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Cluj-Napoca Airport customer review :  15 January 2013 by Eric Levéel    (South Africa)

Rating : 8/10





Cluj Airport is getting better all the time. It is a fairly small airport but it is clean, efficient and fairly pleasant. Expect long queues at security checks as Romanian authorities are very strict about this, but staff are fine and helpful. Passport control is not a problem leaving, and hardly one arriving. I have through passed Cluj Airport several times and never queued more than 10 minutes (even late at night on arrival from Munich). The duty free is small and not that interesting price wise, two little overpriced cafés in the departure hall and in the international departure lounge. Domestic departure lounge is a bit small but domestic flights are only served by ATR planes. On arrival, taxis are safe, just walk to the official taxi rank and do not follow anyone asking you in the arrival hall - price is around 30/35 lei into town (7/8 euros). A very decent airport.

Cluj-Napoca Airport by Alistair Ozanne

17 August 2009   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Things are improving rapidly since the last review. New terminals open and a lot more space, but still a bit chaotic at times. WizzAir have introduced several new routes since they opened a base here. Beware: that the airport website is not providing real time arrivals and departures information. Beware: some over priced cowboy taxis are still lurking near the terminal. Best use the frequent and cheap bus service to City Center on main road outside the airport terminal. All in all an up and coming airport serving a vibrant city.

Cluj-Napoca Airport by Alex Rap

15 February 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Cluj-Napoca International Airport is a very small airport. First thing you need to know is that it has experienced a 550% increase since 1999. But it still uses the same old terminal building. They will open 2 new terminals soon, an arrivals one in April 2008 and a departures one in July 2008, so things will probably improve in a few months. But until then, it's best to know what to expect if you go there. Everything is small, baggage reclaim area, arrivals hall, check-in area (the largest of all, but still small), departures hall. This means that it's quite hard for them to handle flights with many passengers. A full A320 with 180 passengers pushes the airport to its very limits. However, on departure, if you are there with about 1:30 hours before the departure time, you're probably going to be fine. You will be queuing almost all that time (there's no real place for shopping or relaxing anyway). On arrival, expect long queues for passport control. There are only 2 immigration officers processing (between them) only about 5 passengers per minute. If you're last to leave the aircraft, you can expect an approximately 30 mins wait. Baggage reclaim area will be overcrowded, so you'll have to wait a bit in there as well. The airport is about 8km east of the city centre and a taxi drive should take about 15-20 mins and cost approximately 15 lei (4 Euros). There is a bus stop (100m walk from the terminal), but I never used it. An overall fair experience, if you know what to expect.




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