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Dallas Love Field Airport review by M Smith

19 March 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Living in Dallas, there is no comparison between Love field and DFW. Love field is much quicker and efficient. It may not be as glossy, but the chances of getting out on time are much much better. Also, I have had flights cancelled at DFW that were never posted on the board. A couple times I waited a couple hours, then was told at the gate when I went to check in that the flight was cancelled.

Dallas Love Field Airport review by Matt Ray

30 January 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Great little airport. So convenient to the heart of Dallas, you are in and out in a flash. Nothing like the behemoth that is DFW. DFW has nice facilities, which Dallas Love does not have, but you won't be hanging out there long enough to need them, chances are. They do have decent places to eat, so you are covered there, just don't expect to go on some shopping spree.

Dallas Love Field Airport review by Mike Weber

20 September 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

This airport is great for a quick get in and get out, as the gates are relatively close together on the Southwest side of the airport. Not much in the way of shops and restaurants, but this airport isn't really designed for that kind of traffic. It's probably going to have to go through some changes, and cleaning as they start adding more flights.

Dallas Love Field Airport review by Gregg Hillier

10 June 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

I flew into Love Field recently and it is very much "A Tale of Two Airports." The Main Concourse where Southwest Operates has adequete food and shopping but it looks and smells like a Greyhound Terminal circa 1970. Security lines are long and slow, much worse than DFW. The 3 new AA Gates in the old Braniff East Concourse are great - very clean and comfortable but quite a long walk from the Main Hall. AA built the new area in 2001 when it was competing with Legend's long-haul premium service from Love, but never opened it when they pulled out of Love after 9/11. Easing the Wright Amendment forced AA back in to compete with Southwest on 4 high-volume routes. If you have cause to fly to/from Austin, Kansas City, St Louis, or San Antonio out of Love, use AA's gates.

Dallas Love Field Airport review by David Guenthner

8 April 2006

A regional airport used predominantly for low-fare, high-frequency service in the South Central United States. It is much smaller and much closer to downtown than DFW. The central terminal is old and not seen much in the way of updates. The security was fairly efficient on a Sunday but I can see where it would be problematic during the week. The concourses desperately need work. Southwest is the predominant carrier here and its concourse is congested, stuffy, and drab. Lounge areas are worn and the TVs barely work. Continental uses two gates close to the central terminal that ought to be condemned. American just recently opened three gates at the far end of the east concourse, and when I say far, I mean far. By the time I got to the last American gate, I was almost too tired to walk back to the terminal. They spent a lot of money to make a clean and comfortable gate complex, and it was completely empty.




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