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Dubrovnik Airport customer review :  27 May 2013 by P Cullen    (UK)

Rating : 8/10





A very good airport that seems well equipped to cope the traffic it receives (admittedly it was fairly quiet when we arrived and departed). There was a 10 minute wait to have passports checked on arrival, but apart from that everything was very efficient and easy. The bus service to the city is cheap and convenient, but be aware it runs according to the flight schedules rather than a regular timetable so you need to check the day before your departure. Also, it does not pick you up where it drops you off on arrival (the tourist office will give you the information you need). A nice airport serving a wonderful city.

Dubrovnik Airport customer review :  18 October 2010 by Mark Wadham   (France)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






I arrived at this airport. It was the most efficient passport control and luggage retrieval experience I have had. Within 10 minutes of landing I was outside sitting on the bus to town accompanied by my checked luggage.

Dubrovnik Airport customer review : 21 August 2010 by J Tennant

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

A lovely little airport with a newly built and quite stylish looking terminal. Very efficient for both arrivals and departures and no hold ups at all, though it did seem pretty quiet both times. Everything is well signposted and retail outlets appear sufficient and spacious enough for the numbers using them. Staff encountered spoke good English and both kunas and euros were happily accepted. There is very limited seating before security, but plenty airside. A nice and rarely seen touch, is a dedicated smoking lounge airside, this alone is worth 5 stars! The roads leading to the airport, at least from the north, follow the coastline and though very scenic, do not lend themselves to high speeds. I had arranged transfers through my hotel and can't comment on taxi or bus services, but a 30 minute journey from Dubrovnik, given no congestion, seems reasonable. All in all a good experience.

Dubrovnik Airport by M Fisher

6 September 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

It looks like the airport terminal is currently in the middle of a much needed expansion program. Arrived at the same time as one other flight and there was absolute chaos in the tiny baggage reclaim area as there were too many people in the available space and the monitors above the carousels didn't show which one was being used for which flight. Departed at the same time as another three flights and while it was easy to get through check-in and security, both of which were fairly spacious, the gate area was extremely cramped. It was also impossible to hear any announcements there due to the echo and the noise generated by several hundred other people.

Dubrovnik Airport by Paul Nash

26 July 2004   Customer Rating : n/a

We use Dubrovnik airport 2 or 3 times a year. It is light, airy and as far as we are concerned friendly. Compared to such places as Esbjerg and Charleroi it is a luxury. The duty free is mind blowing - 200 cigarettes for 10 and Cuban white rum about 7 per litre. For some holiday makers I daresay the lack of fast food outlets is a major drawback!

Dubrovnik Airport  by David Jaros

21 July 2004

Have arrived in July 04 afternoon - however landing runway in not top condition, terminal fully reconstructed after war, fast luggage unloading but very tight space especially for peak times due to increasing incoming in season an low-cost boom. No space for passport cues forces police to work fast. Nearly no public bus connection into city (3 times a day !), only taxi for 30 Euro (25 km). By departure tight space by check-in (one or two counters maximum per flight, only BA 3 counters). Nearly no seats to wait or watch planes - only two large restaurant bars force you to sit there and spend money. There are 7 gates, but you must wait until you are announced to pass security as the 1-4 are separate from 5-8 where also three duty free shops are located. Prices reasonable and cheaper than departure hall downstairs (especially for spirits). Very strict and unfriendly security by state policemen, access to planes by walk or bus. Good point to discover southern Croatia, Montenegro or Bosnia.

Dubrovnik Airport  by Mark Guthrie

16 December  2003

This is a relatively pleasant airport to use even though its facilities may be rather limited, certainly for those departing on domestic flights. Check in is undertaken by staff whose strength lies in their efficiency rather than the warmth of their service. Be advised: check in staff are zealous to detect any batteries in checked luggage. Luggage is screened for any offending batteries and will not be despatched until they are removed. Waiting facilities at the gate are spartan but adequate. It's better to wait for as long as possible in the large restaurant before boarding one's flight.




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