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Zhengzhou Airport review by Chris Carroll

7 March 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Zhengzhou is a dusty, rural/ industrial city in central China so it’s hard to see why it has an “international” airport at all. I havn’t been called comrade once in my seven years living in China but I suspect the bad treatment experienced by the poster below is reserved for residents of HK, Macao and Taiwan Province who have their very own queue at all airports. Aren’t they lucky! My most recent visit to ZZ confirmed my impression of a well run, clean and shiny new airport. As with most Chinese airports, the departures area is big, open with a sweeping roof while arrivals seems small, dark and pokey by comparison. The airport (and the city as a whole) seems to be swamped with coffee shops, mostly local brands with “western” food on the menu. At the airport they are quite expensive but at least one promised free internet access so it’s not all bad. The best value food was in arrivals- Dicko’s, a Chinese fast food chain. Only other options for eating are continence stores throughout the terminal with over prices snack food. Once airside, the only choice is the expensive coffee shop mentioned earlier- at a higher price. The usual situation for restrooms in China- BYO paper, but otherwise they are relatively clean and efficiently run but expect to have to put up with the smokers.

Zhengzhou Airport review by Paul Brannigan

20 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

A couple of points, firstly there is now a new terminal so most of the tips above do not now apply. Agree about the prices for coffee etc, they are outrageous! They now handle more international flights, for example to Bangkok so I would like to think they are better equipped for international flights now. I have Never been stopped by the immigration people. I find them very friendly. Last point, the taxis. There is no doubt they are expensive. They are on the clock, but from the airport the clocks run fast. From my old apartment it was 33km to the airport and on one occasion 54km back! Better to pay 15rmb for the bus, directly outside the airport then get a taxi from the Aviation hotel in the city. Hope this helps.

Zhengzhou Airport review by Harry Tsui

1 April 2005

Zhengzhou airport is about a 45 minutes ride from the city center. It is a 2 hours flight from Hong Kong or 1 hour flight from Beijing or Shanghai. The only regular international flight it has is from Hong Kong. That means all the immigration and custom officers there handles only China Southern flight in and out, 4 times a week. They have the leisure of taking more time to examine the passports and the contents. I almost always get searched going through the Custom. One time, the officer was looking for the magazines, movies, the other time, they were looking at my milk powder, as well as the dried meats. Next to me was a woman with a baby. They were trying to take away her milk powder. They reason they gave was that these US made milk powder may not conform to the Chinese standard. If you are a tourist, you immediately feel you came back to the Mao's age where you are being called comerade. There is a regular airport bus on the ground floor that goes to the city center. The cost is $15 Yuan. The regular airport taxi usually costs around $100 Yuan. (The regular taxi costs around $65 Yuans. The trip to the city is a nice one with all the date trees on both sides of the highway. There are two Chinese restaurants on both sides of the Departure Hall. If you want a tasty regular noodle, choose the right one. If you want regular Chinese dishes, choose the left one. The price is reasonable. Checking in is easy as all flights are well segregated. The departure lounge is bright and clean. There are massage chairs in every gate. If you have time, use them. The cost is $5 Yuans every 15 minutes. They even give you the bottled water, free. The small shops are nice since they sell local items like dates, peanut biscuit and nice paintings. There is a coffee shop at the far right. I ordered a regular black coffee there and it costs $30 Yuans, a big wipe-off. No wonder they do not place any menu on the table.




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