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Coventry Airport by M Hewitt

6 September 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

I live in Valencia and work in the UK and use the round trip service fortnightly and have done so from the beginning with thomsonfly. Although the facilities are small and limited at Coventry, this seemed to be reflected in the cheaper flight prices and at the same time suits my needs of a reliable bus service to and from Valencia. But recently I have noticed the flight prices increasing without the offer of discounts for regular flyers, with this in mind I have looked elsewhere. Staff at Coventry are polite, friendly and helpful, but it will be all in vain if you have no customers.

Coventry Airport by Michael Lynch

1 May 2007   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

Use the airport regularly and it's great, parking facilities are next to the terminal, so no need to go on a five mile cross country slog with children in tow, nor wait for a packed shuttle boss and try and cram all luggage and children on board. As stated before, the airport is small and basic (understatement), but then again, I don't use airports to sit in or spend all my holiday money in shops, before i even depart the UK, something which I think happens at many of the larger airports. A very short walk from the terminal (the interim passenger facility as it is more technically known) to the plane, and then you are away on your flight. Coming back is so easy as well, the arrivals area is a seperate building from departures. If two planes arrive at the same time, then I am under the impression that one has to wait for a short period of time foir the arrivals area to clear. However, after disembarking, getting through passport control, and getting to the baggage claim belt, we were waiting for about two minutes and then hey presto, the bags started coming through. Again, a very short walk to the car park (ever present taxis, and an hourly bus service to/from the railway station and city centre are also available) and we were off...home within 30 minutes of landing...at a bigger airport just down the A45, I have been waiting for 30 minutes just for the baggage carousel to start revolving. All in #all, it is basic, but it does exactly what it says on the tin - it's a building (well, two buildings) for passengers getting to, or arriving from a city by air - and it does this with minimum of fuss, and least amount of time. In some ways, it is a good alternative for any inbound passengers wishing to avoid the congested London Airports - the bus to the railway station and frequent trains to the centre of London, could have you in the capital very easily. Here's hoping for the new terminal, an increase in services, and more airlines. I know I shall be a regular user of Coventry Airport, and so shall my friends, family, and colleagues for many years to come.

Coventry Airport by K Hammond

1 April 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Flew from Coventry for the second time. We found the trick was to check- in and then go to the café across the road before continuing to departures. (There's nothing there but a little 'shop' and toilets.) Watch out if there's 2+ flights as the limited seating can fill quickly with full flights. No problems with the baggage or staff. Return flight was cancelled however due to 'inappropriate landing facilities' at the airport due to the bad fog. Small airport good in general but could do with some major improvement if there's going to be a big passenger increase.

Coventry Airport by Rachel Litchfield

19 July 2005

This was the first time we had used Coventry Airport to travel to Barcelona. Having been used to departing from the larger airports, oh how we laughed!! The porter cabin style check in and the cattle shed style arrivals made us laugh and laugh. The coffee shop was like having a cup of tea in your front room. What fun to be escorted to the plane by the same person who checked us in, we wouldn't have been suprised if they had flown the plane too! The only hitch was when we arrived back, there was already a flight in, we were held on the plane while they found someone to escort us to the so called terminal? We giggled at the thought of someone shouting "Stan! Can you leave the loo cleaning and get the next lot off the Barcelona flight?" We will be using Coventry again, if only for a good laugh.

Coventry Airport by James Dowler

14 July 2005

Convenient for the West Midlands but this airport is too small if several flights depart at once. Check-in is especially bad, with queues merging together and much confusion. The staff are friendly and help the process along, but the lack of a proper computer system makes their job difficult. The departure lounge is cramped but refreshments are good value compared to many airports. Arrivals works well and baggage is on the single conveyor belt within minutes. A friendly airport but it needs expanding to cope with multiple flights.


Coventry Airport by Felicity de Scarfo

20 February 2005

Coventry airport is small and compact. It reminded me of pictures of old airports, where you get out of the car and walk to the plane. I am used to travelling long haul and big international hubs, and I prefer Coventry! The local taxi firms sometimes offer a good deal, so if you live in Coventry ,Leamington or Warwick it may be a good idea to check rates - there is very little difference in the price for parking and using a taxi.


Coventry Airport by Matt Brown-Bolton

28 January 2005

We travelled from Coventry to Cork in December returning in January. The Airport itself was what we expected, small, basic and functional. Whilst we're keen personally for the airport develop (despite the best efforts of those who oppose it locally), I will criticise the parking facilities - A car lot about 2 miles from the terminal with no protection from the elements as you wait or the shuttle bus. The extra time taken to engage in this exercise leaves you needing to add about another 40 minutes into the check in time. Coventry Airport needs to get this sorted as soon as the local authorities allow! I agree with the other contributors comments concerning the comparison between Cov, and Brum. All the newspapers and facilities were open at 5am whilst Birminghams seem in `slumber-mode' till about 8am, completely useless for an early morning flight. Watch out Birmingham!


Coventry Airport by David Wootton

1 November 2004

I travelled from Coventry to Naples this year and found the airport limited but satisfactory. The checkin area reminded me of the old days with cardboard flight destination signs and this was an area that could be easily changed for the better. The lines crossed each other to the destinations and did cause some friction between customers. The car parking was an experience but again was satisfactory. I do not understand why the local bus companies, especially those going to Leamington. Stratford do not call in. On returning the baggage was certainly a LOT better than Birmingham so a plus there. In the departure lounge there was a good choice of food and drink at great prices - no rip off here. Also a small point . The newspapers were out and available from about 0500. Birmingham they are still under wraps at 0600. Good value and friendly. Hope they get permission for the bigger one soon.




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