we now know to be common in Turkey and Turkish Cyprus. There is a great lack of any English signage or translations of announcements. Hardly qualifies as an "international" airport on that score. On arrival, we had no idea which of the bits of paper we had to fill in to avoid the stamp in our passports and on departure we sat ourselves by the gates and watched faces that we knew were to be on our flight so we wouldn't be likely to miss the plane. The duty free is very strange in Ercan - instead of a large shop selling everything, there are loads of little shops all selling much the same thing. Despite Turkey and TRNC still having their own currency and being very keen to get their hands on Sterling and US Dollars, the prices are all in Euros although mostly there are no prices on anything and you have to ask. This maked it very hard to compare between the various shops. And you also fall foul of a sneaky trick - you never get a price quoted in Turkish Lira - they tell you what it is in your own currency but what you don't realise is that they have converted it using the bank rate which is not at all favourable. Never use your credit card in Turkish Cyprus because they also charge extra and by the time you see the amount on your statement, it's likely to be a fair bit more than you thought!! Having said that though, if it's alcohol and tobacco you are after, the prices are very cheap and even better than in the normal shops. One further warning - beware of the luggage trolleys!! They all work perfectly, no wobbly wheels etc. but they give you an electric shock when you start moving them. Heaven knows what is in wheels or in the floor covering but I got a shock on arrival and again on departure. A fellow traveller told us that it happens a lot.

Ercan Airport by Bob Horner
9 October 2005

Very clean and security conscious - majority of staff willing to help unless they belong to Turkish Airlines . I found them to be most uncooperative, lazy and downright rude to the point of looking at you when you ask a question and then turning around and walking away. So be warned - even the locals told me to watch out for this attitude and like a fool I walked straight into it.

Ercan Airport by Paul Harvey
22 July 2005

Smart, clean and modern, north east of Leftkosa (Nicosia). Security conspicuous and efficient, check in very efficient, immigration slow (form filling !) Arrivals baggage collection was very slow and the baggage belt was to small for 220 passengers. The departure area has two cafes which take a variety of currencies and credit cards, numerous small duty free shops (alcohol mainly) all keen for your custom. Walk to the planes - no buses. No complaints.





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