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Cleveland Airport
4.0 Star Rating: Good
14 reviews




Cleveland Airport customer review :  21 June 2014 by M Dubuc    (USA)

Rating : 3/10





The security checkpoint setup in the main terminal is terrible. Congested, too few lanes, waits that require you to stand on steps. I flew through CLE two years ago, and I thought then I hit the occasional bad day. Flew through yesterday, was worse, though not really that busy. What was really disappointing is that nothing has been done in two years to improve the situation. It's way past the time knowing these security stations are going to be a permanent requirement, so Airport mgt needs to step up and get some over due renovations done. In addition, the restrooms in concourse A are undersized, narrow halls to get into, then way too small with too few facilities. The rest rooms and security the Airport can do something about. The last comment has to do with the location of the car rental facility. Common sense would have had the facility as close to the airport as possible, for customer convenience, along the main road, but no, site selection put the at the end of a dead end street, the bus passing empty acreage which would have been much more convenient.

Cleveland Airport customer review :  18 March 2013 by David Lawrence    (USA)

Rating : 0/10





TSA was very slow during Saturday the 9th of March - took over an hour to process us through the inspection - we made our flight by 1 minute. Spoke with TSA - I do not fly much and I did not think they were very helpful and only rude with their comments. Cleveland Airport were not prepared for the spring break travelers. The inspectors that allow you back into the country were slow - not enough agents on duty. My trip was nice except for Cleveland Airport.

Cleveland Airport customer review :  10 October 2012 by N Harrison    (USA)

Rating : 10/10





Great airport! I stopped for a layover from LAX. What a difference! LAX charged $9 for a vending machine style packaged sandwich. At Cleveland, I was able to get a Subway 6 inch with an orange juice for $6.39. The airport stores were all reasonably priced, whereas LAX charges about 3x the average price. I was also able to get a massage while waiting for my connection. The place is clean, easy to use and the people were friendly.

Cleveland Airport customer review :  31 August 2011 by Steve Hedden   (USA)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






Nothing fancy, but perfectly adequate airport. Easy transit from plane to well-labeled red line train to downtown. Easy check-in at kiosk and quick security (I should note I was flying Delta and not local hub carrier Continental, which may account for short lines). Seating area at gate was full, but I was able to find a seat.

Cleveland Airport customer review :  2 May 2011 by Dave Moorehead   (USA)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






A nice moderate size airport that is easy to get around and make connections. Good experience in getting bags transferred even with short turn around. VERY unfriendly to travellers with laptops, phones, etc. that need a charge. Just try to find a plug. Very few available. CLE is VERY behind the times and non-user friendly for electronics.

Cleveland Airport review : 8 August 2009 by James Burke

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

I connected at CLE whilst travelling on CO from Toronto to Kansas City. Cleveland is a great place to transfer - it is not too crowded as most planes are regional jets, it doesn't have the same volume as EWR or ORD, it has a great selection of destinations and it is bright and clean. There is a good selection of restaurants and cafes, and the bathrooms are clean. I bet winter isn't too kind to CLE, but as long as snow is not on the forecast I wouldn't hesitate to transfer in CLE again.

Cleveland Airport review : 21 June 2008 : by C Scott

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

I don't mind the airport, everything is fairly easy to navigate except trying to return my rental car. Every time I have been here I find a new way to get lost trying to find the rental car area. They could put up some better signs to direct traffic. I don't think it should take 40 minutes to go from a hotel 2 miles away to the rental car area.


Cleveland Int'l Airport review by B Rodriguez

17 January 2008   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

Great mid-sized airport. Lots of direct flights across the US with no significant waits for check- in or security (longest I have waited is probably 10 minutes); easy baggage claim and taxi/train service. Recent restaurant and amenities upgrades have made airport very reasonable during waits. Very relaxing environment and friendly people. Challenge is limited number of European destinations.

Cleveland Int'l Airport review by Ned Hopkins

2 November 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Flying into Cincinnai from London (or any international departure point) beats the pants off landing at JFK or in Boston, Atlanta, or Miami. Baggage arrives more quickly; Immigration and customs are a breeze; and he airport is (by comparison) so small it's easy to negotiate. There are plenty of shops and eating spots. The Delta Crown Room is huge and open to first/business class passengers, holders of American Express cards (gold and up), and various others. For travellers to the West Coast, Cincinnati offers another advantage. Flight times from London (and, I assume, the continent) are just marginally longer than they are to East Coast airports -- and are less likely to be put in holding patterns. But flights from Cincinnati to the West Coast are almost an hour shorter.

Cleveland Int'l Airport review by V Shelton

2 January 2006

Cleveland, is a nice small airport. Getting from the gates to baggage claim is a short walk compared to bigger airports like O'Hare and LAX. This place is not even as crowded as Midway is. I flew out on a Sunday and getting through security was a breeze. I was about 10 people at the time going through, but got back to Chicago-Midway and the place was crawling with people. Public transportation in and out of CLE is best by the train which takes you downtown. The amenities are decent for this airport, a good selection of places to eat, but nothing extravagant. This airport will not equal those like ATL, ORD, or bigger airports. Remember that this is a medium sized airport. Overall the airport was very clean and the signage was easy to read and understand. No problems getting in or out of CLE.

Cleveland Int'l Airport review by  Paul Davis

11 July 2005

I had a similar experience to others flying out of CLE - compact, minimal facilities. If you are flying to an international destination, be prepared for a major disappointment - there is no Duty Free shopping at the airport. (At least none that I was able to find.) If you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet between flights, head down to the end of the "C" concourse and take the elevator up to the observation level (level 2). This is a very quiet, glassed-in area with a wonderful view of most of the runways and concourses - too bad the outdoor section is now permanently closed.

Cleveland Int'l Airport review by  Greg Estes

1 August 2004

This airport meets most needs adequately. It's not large, and it does not appear to be very new. My one complaint about it is that all car rentals are located in a separate building in a galaxy far, far away. A late arrival in bitter cold weather, combined with waiting on the city-run rental car shuttle, makes for an angry traveler.

Cleveland Int'l Airport review by  Jordan Leventhal

16 March 2004

Could be worse - pretty small (4 concourses). You could make it from 1 end to the other in about 30 min if needed. Check in is always fast, and I've never waited more than 30 min. for security. Hard to pass time, but they just added one of those stands to rent a portable DVD player for your trip, so that helps.

Cleveland Int'l Airport review by  Alan Chick

27 October 2003

Fairly compact as airports go and the gates are a reasonable walk. The most frustrating thing about this airport is the total lack of shops and eateries on the landside of security. If you want to eat you have to go through security, if you want to smoke you have to go back out again to the outside. Not a bad airport for changing planes providing you don't have too much time to kill




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